Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

There is a rules and regulations guiding historytip.com, any visitor is free to used historytip.com, they are free to visit our site and read our unique content, and but must follow our rules and regulations.

Acceptance of Agreement: historytip.com have rules and regulations that is needed to be followed by our visitors, we advise our amiable visitor to comply with this agreement, we do review and change or review rules and regulations guiding our site at any time, we advice to stick to the rules.


So any on historytip.com contents, graphics are protected strictly, the contents and graphic historytip.com can be used but with due permission, reproduce or copy or use of the content on the entire site is not allow.


Disclaimer  this site is full example, structure contents, there might be error, bug, any visitor cannot hold historytip.com for any error or any damage or any liability, but to do proper research and understand with each our content, any damage or loss from you, you cannot hold historytip.com your loss.


Any visitor cannot hold historytip.com for any damage such as viruses or unable to used the site, we  disclaim all those settings.

Deleting and Modification

We have the full right to edit or trash any contents our site without permission from anyone.

Third-Party Website.

Any extra or external link found on this site,  there is no approval or warrant about their content, you are free to visit the site but any loss from the site it is at your own willing.


Anything in this site that go against out or stated agreement will be arraign in the court.

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