The Affiliate Millionaire: A – Z affiliate marketing guide

The Affiliate Millionaire: A – Z affiliate marketing guide

Affiliate marketing is regarded today by most experts as the number 1 way you can start making money online.

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance based marketing where you get paid by business owners when you direct visitors to there site.

as a beginner, its not always easy getting started with affiliate marketing as you are likely to make mistake on the advertising network to work with as well as the right and suitable offer to promote and start seeing results.

there are so many mistakes people make while starting out there affiliate marketing journey.

one on the recent survey conducted by Billdollars online, we noticed that over 60% of affiliate marketers make one general mistake of promoting high paying offers, we also got to understand that over 75% of them hardly make any sell in a month.

the last thing we observed was that vast majority (around 35%) promotes product not related to there niche.

we got to a conclusion that over 38% of affiliate marketers around the globe hardly make up to a $1000 each month,

that was why we have decided to bring up this article “the affiliate millionaire” valued at $19.99 but at zero cost so that everyone can be able to access it.

in this article we are going to be covering everything you need to know about affiliate marketing, we are going to outline the usually mistakes people make while working with some affiliate marketing networks,

we are also gonna takle the possible challenges affiliante marketers ecounter each day and finally we are gonna be guiding you on how you can start making huge income as an affiliate marketer.

what is affiliate marketing ?

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance based marketing where you get paid by business owners when you direct visitors to there site.

its very easy for everyone to understand that affiliate marketing requires you as a publisher to encourage your page visitors to purchase a product thereby making a percentage whenever they do so.

as an affiliate marketer, what you have to focus on fully is how you can start driving traffic to your website.

If you are in Nigeria you can make up $3000 in amazon commission?

Once you have a nice amount of traffic in your website, you have little to nothing to worry about, all you need to do is to display this your affiliate products at the right places on your website.

now you might be asking as a beginner, what if my website/blog dont generate much traffic, does it mean that affiliate marketing is not for me? dont panic because i have got you covered.

in this article, am gonna be showing you how you can start earning at least $1000 each as a beginner with little traffic in affiliate marketing.

how does affiliate marketing work?

you place an advertisers product on your website, you can promote the product, user clicks on the product,

user is directed to your landing page where you have explained everything about this product, user clicks your link and its directed to the advertisers website, user purchase the product, you get paid a certain commision.

the process involved with affiliate marketing is so straight foward.

all you have to do is to grab that right product for your website, place it in the right places on your website, drive traffic and get paid once a visitor purchase any product being promoted on your website.

why should i join affiliate marketing?

lets say you dont even know or havent even heard of affiliate marketing before and right you might be asking yourself why should i even go into affiliate marketing.

to me affiliate marketing is so easily to set up and most of the affiliate networks accept publishers application within 24 hours.

with affiliate marketing, you can start generating money on auto pilot.

all you have to do is set up your account, grab the right offer and paste it on your website.

you can start making some bucks even while you sleep because even as you sleep there might be some people still going through your site and a few number of them might end up purchasing some of these products you are advertising on your site,

thereby you make a commision even while you sleep.

i know of an advertising company that pays you upto 75% in commission.

How much can i make as an affiliate marketer?

one of the question people normally ask us each day is how much can i make from affiliate marketing. actually there is no direct answer to this question.

you can earn over $100,000 each year through affiliate marketing, you can even earn a million dollars, all this depends on your hard work and commitment to achieving it.

the one thing you have to focus on as an affiliate marketer is what you can do to be able to generate a huge number of organic traffics to your website.

once you have a nice audience floating your website each month, you can earn any amount you want through affiliate marketing.

becaue ypun wont be expecting ypur website to generate over $100,000 for you with little or no network, though like i stated earlier, am still going to show you how you can be able to generate over $1000 each month through affiliate marketing with little traffic.

so many internet marketers have been able to make a full time living from affiliate marketing.

i had a student that generated around $37,000 in a month through affiliate marketing.

so when it comes to affiliate marketing am very sure it can change your life completely from zero to thousands of dollars each month if you avoid the huge mistakes people make that am going to outline here.

huge mistakes people make in affiliate marketing

the biggest factors hindering people from generating a nice sum of money in affiliate marketing are some of the mistakes am about to outline here.

am only going to outline the top four mistakes people make while embarking on there affiliate marketing journey

Why do people affiliate
promoting the wrong products

so many affiliate marketers tend to promote products with a price tag of $100 than a product with a price tag of $5.

these i one of the biggest mistakes affiliate marketers make in today’s world, you probable thinking that if you promote a product of $100.

that you are going to make over $50 in commission when someone purchases the product where as if you promote a product priced at $5,

you are likely going to make around $2.5 in commission when someone purchases that product through your link.

this is why you are not making a single income every month because you keep promoting a product that is outside of your visitors spending power.

if you are promoting a product of $100 on your website, people are gonna find it difficult to buy these product because,

1. they dont have the spending power

2. these product might not yet been tested and confirmed that it might solve there problem; i.e they are still doubting this product, so why will they bring out 100 bucks just to purchase a product they aint 100% sure of

