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Zxm88 Review; Is Zxm Legit or a Scam?


Ever since the introduction of Mybonus, we’ve seen an increase in similarly themed platforms. These platforms promise to pay you for ordering products you’ll never receive.

Today, we’ll review what Zxm88 really is, how it works, as well as how you can sign up to earn on the platform. Finally, we’ll help you decide if this platform is actually legitimate or just a scam.

What is Zxm88? | Zxm Review

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Zxm claims to be an e-commerce platform, just like Mybonus. It is an investment platform where you invest a certain amount of money, complete orders, and watch your earnings grow.

Once your earnings accumulate to a withdrawable amount, you can choose to withdraw your earnings. Note that I don’t work with Zxm88 and I’m not affiliated with them. I just take joy in dishing out helpful information about income programs, so you don’t get scammed.

That being said, you’ll be excited to learn that there’s still a lot to know about Zxm. Stick with me to the end of this review, while I take you through the juice of Zxm.

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How Zxm88 works

Much has already been saying about Zxm88, and anyone who has heard of, or read about Mybonus will easily comprehend how it works.

However, in this section, I’ll go in-depth on Zxm88’s offering, the available packages, as well as their compensation plans.

How to earn on Zxm

Earning on Zxm88 is easy if we’ll go by the information published on the platform. There are two basic ways to earn on Zxm; referrals and completing orders.

Once you’re signed in, you can start completing a limited number of orders each day to accumulate income. If you please, you can invite friends and family to the platform, for a little extra money.

Both of these earning strategies are quantitatively analyzed below.

  1. Zxm88 Activities Earnings

Zxm activities earning is made available to every member immediately after signup. Here is how to complete orders to earn on Zxm88.

  • Log into you’re your Zxm88 account (at
  • Click on the Level you’re signed on to, this is the level on which you can complete orders
  • Find and select “Order Grabbing,” and you’ll be allowed to start completing orders.

Note that you are limited to 20 orders every day. Zxm is multi-tiered, and you can increase your revenue by simply purchasing a better and more expensive plan.

  1. Zxm88 Referral Earnings

Just like every other income program available at the moment, you can make more money off Zxm88 by inviting family and friends to the platform.

Once you’re signed up, you’ll be assigned a unique invite link, which you can share with family and friends. If, or when they sign up by clicking your invite link and entering your invite code, you earn a specified referral bonus.

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Is Zxm88 Legit or a Scam? | Zxm88 review

Reading down to this point, you must have noticed the shallow information provided about this platform. This is not intentional; it is a result of insufficient information on the Zxm88 website.

Even with that, I’ll try to analyze some facts about this platform to help you decide if this income program is legit or a scam.

  1. Age

Information about this website has been well kept from the public eye, and we couldn’t get to it. We don’t know how long this platform has been around, but we guess it shouldn’t be older than a couple of weeks, given its recent rise in popularity.

  1. Founder and management

Who owns Zxm88?

We don’t know either. Unless he chooses to reveal his identity after this post has been published, no one is sure who the founder of this platform is.

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Conclusion | Is Zxm a scam?

Zxm hides its age, and we don’t know who owns or runs the platform, yet, we’re invited to invest our money.

While that sounds dubious, it might sound interesting to learn that Zxm actually paid a few people, as I saw testimonies from friends.

However, I don’t think this program is built to last long, and if it is, good luck to the investors.


Are you contemplating an investment?

Tell us why below. We’ll also like to have your inputs if you have any experience with Zxm888.

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