100 of Unique Wood Crafts That Sell well at Flea Markets in 2022

Unique Wood Crafts That Sell well at Flea Markets in 2021 | most profitable wood working project to build and sell

Woods craft are materials that make our life pleasing and relaxing, it is a very essential tools at home, do you wish to make money by selling wood craft that sell well at fleas market? Sit back and read carefully.

Woods craft is a business or craftsmanship that deals with creating of chairs, tables, shelves, cupboard, stool, baby table, family bed, frames, wooden door are various types of wood crafting.

Are you a student or young entrepreneur who have good skills in wood crafts, in sense that you wish to create a wood craft and sell them in fleas market? You are in right site for meaningful information on how to sell a wood craft at flea market successfully.

So make various types of wood craft and sell them at flea market at cheaper rate, it is a best business ideas you can start today and start making money.

In this post I will explains and analyze all necessary details needed to know on wood craft that sell at flea markets or top selling wood items.

Wood Crafts That Sell at Flea Markets in 2021 | most profitable wood working project to build and sell

Miniature Mantle Clock

Miniature mantle clock is more like a wall clock or table clock that is design in a very beauty wooden frame, it is a attractive craft that will sell well at flea market.

Wristwatch Holders

It wooden craft design as a box or a house where you can keep various types of digital wristwatches, wristwatch holder it is another wooden object that can sell well at flea market.

Fruit Bowl

It is a wooden craft objects that different types of fruit are put or kept inside the fruit bowl, it is one of the best wooden home materials that will sell well at craft market, if you are skillful in creating fruit bowl start now and make money.

Picture frames

Picture frame is another wood work project that sell, it is frames design of different sizes, that are used to beautify a family picture, a picture, love quote, inspiration quote, bible verses and various others.

It is best wooden craft business that will sell well.


Birdhouse is another wooden craft object that trend or sell well at flea market, it is tool that is in high in demand in fleas market, and have a little huge amount of profit. Start now and start making money.

Business Card Holder

Business card holder is another product of wooden craft that you can make and sell at flea market. Or a well established organisation might hire you to create and design a good business cards holder for them, it is a good Way to make a living.

Wooden Spoons and Ladles

Wooden spoons and ladles is a good portable kitchen tool, that are used by many homes, it is one of best wooden craft objects that can fetch big cash at the selling point.

Beer Bottle Crate

Beer bottle crate is an wooden craft that will sell well, you your craft skills to design wood crate and sell them at right channel and start making money.


Cabinet is a tools used at home or office, it is another wooden craft object that you can design and sell at flea market, just for you to create and design various cabinet and take them to flea market starting selling them and make more cash.

Candle Holder

Candle holder is another craft work or small wood project business that you can make a living from. Start designing candle holder now, you will surely make a living from it.

Chess Board Game

Chess board game chess is a game that require sound mind, brain to win the game. It is another job opportunities for any person in the field of wooden craftsmanship, start make various chess wood design and sell them at affordable price.

Small wooden shelves

Small wooden shelves that can found at every corner of the house, it is a little wooden used at home.

Chopping Board

It is a wooden instrument mostly used in the kitchen, is a essential tools in the kitchen, and also add chopping board to your craftsmanship business and earn a passive income.

Chopsticks and tooth picks

Chopsticks or tooth picks are most used in the Asian community, it is wooden craft that earn cash.


Wardrobe is a bigger wooden box material where mostly clothes are kept and some other stuff in the house. You can earn a lot of cash from making wardrobe.

Planter Boxes

Planter boxes are the tools that are  used to plant indoor plant or flower at home. If you have creative skills in wooden craft, you are free free to start making planter boxes.

Small wooden boxes

Creating of small wooden boxes is another ways to make money from fleas market without stress.

Jewelry Box

Jewelry is a materials that is mostly used by the ladies, so they will surely need a safe to keep their jewelry after use, that where you come in as a wooden craft and start creating a jewelry box and for them to make money.

Wooden Pen

Wooden pen mostly used in the educational sector, another ways to make money from your craftsmanship business, by creating and designing wooden pen.

Wooden toys

Wooden toys is a materials used by kids, if you are good in designing kid toy with wooden start now and make more fund.

Wooden Tissue Boxes

Wooden tissue boxes a box created to keep tissue paper. Start the creation of tissue boxes and make money at fleas market.

Wind Chimes Made From Wood

Wind chimes made from wood is another ways to make money from wood crafting. Display your skills with wood and design various wind chimes and make cash.

Bag Hangers

Bag hanger is an other wooden objects you start creating and sell them and make a living, no food for a lazy man.

Wooden eyeglass case

Wooden eyeglass case for older peoples, bring your skills in making different types of wooden eyeglass case and make a living at flea market.

Wooden table coasters

Another to make a income at flea market is creating a Coaster table, it is a small scale business that can fetch you money.

Serving Trays

Wooden serving tray is an small scale business you can start today and make a lot of cash. It is long lasting material used in the kitchen.

Piggy Banks

It is a Wooden design for the purpose of saving money. It is called ( okolo) in my mother tongue. A saving box.

Stationery Holders

Stationery holder can also sell well at flea market, start creating them now and cash out soon.

Boot or Shoe Jacks

Boot or shoe Jack is a wooden object used to keep shoe or boot on a row. it is a tools that is compulsory in nowadays society.

Wooden CD and DVD shelves and stands

Wooden CD and DVD shelves and stands it is a wooden object that used to keep CD and DVD.

It is a wooden object that used by most home.

This are remaining tools that can sell well in flea market

Baby Cradles

Chair Side Bookcase

Blanket Chest

Making and selling Beer Mugs

Storage Box

Wall Art

Wine Rack Manufacturing


Wooden paperweights

Wooden Trees

Wooden laptop trays

Armchair shelves and side rests

IPod and Device Stand

Wooden Phone Amplifiers

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Knife Blocks

Wooden Hanging Swing

Toothbrush Holders


In conclusion these are the various wooden object you can sell at fleas market and make a lot of cash.

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