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8 simple hack: steps on how to start a new business.


8 simple hack: steps on how to start a new business.

Business is life of a nation, because successful business curb poverty in a nation.

It is good to carry out online research on various businesses you can start, and also create jobs to bring an individuals from poverty,

Because business create jobs, it is good to look for good business ideas on how to start up a business successfully.

Which business you can start successfully and how to set up or procedures on how to start a business without stress, no smart work no high gain.

This my article will explains steps you can used to start a business and run the business successfully

How To start a new business entrepreneur prepares the feasibility study report, get his personnel and technology assembles all the initial and operating resources for starting up of the  the business.

Table Contents 

I. Identify your small business idea.

II. Make a plan.

III. Set up a capital for your business.

IV. Site selection and location.

V. Choose a business structure.

IV. Choose your business name.

8 simple hack: steps on how to start a new business.

IIV. Register your business.

IIV. Open a business bank account.

I. Identify your small

business idea market research will tell you if there’s an opportunity to turn your ideas into a successful business. It’s a way to gather information about potential


Business already operating in your area and use these sets of suitable information to set up your business.

II. So to starting up a business you need to Make a plan to succeed, the entrepreneur, a part from his hard work, must be able to develop a product that is different from existing products. In other words, such product must be unique in character. A unique discovery could be an entirely new product that no one is presently offering but whose introduction could satisfy a need or fill gap in the market.

How are you looking how to start up business?

III. Set up a capital for the business for an entrepreneur to obtain the finance needed in running a business.

The entrepreneur needs to do research whether their is available fund set up or should borrows money from banks.

IV. Site selection and location

to achieve their major objectives of maximizing profits, businessmen or entrepreneurs do their best to cut down the cost of production.

( in monetary terms) , especially when they are considering where to site their industries or business. The factor which influence entrepreneur in considering where to locate the business.

a. Access to Raw material

an industry tends to be located near the source of raw material especially when the raw material is bulky and involved heavy transportation cost.

b. Access to market In selecting a site for a starting up a business, an entrepreneur must consider accessibility to the market bulky or heavy.

V. Choose a business

For starting a business you need a decent name a eye catch name.

structure the legal plan choose for your business will impact your business registration requirements, how much you pay in taxes and your personal liability.

VI. Choose your business name the entrepreneur needs a brand name to use to met the needs of the market a brand new unique name that has not been used before, it will produce positive impact to your Business.

VII. Register your business once you’ve picked the perfect business name, it’s time to make it legal and protect your brand. You’ll need to register with the federal government, and may be your state government. So is one of the rules you need to follow when starting a business.

VIII. Open a business bank

A start up business account needs selects his banks and everything that will facilitate the realization of his dream of establishing and running a successful business.

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