3. they have the spending power, but they cant risk 100 buck for a product like that. but for the product of $5, so many people can afford to spend $5 on a product.

so if you are promoting a product priced at $5, over 40% of your page visitors can afford to pay $5 for a single product.

so lets say you have 1000 monthly visitors, and you are promoting a product of $5, if atlest 200 of your page visitors purchases this product, that will be a total of $1000 made and $500 in commission each month.

now you understand why its important to promote a product of $5 or even a product of $2.

the first thing i advice my student to do before promoting any product on there page is to first, understand there viewers and there spending power.

once you understand your viewers, you can get to know the product to promote and the price range of product they can be willing to buy.

one of the things you can do to understand your audience as an affiliate marketer is to find out which topic on your website generates the highest number of traffic.

take for instance you have two categories on your blog 1. affiliate marketing

2. blogging tips. now inside these two categories, you observed that affiliate marketing categories got 50,000 clicks while blogging got around 10,000 clicks.

with these its easier to understand that your audience are mainly focused on affiliate marketing articles.

so when you go to any advertising network to pick a product to promote, you should focus mainly on products that has to do with affiliate marketing and nothing more.

another thing to take into consideration is the price. since your audience are focused on affiliate marketing,

that means there are still striving to make money thereby they are looking for a simple means to generate income, which means that there spending power is low.

so you should not target/promote any product that is over $10 in price tag.

choosing the wrong niche

a lot of affiliate marketers today avertise best selling products irrespective of weather these products are related to there niche or not.

this a common mistake people make today without even knowing about it at all.

you might end up selling some of these products but its highly discouraged to try these if you want to hit the $100,000 a year mark and become a pro in affiliate marketing.

doing these is likely to irritate your visitors and by that you will see a decrease in your monthly unique visitors.

like i outine in the number one, make sure to promote product thats boast the highest view on your website.

sticking with a single advertising company

am fully not in support of you sticking with one adversing company expecially as a beginner.

so many affiliate marketers tends to promote products from an advising company for a long time and not even consider switching or adding other networks to there website.

am not saying you should filled your website with affiliate products from different sources because thats surely gonna irrates your visitors,

all am telling you to do is to try out some other adversing networks, you never can tell why your visitors are not converting.

i had recieved a testimony from one of my students that started making sells immediately after switching from one ads network to another.

continuously promoting the same product

Really successful affiliate programs

The last mistake am going to outline here that people make is sticking with a particular product even when they are not generating enough from it.

I highly advised you change any product on your site if your notice its not converting well.

most a times your website might not be the reason why your visitors are not converting it might be due to the product you are promoting.

some product dont have a nice landing page thereby its likely to convert little or none of your visitors.

so if you think you have a nice audience but they are not converting to your satisfaction, go ahead and change the product you are promoting to a different product.

another thing you should try and do before promoting any product is to check out the product  landing page first and see whether you are convinced enough by the landing page.

how to make money from affiliate marketing with little traffic

one of the challenges people face while embarking on affiliate marketing is how to generate traffic to sell these products because there is no way you can make a single cash as an affiliate marketer if your website dont have a nice traffic.

Click bank top affiliate

one of the best way i have tested and also thought my students that complains about low traffic is to run an ad on outbrain.

even with a nice traffic on your website you can still use this method and generate a whole lot of traffic today, i still practice this method in some of my websites.

this works wonders when the website you are using to try these has google adsense or any other ads network on it because with that you are 100% sure to generate extra income.

how it works: head over to outbrains and register as an advertiser not a publisher.

advertise at least 3 of your post with them investing around $20 or $10 (make sure you have adsense and your affiliate products placed well on these pages) after exhausting the money invested to run these ads, go ahead and review these 3 post and see which on them got the highest click among the 3, if you happen to sell any product during this your first advert then that’s perfect, but if you didn’t, then that’s more than perfect too.

you might be asking me why am advising you to place ads alongside the products you are promoting on this pages.

the reason is that, if we happen to run this ads on outbrain and we end up not converting any visitors we are going to make our money back through these advertising networks and thereby we end up not loosing any money and infact we end up making the money we invested and also earning a little profits as well from these ads alone that we placed on these pages.

because you earn money with ads just by people vising your website alone. hope you understand the logic behind these

now after you have found out the post that got more clicks among the three posts, all you have to do is focus on that particular post and advertise only that post again with your ads and products well placed. keep doing it and watch how you go from making zero to at least a thousand dollars every single month.

note: if you try these and got much clicks without conversion, go ahead and tweak your post a little.

make sure these post defines the product you are promoting so well but if you think your post got no problem, all you have to do is to change the product you are promoting to a different product and watch how your income flow each month.

top 10 recommended affiliate marketing networks you can work with


Famous companies with affiliate program

Go ahead and review all of these companies and select anyone you think its best for you to work with.

personally for me i highly recommend clickbank and amazon associates among others, that doesnt mean that others are not good, all of them are perfect for different set of marketers.

go ahead and sign up with some of them and start earning commission today.

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