Victory Day May 9 1945


Victory Day May 9 1945

Victory Day was a battle won by the red armies of former Soviet Union today ( Russia) it marked the end World war II.

The Nazi armies were defeated and it’s remaining armies  they all surrendered.

It is one of most deadliest and dangerous War of all time.

The War was fought for nearly about 4 year.

Major causality from both side. It is known in Russia as patriotic war.

It is know as eastern front war in western Europe.

The world between the axis power and the allied.

The allied united state of American and great Britain assisted the Russia alot  during the war, because they provides a lot of provisions, food, and some other materials which help and improve their tactics during the war.

The axis in the other hand rely on conquered territory resources.

The Nazi armies were push back and were defeated stragkiard.

In early 1940s the former Soviet Union have annexed majority of countries at eastern front of Europe.

And Hitler who have the ambition to expand land for Germany and cleanse of non Aryan race, was not happy about the annexation of Soviet union at eastern front, Hitler Nazi armies invaded Poland in 1939, and they were conquered, though Hitler and Stalin had signed a pact, Hitler assured not attack Soviet union,

but mounted a suddenly attack against Soviet at spring of 1941.

That lead to heavy losses in Soviet side, because, Stalin ignore warning from it’s General, that Hitler will not invade Russia.

He had signed a pact with him.





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Hitler classified Soviet citizen as inferior, and planned to cleared and wept out the races but not successful.

Because according to history no nation or country or tribes have never conquered Russia federation before.

The first French emperor  invaded and try to conquered Russia 1812 but was not successful, the war nearly cost the lives of his entire armies.

Victory day is big day in Russia, where the red armies of Russia defeated their enemies, may 9 is public holiday in Russia very year,

it marked to celebrated their great victory and the lives of their fallen heroes during the war.

It is a day were those that Hitler classified as subhuman, defeat his Nazi armies, who he classified as supremacy races.

The war is known as a war of eastern front in western Europe.

It is a day where various types of visitors, world leaders, Russia allied, the former countries or territory under Russia rules are all invited for the celebration. Banner in air,

Russia displaying is military capabilities and or war equipment, e.g guns, various tanks, atomic bombs, various war planes, parades from various forces of Russia,

The day Russia was victorious and free, push away their enemies advancement into their territory.

Waving in the air from the citizen of Russia.

It is a day of independence, free from been slavery under the Nazi rules or dominant. The day that put full stop to the aggressive war crusade of the Germany.

The present seating President of the Russia will gave a welcome and wonderful speech, how great, excellent the day was, their wonderful victory from the war.

The day gave the former Russia empire the chance to annexed major of the countries at the eastern front including the eastern parts of Germany, on still the fallen of Soviet union empire in 1989, before east Germany and other eastern countries become free from Russia rule.

It is remembrance day, for the communist rule of Russia.

That there country was not occupied or fallen to any foreign threat.

A sound of victory and joy.


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