Top ideas: Current small businesses opportunities in Italy you can start in 2022

Top ideas: Current small businesses opportunities in Italy you can start in 2022 | benefit or advantage of doing business in Italy

Are you looking for small business opportunities you can start in Italy as a young entrepreneur or as a foreigner, you have visited the right channel.

There are various search on this topic like how much does it cost to start a business in Italy, what are the international business in Italy, challenges of doing business in Italy, advantage and disadvantages of doing business in Italy.

All the following question will be well explains and guidance will be set, and accurate answers will be provided to this following questions.

Italy was once a superpower nation that rules over western Europe for nearly 1,400 year before it empire fell, is one of the longest ruling dynasty in history.

Italy is one of the economy giant in Europe, it is 5th most populous country in Europe with over 61 million population, she generate nearly $43 billion from tourism yearly, she is Third economy giant in entire Europe, 8th in the entire world,

She have well developed industrialization and automobile sector, she has good agricultural sector so her economy is booming, there are various small business opportunities you can start in Italy and make a lot of cash.

In this post I will explains steps to be taken to start a small business investment opportunities in Italy without stress.

Current small businesses opportunities in Italy you can start in 2021 | benefit or advantage of doing business in Italy

Open a Beauty Supply Store

A good business you can start in Italy today is beauty store, is a way to make a living in Italy, but beauty store needed proper planing before you can start the business,

It requires business plan, business plan contains all channels you need to carry out in business, start up capital which is the real business itself, good commercial location, beauty materials, equipments needed, etc.

How to start a beauty supply store business

Start a Frozen Food Business

Frozen food business is one of the best business ideas you can start in Italy, it is a profitable business in Italy,

Carry out necessary research to how, what are the necessary requirement, method to gain customer for the business, who are your target market, cost and capital to run the business successfully.

Christmas Tree Installation Business

Christmas tree installation business is another small scale business you can start today in Italy, just for to get Christmas and offer your service to those that need Christmas tree in their home,

But it is a seasonal business that fetch a good standard of living.

Open a Consignment Shop

It is business that deal with selling of fairly used materials in a cheaper price, e.g. furniture, toys, books, tools, musical instrument, office equipment, like clothes, shoes and other fashion accessories, sport wares, automobiles, electronics,  machines and a host of other stuffs.

It is business that required no capital as a starter, it just required you to find those they are cleaning up either their house or office, shop just get those materials from them and sell it in cheaper price.

Open a Barber Shop

Barber shop is another business you can start in Italy and make money, find a good commercial location for your Business, where your business will be know very fast and do hair cut for Every person in walk of life in Italy.

It is lucrative business ideas in Italy today and starting making cash.

Babysitting Business

Babysitting is an cool business you can start in Italy today, I do not thing it required any capital, you can used the comfort of your home for the business.

Like offering a service of taking care of baby when their parent is not around, you will take care of them till their parent returns and make more money.

How to start nursing home or how much does it cost to start a nursing home business

Fashion Business

Fashion designer business is another cool business you can start in Italy today, it will required a capital as a starter, and find good suitable place in Italy for that business, Italian all have a touch of fashion.

It required a start up capital from you, equipment cost, so create a business plan for the business, and carry out all necessary research to know what takes to succeed in the fashion industry in Italy.

Travel and Tourism Agency

Another business opportunities in Italy today is travel and tourism agency, tourism is another sector that Italy make a lot of money from annually.

It is required you to be guiding a tourist that visit Italy to there location of their choice, taking or guiding them to heritage site they want to visit and assist them in various other stuff.

Photography Business

Photography business is another small business ideas you can start in Italy today,

Italy is a place where various visitors or tourist visit yearly, people will like to take the picture of heritage site they visited or any important place in Italy,

okay there is a place where you can now come in as a photographer.

Taxi Business

Taxi business is good lucrative business ideas you can start in Italy, it will required you to buy a car for the business, but once you can not afford a car,

you are to register with any of taxi agency in Italy and start making money.

The job is not good for a new comer, but someone that live in Italy for a while.

Open a Cigar Lounge

Cigar lounge is another business ideas in Italy today, just for you open a lounge where smoker can smoke freely without be fine and will be able to buy any brand of cigar they want to smoke.

