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The meaning what ideas of Learning


The meaning what ideas of Learning.

Everyone has some idea of what is meant by the term “learning”.

However it is not at all certain that everyone has the same idea about what is broadly termed as learned behaviour.

What is your idea of learning

There are some activities everyone would agree to be illustrations of learning.

These activities include such things as learning to speak, memorizing a poem, using a computer or driving a car.

There are other activities not so obviously  but with one reflection would included this concept.

Social attitudes, values and ideas fall into this group.

Explains what the meaning of learning is?

The process of learning begins from the birth of the child and continues till his death.

When the child is born, his mind is just like a clean slate.

As soon as he comes in contact with his environment,

he starts reacting and in this processes of interaction of the individual and his environment, the foundation of learning is laid down.

What is learning

What is history

It is very difficult to give a universally acceptable definition of learning,

because various theories developed by scholars attempt to define the term from different angles.

Learning is a state of a constrict which means that learning cannot be directly observed but can only be inferred from the behavior of the organism.

Types of learning

Learning can be define as a relatively enduring change in behaviour which is a function of prior behaviour usually called practice.

This definition emphasized four attributes of learning as a process.

The first is that learning is a permanent change in behaviour.

It does not include change due illness, fatigue, maturation and use of intoxicates.

What is learning and example

The second is that learning is not directly observable but manifests in the activities of the individual.

The third attribute of learning is that it results in some change of enduring nature.

The fourth is that learning depends on practice and experience.

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Learning as a process by which an activity originates or is changed,

though reacting to an encountered situation, provided that the characteristics of the change in activity cannot be explained on the basis of negative response tendencies, maturation of temporary States from this definition.

Definition of learning

Learning is a change in behaviour as a result of interaction between an individual and the environment.

What learn different type thing through interaction with other, because different type of people in the society possesses knowledge and style on how they runs their life.

History and memory

Learning can be correct or incorrect,  socially acceptable or unacceptable. if a particular behaviour does not mean that learning has not taken place.

It may be in form of good and bad, because human being possesses different types of intention and goal in their soul.

What is your understanding of learning

Learning can be refers as relatively positive and permanent change in behaviour, resulting from activity, training or observation.

If no change in behavior occur after exposing an organism to some teaching and learning situations,  then learning has not taken place.

Also,  if what is “learnt” has immediately been forgotten, it becomes doubtful if really learning took place.

A momentary change in behavior may not mean that learning has taken place, except if such a change persist for a while.

Student learning definition

There, the notion of change in behaviour and “relatively positive and permanent” are important in the definition of learning.

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Learning can also be defined as the process by which individual acquires various habits, knowledge and attitudes that are essential for meeting the demand of life in general.

The importance of environment in learning cannot be overemphasized.

This is because an organism interacts within the environment which consequently manifest changes in behaviour.

What is learning in psychology

Learning can be called acquired of new knowledge and style of life in the daily basis, how, when, how thing are done.

it is to achieved a goal or principle.

Because life is teacher the more you live the more you learn.

Learning is to see and understand, and gain some principles into your soul, because we learn through reason and thinking.

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Learning is act of getting familiarize with a new thing.

Learning help to find out special difficult and how to over come then.

Learning is the procedure to learn how thing are done in the society.

To acquired something new into the mind and brain.

For example, world inventors, before they could invent a object or machine they acquired from theory, before they could  patent it out in reality.

characteristic of learning

Like Mark Zuckerberg the founder of facebook, was well taught in programming by both of parents and what he gained from school gave him the capacity and knowledge of founding of facebook.

Learning is a processing where by you gain ideas,  tactics, understanding, culture, laws, through reasoning and thinking.

Like the founding of computer Charles Babbage was well taught in algebra, what he had learnt gave the wisdom to invented computer.

Learning is what is installed into the mind or brain, it is acquired taught, like how to read, you must first learned and memorize all alphabets letter offhand, once it is stored the in your mind and brain the what we called a learning.


Form of learning
There are different types of learning. However,

they can be broadly categorized into two, in my own understanding

Types of learning

1. Intentional, deliberate or conscious this is the type of learning that is structured and well planned in order to achieve a specific goal. For this reason,

the learner pays attention to the learned materials.

Examples of intentional learning’s are, learning how to read and write, learning how to operate a computer, learning how  to drive a car, including social learning which is informal in nature.

It takes place by limitation, as a matter of fact,

children as well as adults copy behaviour of those they consider important and significant in the society. In our everyday life,

it is not uncommon to see people imitating film stars in their style of dressing, talking, walking.

This is called hero worship which is an example of this type of learning is learning that takes place in the school.

2. Unintentional or unconscious or incidental learning this type of learning is not only unorganized but also takes place by accident or unconsciously, without the learner knowing is learning.

This because the learner is incidental learning has no intention to learn or any objective goal to achieve, but yet learning take place.

For example, when traveling to a far place from ones home, one may learn a lot of things or see so many things on the way, which you do not know that you will see or learn.

A great deal of learning that occur in everyday life of both children and fall into this category of learning.


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