The Chat Mogul Review; Is ChatMogul Legit or a Scam?

The Chat Mogul Review; Is ChatMogul Legit or a Scam?




The Chat Mogul Review; Is ChatMogul Legit or a Scam?

Many income programs have crashed, and people are getting even more skeptical about signing up for these digital platforms. Amidst this skepticism, another income program sprang up: TheChatMogul.



While they’ve been so many reviews online about this platform, most of them are influenced reviews by members of the program, desperate to make affiliate income from the program.


Welcome to the most objective The Chat Mogul review on the internet. In this review, I will quantitatively analyze the ChatMogul offering without prejudice, helping you make the best investment decision.


Note that I’m not affiliated with The ChatMogul, and this review isn’t paid for, so you should expect an objective analysis of the income program.



What is The ChatMogul?


Chat Mogul refers to itself as the first social earning site. It is an organization run by online affiliate entrepreneurs, according to information on the website.



The ChatMogul expresses alarm at the enormous number of people who barely make pennies online. The online income program claims to provide a simple, but a rewarding system of making money for everyone.


Also, TheChatMogul claimed that it’s the number one paying social media platform in the world. This is a huge claim, given the enormous number of income programs available today.


In this review, we’ll see if ChatMogul lives up to this promise, or not.


How TheChatMogul Works


There’s a question most online investors looking to invest in ChatMogul always ask: “how does ChatMogul work?”


The reason for this is simple. We know successful income programs, and we also know the unsuccessful ones. Before investing in any online program, it’s important that we review its offering to see if it shares similarities with successful or unsuccessful programs.


Let’s take a look at how to earn on the ChatMogul.



How to earn on TheChatMogul


Earning on The Chat Mogul was made to be easy, as its business model is to provide a simple system to make money online.


Here are the tasks you can complete on the ChatMogul to make money from the platform.




Posting an article on the ChatMogul platform is a money-making opportunity. The Chat Mogul pays you NGN100 for every approved article you post on the platform.




Who pays you to read news?


Well, with the Chat Mogul, you make NGN10 for each post you read. You can read as many post as you want per day, but you only earn NGN10 on each post.




The Chat Mogul values your opinions a lot; that’s why they pay you NGN10 for dropping a comment on any news article on the platform. What’s more, you don’t need to wait for any admin approval, drop any comment and you’re good!




The post sharing aspect of the Chat Mogul is a bit confusing. However, we believe that The Chat Mogul pays NGN100 for sharing each sponsored post, and NGN5 for sharing every other post.


Either way, sharing a post from The Chat Mogul to your Facebook feed is always rewarding.




Remember Facebook post-reaction?


You can react to a post on The Chat Mogul too!


The difference between the two is that you earn NGN20 for every The Chat Mogul post you react to, while reacting to a Facebook post gives you NGN0. Cool?


Login Bonus


Just like most other income programs, you get NGN100 for logging into your ChatMogul account each day. This isn’t multiplied by the number of times you logged in in a single day, anyways.




The Chat Mogul pays NGN1,300 per referral. You can refer your friends, family and even enemies to join the platform, as seen on the website.


The referral bonus is somewhat massive; given that they also offer a…


Registration Bonus


Yes, you read that right. Signing up for The Chat Mogul gets you an NGN1,200 registration bonus.


If you’re referred to the platform, your referrer gets a referral bonus of NGN1,300 while you get a registration bonus of NGN1,200, on a registration fee of just NGN1,800. That doesn’t sound sustainable.


Other earning opportunities on The Chat Mogul


While most of the activities that let you earn on The ChatMogul are already listed above, there are some others, that are a lot like bonus opportunities.


An example is the testimony bonus. When you’re paid by The Chat Mogul for completing any activity, you have the chance to win NGN500 airtime by sharing the testimony on The Chat Mogul Facebook community.


The most active member is another bonus earning opportunity. If you spent the most time reading news, commenting, and sharing, you get an extra NGN5,000 at the end of the week.


And lastly, the best affiliates of the week. The Chat Mogul treats affiliates well, and the NGN15,000 reward for the best affiliate of the week proves this. The second best goes home with NGN3,000.



How to register on The Chat Mogul


There are some questions surrounding The Chat Mogul registration, and they’ll all be answered here.


The Chat Mogul registration fee is NGN1,800, and you can either register by buying a coupon or paying with a debit card.


Here are the steps required to register on The ChatMogul.


Open the official website ( on the “BUY COUPON CODE” option at the top menuContact a seller, and make payment. You’ll receive a codeOpen the registration page by clicking on “REGISTER” at the top menuEnter your coupon code, and fill in your details to register


Voila! You’re done.


Note that you can also make a payment at the registration page if you couldn’t get a coupon from the vendors.


Is The Chat Mogul Legit or a Scam?


Reading lots of reviews on the internet, you might be led into thinking that the Chat Mogul is a flawless platform.


Here, however, I’ve promised to give an objective review, and I’ll be pointing out all the flaws, as well as the excellent sides of this platform.


Let’s do this.




The Chat Mogul isn’t a young income program by any means, at 14 months of age. Since inception, it has been paying regularly and it has drawn a quite loyal audience of members.




The online reviews of The Chat Mogul have been favorable so far. Their testimony sharing policy is another reason why it is trusted by its members.


Business model


Chat Mogul has an aggressive business model. They want to get more members at all costs, and are practically overpaying affiliates.


Also, rewarding members for sharing payment testimonies is solely aimed at inviting new users to the platform.



Conclusion | Is The Chat Mogul Scam?


The Chat Mogul is a great income program so far, but its aggressive marketing is something we dislike about this platform.


There’s no issue with this, however, as they’ve been up and paid for more than a year now. These are known features of legit income programs, and I thereby rate this program as “legit, at the moment.”


Drop your experience with The Chat Mogul and share this post if you found it helpful.







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