What is the Different Between History and Memory


What is the Different Between History and Memory


History is what has happened in the past , it can be in form of written or story form, like a document of origin of things places, life, and so on.

Because majority of those that brought positive and negative all over the globe are stated or put their activities on a document.

While memory is what is kept in an untouched place either for immediate or future purpose.

But the similarity between both is that it is useful for immediate or future purpose. And memory is used to stored event till the time that will become useful.

History is an account of one’s inquiries of an events, like a details on how individual spent their lives, when they are born, their early, achievement and death.

History is just a bunch of dates and figures,

it is a story of real people in area and situation that we called past, like the time the event occurred the date, year.

E.g. united of American got there independence in year 1776.

The time of event is recorded and it is passed down from generation to generation.

Memory is an individual’s history or recollection  but history is a collective or memory shared,

memory is used to saved history either stored in the brain, document or description on different type of natural materials, and history will shared through those stored memory.

Memory is an experience relieved and history is a story written by the war winner or the document culture.

History is refer as studying of important events which happened in the past, study of essential, powerful information in the society of the past, like how a nation was founded e.g. people’s republic of China was created by Mao Zedong in year 1949, after various battles and confrontation from it rivalry,

history reveal how start is set up or rise up in the past.

Memory is what tells you what happened and history is how you relate it to other.

History is a political bias,  race,  ethnicity, culture, nationality, all play into their view of events much like news reporting today,

history is available in every field or aspects of life.

chronological event of the past and memory is used to store present and future message and history is remember through memories.





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History is what the winner remember about the facts.

If you remember going to the toilet yesterday, this is unlikely to go down in history and remains a memory.

However, if you remember that the toilet collapsed and as a result the entire house, you may have a change that this event will go down in history.

Memory is kept personally and history is share content.

Memory is your personal recollection of your of own real life experience.

History is all that by multiple people who witnessed and shared the the same experience of events and put it down on records to infect 2nd and 3rd person memories for the next endless numbers of newly born generation.

History is eventful timelines in past, activities recorded down time by time.

Memory is a data stored in your mind, memory can be lost but history is recorded.

A memory is isolated to the individual without the necessary multiple planes of reference needed for a historical frame work.

History is what happened and is unchangeable memory is what you think happened and always changes.

History is documented historical events.

It is usually the winners,  so history is objective.

History is physical artifacts, pottery, tablets, fossils, history Do stated how the technology that used in ancient Time,

Memory it’s all in the mind.

History is what seen and perceived according to what happen after events.

History is a record of sublime achievement and brutal inhumanity.

History is public knowledge while memory is personal only to be shared if one chooses.

History is documented memory, preferably multiple sources.

History is just a tale about some bloke.

History is study while memory is a process, memory Can be lost.

History is objective, neutral, and unbiased,

history is facts but memory is perception.

Memory is your experience, history is from others,

history will always be a source of controversy, which makes it so fascinating.

History is collective remembrance, written down  by society.

Memory is purely personal.

History is paper stuck on the table with a weight on top while memory is without weight and leaves fly.

History is events like how the event come up, places like how some ancient building are created, peoples, era how the civilization of that time look like.

Passed on one way or another.

Memory is something the human mind has to one degree or another,

it is like you are asking the difference between bread and butter.

Memory change but history does not change.

History is rich in both your eye and ears,

history inspired, refined and create room for knowledge and understanding of the past. Memory can easily get full.

History is written down in manys shaped by the memory of those who write it,

it is written down by those that witness the event and it is put down to help the upcoming generation or learn about a particular event.

History is recorded in form of cultural activities or development that took place in past,

like how the people in that time behaved, dress, talked and how they survived that present time, but those laid down through share taught by that saw how the event took place.

Memories are the facts in your head,

history are the facts that are written down.

Memory is what we think happened ( by our own observation ).

History is what we can show ( at any time in the past).

Memory is one person’s interpretation of historical events that they we a part of.

Another explanation of what history is would be any information proven by a primary history source.

History is based on verifiable facts, memory is based on selective, subjective impression.

Memory is how society and certain groups remembers a certain events.

History is it’s written recorded.

History is objectives especially when the winner write it after they wipe out a group of people.

History is memory we accept as factual our knowledge of portions of English history is entirely down to Shakespeare.

Buffalo bill certainly existed but the story about man is certainly embellished, mostly harmlessly though much harm is done by glossing over our sin in preference for those of our neighbours.

Nazi Germany convinced itself the Jew’s were responsible for the weakness of their economy. Thucydides we are told was more concerned with facts whereas Herodotus was concerned with more imaginative rendition not much separates them in my opinion.

In answering this question I think it serve well first to deconstruct the mythologies regarding our own families as these are almost always self serving.

History begins with our own memories and the labels we get stuck with.

Memory is recall, history is evidence of recall.

History is based on written texts, drawings and arts, archaeological researches.

Memories ( for example, collective memory of some nation) including filling of the nation toward specific event,

for examples the history of the Great Jewish revolt Concentrate by telling us something, but the memories of Jews, even today in Israel, describing another picture.

History is revised by others, memory revised by you.

Memory is your time passed experience.

History is about time passed occurrences.

A memory is a fraction of a history which is very effective that people can forget the whole story and remember this very memory like when the COVID 19 appeared but not the history of how, when and why it happened and when you want to know the whole of how it began and when did it appeared and why thats is the History.


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