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Top 10 Most brutal ruthless dictator in history


Top 10 brutal ruthless dictator in history

Top 10 brutal ruthless dictator in history They exacted complete control often by force. I am counting down our picks for the top ten most ruthless dictators for this list we’ve chosen some of the most notable and brutal dictators in history and have ranked them based on the ruthlessness of their crimes.

Top 10 brutal ruthless dictator in history

10. Kim Jong – il

Like his father before him and son after him, the eccentric Kim Jong  – il ruled North Korea strictly and with a strong personality cult, he was apparently one of the world’s Most repressive government with poverty  stricken resident isolated through restrictions to practical, everything between execution and forced labor, some estimated the deaths attributable to this supreme leader in the millions and that’s without mentioning the nuclear program.



9. Francisco Franco of Spain

Spain was ideologically divided when Franco attempted to overthrow the left wing government with the support from Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy the nationalists won the ensuring bloody civil war and Franco assumed power, murder and suppression of language and culture and more kept eiko do in office almost for four decades and while the regime eventually softened and a democratic turn around surged after his death the repercussion of Franco’s actions while reverberate today.


8. Mao Zedong

Soon this Communist leader became a saviour to many by founding the people’s republic of China and by leading his people through industrial and cultural revolutions and the Great leap forward, though China’s transformation into a superpower is revered critics suggests the cost of these initiatives in human lives ranged forty millions and seventy millions due to famine murder and forced labour cementing chairman Mao’s place as a polarizing figure.



7. Benito Mussolini

Portrayed as the only man capable of unifying Italy and restoring order of elduque disassembled the Democratic system transformed the country into a one party state and seized power with his fascist party militia and secret police met political foes with aggressive force or execution while, Mussolini expanded the Italian empire by colonizing African countries but it was his misguided partnership with Hitler that ultimately led to a spectacular downfall.


6. Saddam Hussein

Once called the world’s most dangerous man, Saddam was one of the few dictators tried convicted and executed for his crimes though his unparalleled social programs were hailed, he executed dissidents slaughtered the Kurdish Population and used oil and power as justification to invade neighboring countries this triggered wars unrest and uprising and later false allegations about weapons of mass destruction eventually led to his to downfall and ruin.

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5. Muammar Gaddafi

Shortly after become Libya’s ruler colonel Gaddafi exacted his influence by making opposition to his regime illegal among other measures this mad dog of middle east have a goal of revolution Muslim fundamentalist, he was suspected of crimes against humanity the mad dog of the middle east established extensive surveillance of his people and became increasingly wealthy as the level of poverty rose,  despite his indiscriminate murder of rebels during the Arab spring discontented Libyans fought back and the brother leader was deposed and killed.

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4. Pol Pot

Following his ascent Pol Pot attempted to return Cambodia to it’s rural roots by forcing city residents to toil on collective farms though, it hold power for year Pol Pot’s communist Khmer rouge party caused approximate two millions deaths with politically motivated murder torture force labor diseases and food shortage the victims of which were buried in the killing fields. He cling to nominal power until his death in 1998.

3. Idi Amin Dada

Idi Amin was brutal dictator and worst of last one hundred year, Idi Amin dada was born in koboko Uganda and joined the British colony army in 1946 as part of King’s Africa Rifle. He serve as an assistant cook to proved himself as an ambitious soldier, while he was part of British colony army he started to developed bad reputation as a somebody who will torture people during interrogation, people who were supposed arrested suddenly end up dead, British not the less kept promoting him.

Amin stage a relatively bloodless coup on January 1971 and took power over Uganda. After establishing military rule in Uganda, Amin demonstrate ruthless behaviour and try to give himself various titles like his excellency president for life, doctor, Alhaji, Idi Amin king of all the beast on earth and fishes in the sea, liberator from the British empire of all Africa. Amin order various mass massacre motivated ethic political and financial factors and created death toll estimated by international 500,000.

Amin invaded Tanzania in 1978, and Tanzania armies overthrow his government forcing him to fleet to Libya after accepting asylum from Saudi Arabia , Idi Amin died of kidney failure on August 16th 2003.

2. Joseph Stalin

After serving under Vladimir Lenin this man of steel became Soviet dictator by discrediting and eliminating rivals, the communist aggressive industrialisation killed millions due to famine, murder, and gulag camps but the great purge was the darkest period when citizen were deported incarcerated and randomly executed though. Stalin defeat the Nazi’s in world war II this paranoid man influence was erased after his death with a period of destalinization.

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1. Adolf Hitler

This iconic Facist leader of Germany from 1933 to 1945. His aim was to created Germany were only the Aryan with blonde hair and blue eye rise live and flourish. His hatred toward the Jew’s led to the Holocaust, a brutal genocide  about 6 million people who are force and killed in the conceration camp in the east Germany. He truthly have change the cause of history. He gave the Jew’s their land holy land in Israel.

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