30 Unique way: How to Start a Bottled Water Production Company in 2022

Unique way: How to Start a Bottled Water Production Company in 2021 | how to start a spring water business

Are you looking for full ideas on how to start a bottled water company & production, you have just visited the right site for meaningful and original information on how to start a bottled water company in Nigeria.

No living can live without water, water is a colourless, tasteless, and odourless substance that is essential for every living soul,  it is a good lucrative business you start today when proper research is done.

Water is in high demand in daily basis, are thinking like how much does it cost to start a bottled water company or cost of setting up a bottle factory in Nigeria, all step you are to followed on how to start a bottled water company successfully are all mention below.

Starting up a bottled water company need basic research, start up, registration with the right agency, good commercial location, man power etc.

In this article I will explains full details on how to start a bottled water production company or bottled water production process pdf.

How to Start a Bottled Water Production Company in 2021 | how to start a spring water business

Know your Industry

It is good and necessary to understand your industry before you start your own. It is necessary to know how water production works.

Who are the top producer of bottled water at location, are they small scale businesses or bigger well established company, that will give you the insight on how, or what tactics can help if you really want to start bottles water production company.

Carry out Market Research

No one hate water, it is must for every living soul to drink water. So your market target is for all the people in walk of life. Both young and old drink, baby drink water, student drink water. So your target market is every living soul at your locality.

Choose a Niche

Water bottle production have no niche, what matter most in water production business is quality service and distribution channel.

Do not Buy a Franchise but Start from Scratch

Start your own business is the best ideas for you to have a full right over your business, you have full right over your monthly profit, you will name your business any name of choice.

Under franchise you will not have full control over your business, starting your business from the scratch will help to know what it takes to start a business successfully.

Draw a Business Plan

Business plan is most important aspects of business plan that need to be taken strictly and serious.

Business plan contains business analysis, capital needed for business, good location, and over all cost for the business.

Find a unique name for your business

find a unique name for business that will serve as a representation of business.

Find good inspiration name for business that be an identity of your business.

And under that name make sure you offer a quality service and surely that business will surely trend.

Get the Necessary Certification

Get get business register with the right agency in country, get necessary documentation and license and permit for your business.

There some agency that will even inspect your site if adhere rules and regulations of the agency that is handling anything about drugs, foods, and water in the country.

Get Best Insurance Policies for business You

Get necessary insurance policy for your business, get insurance for your business, in case there a problem about financial issue.

So register your business with best legit insurance company in town.

Choose a Commercial for your Location

Business trend to sell very fast in high traffic area, a big commercial centre in the city, find a good location for your Business that will promote your business fast.

Create a Brand Awareness for your business 

Promote your business to the public tactical or systematically. Create a website for your business, advertise your bottled water company in radio and television stations, create a Business banner, sticker, business card etc.


Carry out all research out step by step, it will help you and expose to all direction needed to start a bottled water production company.

Steps: How to Write a Bottled Water Production Business Plan Sample Template | Water bottling business plan pdf

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