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TrendNews Review; Is TrendNews Legit?


The coronavirus outbreak has collapsed a lot of businesses and hindered the creation of a lot more.

In this difficult situation, a new income program sprang up, branding itself as the new money-making opportunity for anyone with an internet connection.

In this TrendNews review, we will be providing you with all you ever need to know about the platform. This is the only article you’ll ever need to read to learn if TrendNews is a legit investment, and how you can make money from it.


What is TrendNews?

trendnews homepage

Ever since platforms like NNU came into the limelight, we’ve seen a surge in the number of pay-to-read news platforms.

TrendNews is another pay-to-read news platform that offers inviting compensations for readers to read, share, and comment on articles.

Given that we’ve been reading news online since the inception of the internet with no rewards, pay-to-read income programs seems to be actually “worth it.”

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How TrendNews Works

how trendnews works

Although they usually employ similar tactics, no income programs are exactly the same. They all have different strategies and business models.

Before putting down your time and money on any business, it’s important to understand the workings of the business.

TrendNews works similarly to other well-known income programs. It pays you when you complete some specific tasks on the website. For someone experienced in online income programs, the earning tasks on TrendNews won’t be anything strange.


How to earn on TrendNews

Here is a list of all activities that qualify you for earnings on TrendNews.

  1. Sign up bonus

You get an instant NGN1,000 to your TrendNews account once you successfully sign up. However, this is more like a cashback, as you actually pay a registration fee of NGN1,500 before being accepted onto the platform.

  1. Login bonus

You have a potential NGN100 daily on TrendNews that you redeem each time you log onto the platform. This compensation style is of course not unique to TrendNews. Almost all pay-to-read news platforms also offer their readers daily sign-in bonuses.

Note, however, that you can only redeem this bonus once per day. Even if you log into your account a hundred times in a single day, you only get the login bonus for the very first login.

  1. Comment bonus

You also get NGN10 for every comment you drop on the platform. You can only earn from one comment per post, so, comment wisely.

  1. Posting

If you’re a pretty good writer, you can submit a post to the platform. If and when your post is approved, you get NGN50 to your account.

Unlike other tasks, this one isn’t limited. However, the pay for each post is ridiculously low. Not even up to 50 cents?

  1. Promo bonus

Are you good at making videos?

Well, you can make a video to promote TrendNews to earn yourself NGN1,000. If you have Facebook or YouTube handles, you can make videos and get TrendNews to pay you for them.

  1. Sponsored post

Once in a day, Trend News releases a sponsored post which all members are expected to share on Facebook. You earn NGN150 by doing that, and you can only share it once.

  1. Referral bonus

While you’re not required to refer anyone to earn from this platform, it is really rewarding if you can convince your friends and family to join.

You get an NGN1,000 referral bonus when someone joins through your referral link. This ties it with the promotional bonus as the most rewarding task on the platform.

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How to register for TrendNews

register for trendnews

  1. You’ll need a coupon to register for TrendNews. Follow this link to get to the registration page and click the “CLICK HERE TO BUY COUPON” button. Call or WhatsApp any of the coupon vendors and buy a coupon.
  2. Enter your details as required by the form, and click on the “Register” button when you’re done.

Congratulations, you’re done registering, and you can go on to start earning from the platform.


Is TrendNews Legit?

Often, you’ll find people asking: “is TrendNews a scam?”

This question comes on impulse, as many Nigerians have been exposed to unkind treatment by online income programs. Whenever they see a new one coming up, the memories of their past ugly experience resurfaces.

Not to worry, we’ll give you enough information to make an informed decision here.

  1. TrendNews is a pay to read news platform, and it builds upon the legacy of existing ones that obviously crashed. This makes it hard to trust and is a negative signal itself.
  2. Trend News is relatively young, still less than two months as at the time of this writing. They launched on the 15th of November, 2020, and are up and running ever since.
  3. Information about the owners or managers of this platform is missing from the website. Only the coupon vendors have their contacts listed, and coupon vendors can’t be held accountable if the platform crashes, can they?


Conclusion | is TrendNews Scam?

From the information above, it is evident that TrendNews isn’t built to last.

While you can grab the opportunity and be an early adopter, it will be very wrong to predict a positive future for the platform.

Remember, only invest what you can afford to lose.

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