It a good business today in Italy that can fetch a good standard of living.

Coffee Café Business

Coffee cafe mobile shop is an cool business you can start in Italy today, it requires less capital as a starter,

just let your service be mobile in nature, you will be able to move freely from one location to the other in a big city and make a lot of fund.

Coffee shop is a best business opportunities in Italy today.

Start a Dryer Vent Cleaning Business

dryer vent cleaning business is another cool business you can start in Italy today, their some people who find it difficult to clean the dryer vent, that where you come in and do the business and make more money.

Start a Post-Construction Cleaning Business

Another ways to earn cash is cleaning construction business, it is business that will fetch cash of euro in Italy.

Cleaning of building after it is construction it is done completely.

Video Game Lounge

Video game lounge business is a cool Business ideas in Italy, you start the business as relax center where people can come and play games of there choice.

Game are played by both old and young, among young adult, children, it is business you can make a lot of cash from.

Bicycle Dealership and Repair

Bicycle dealership means selling of bicycle and repair of bicycle that have little fault, is another small scale business ideas you can start in Italy and make a living.

Vending Machine Business

vending machine business is another good business opportunities in Italy, it is required a little bit capital as a start up for the business,

it is business machine that offer service of selling coke, Pepsi and kids toys.

Start Dog Training Business

A dog training body business is another small scale business you can start in Italy, it require taking good care of dog,

dog is my best friend, and most loyal friend to human being here on earth, start the job, making more money by care of dog and teaching various skills that will later be useful to their buyer.

Furniture Manufacturing Business

Furniture manufacturing business is a big and solid business you can start in Italy today, Italy are regarded as one of best wood designer in the world.

For you to start the business successfully you need to go for training at furniture training school, after the school you can now set to start your own business too.

Become a Makeup Artist

I do not makeup artist required any capital at all,  you can visit any site on Google to read about how makeup is done, or watch YouTube videos for unique ideas on how make up is done.

It is a business that can fetch cool cash in Italy.

Grocery Delivery Business

Grocery delivery business it is another business ideas in Italy, you can start  by delivering grocery stuff to your customers at the comfort of their homes, office or anywhere in Italy.

small Business you can start with little capital in Nigeria

Open a Feed Store

Starting a feed store is another small business opportunities in Italy, is the act of producing food stuff of animals to the customer. Dog, birds, fish, cock, and so many others.

Cleaning Service Agency

Starting up your own cleaning service agency is another business ideas you can start today in Italy. It require a capital as a starter, you will need manpower to carry out the task,

It is a job that deals with cleaning of hotels, private resident, public gathering etc.

Open a Gourmet Popcorn Shop

Opening a small popcorn shop it is a light food eaten by both the young and old, is an job you can start in Italy today and make money.

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Start a Party Rental Business

Rent out party equipment, like table, chair, spoon, plates, glass cup, it is required a capital to start up the business and need a warehouse the keep your party materials.

Start a Private Security Outfit

Another small scale business ideas you can start in Italy today is sewing security outfit, carry out necessary market research to know your target market, who company that need your service most and start making money.

Juice and Smoothie Bar

Juice a soft drink love by most everybody, it a good business you can start in a commercial location in Italy and make a lot of fund. It is a good business ideas.

How to write a business plan for electronic repair shop

Start a Car Leather Repair Business

A car leather repair business is another way to make money in Italy, by repairing your customers old car leather and make money.

Start a Pest Control Business

Pest control business is another small scale business you can start today in Italy. It is job that deals with killing of harmful insect on  your client farm and make more money.

Start House Flipping Business

It is a best profitable business in Italy, that you will purchase a house that is for sell, you will renovate the house and reselling in a more meaningful price and make profit.

Start a Party Planning Business

Start a Pet Cremation Business

Start Scrap Metal Recycling Business

Open a Video Game Lounge

Italian Ice and Gelato Store

Open a Wine Bar

Start Salad Delivery Service Business

Start Beverage Distribution Business

Start Aerial Drone Photography Business

Open a Bar & Grill Business

Start Hotdog and Sausage Cart Business

Start a Graffiti Removal Business


Study and carry out necessary business plan to know which business you are capable of doing successfully and make a living, something good will not come so easily it required hard work.

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