Top 10 People Who Changed the World

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Top 10 People Who Changed the World


Top ten people who change the world.

The tittle said it all, discussing the people who change the course of the world, is similar to who is greater or grander, Jesus Christ or prophet Mohammed.

Well each one of the individuals have some important contribution and change the course of history with work.

We will find out the ten people who Change the world.

10. Bill gate

Top 10 People Who Changed the World

This article you are reading on desktop he is brain job, if he not invented these, you will not be able to grass massive information out there in the world, well still studying at high school,

bill gate developed his first computer programs, and later on he founded Microsoft and by 1993 he was the richest man on earth.

In year 2000s, he along his wife started the world largest charity, bill & Melinda Gate foundation.

This foundation works toward eradicating polio disease from third world countries.

9. Martin Luther King Junior

Martin Luther King Junior a Baptist minister and civil right activist, he remember for his I HAVE A DREAM speech,

he campaign aggressively against segregation of the black American in southern united state, been step followers of Gandhi,

all is protesting method are non violent, through he was shot dead in year 1968.

He still remembered for his role as  a resistance against unjust society.


8. Nelson Mandela

We all are where of racial segregation enforce in south Africa by the governing party, the national party.

Nelson Mandela fought all adversaries to the end the discrimination between the black and white.

The racist national party imprisoned Mandela for 26 year, he was released in 1990.

He was elected as the president of Africa national congress after 3 year he was awarded the noble peace prize for ending black and white discrimination in South Africa…

7. Adolf Hitler


This iconic Facist leader of Germany from 1933 to 1945. His aim was to created Germany were only the Aryan with blonde hair and blue eye rise live and flourish.

His hatred toward the Jew’s led to the Holocaust,

a brutal genocide about 6 million people who are force and killed in the conceration camp in the east Germany.

He truthly have change the cause of history.

He gave the Jew’s their land holy land in Israel.

6. Albert Einstein

One of the most genius mind that ever lived on the Earth was Albert Einstein,

he received a Nobel peace prize for his work on general theory of relativity 1921.

He know was a firm and believer the united state ask him to developed the atomic bomb due to his successful scientific theory.

A week before his death he wrote to a British philosopher.

In anti nuclear campaigner, writing to all nation to give up enrich nuclear power.


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5. Mahatma Gandhi


Gandhi was a great politician and spiritual leader who live a simple life style and believer in religion tolerance, he was later adopted by several world leader in the following years.

He campaign against the British oppression and negotiated with them on till 1947 and initiated several non violent movement like civil disobey movement and several other movement.

He later gain independence for India in 1947.

4. Karl Marx

Karl Marx a sociology who have foreseen the ill American materialistic society and he wanted to live in a classless world where everyone will be equal and he document his theory in communist manifesto.

By 1950 his ideas was put into practice with Russia revolution and communism.

3. Charles Darwin

According to Charles Darwin we are descendant of ape he document in the theory of revolution as a official naturalist,

he went on the world voyage journey collecting data on revolution of human kind.

He spent the rest of his life writing origin of species by means of natural selecting in England.

When the book was publish in 1859 he was highly criticized because Darwin challenge the bible account of creation.

2. William Shakespeare

The most celebrated playwright of English language William Shakespeare change the face of English literature,

he begun his career as an actor and later move on to writing plays,

in his entire life time he wrote about 37 plays including Romeo and Juliet, and many more infinite play, he also credit for writing 154 love poems.

Not only William Shakespeare was a playwright but he also introduce two thousand words to English dictionary.

1. Christopher Columbus

In 1492, Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue making Christopher Columbus number one person to change the world when he sailed the Atlantic ocean four times in search of the land of the richest which is Asia,

he left on voyage saint Mary Atlantic and hope to reached Asia instead he accidentally discovered the America.

He found the unknown land and that marked the beginning of transatlantic colonization and conquest.

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