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Steps to Write a Retail Pharmacy Business Plan Sample

Steps to Write a Retail Pharmacy Business Plan Sample | Online Pharmacy Business Plan pdf

Retail Pharmacy business plan pdf

Retail pharmacy business plan sample

Online pharmacy business plan pdf

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Pharmacy business is one of the special business of all time that needs to be taken with a special hands, it is a business that deals with health, or industry that deal with selling of varieties of drugs.

It is a profitable business either and it have it own uniqueness, it is business that can be start by a health specialist not just anyone or individuals, because the business have basic strict rule and regulation, and you are to get various license and permit and documents from right agency before you can start the business.

Retail pharmacy business plan sample it is health business document that contains all section, ideas, company, capital aspect, name of the industry, location of the business, investors, and all other aspect of business, it is a unique document that serve as a guidance in a proper business settings.

Pharmacy business plan ideas so there is a way a proper business plan is construct, for either improvement or it will serve as guideline for successive business. Pharmacy business plan sample are very important in pharmacy business.

Online pharmacy business plan it is document that serve as a example for individual that want to write pharmacy business plan sample, there is a method needed to write a successive business plan, there is protocol to follow.

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Unique Steps to Write a Retail Pharmacy Business Plan Sample | Online Pharmacy Business Plan pdf

Industry Summary

It is a bigger industry itself that generate over $900 billion annually, it is a business industry that deals with produce various drugs, selling drugs, all other positive activities connected to drugs.

It is industry that have create millions job opportunities for health specialist, and the business have grow rapidly in previous year, due more improvement and new research in the industry.

The industry have a very strict law guiding them, rules and protocol they follow for the starting up of the business, the business cannot be start anyhow, but a well trained nurse or doctor are the ones fit enough to start the business.

So it is profitable business ideas, but got all of Caution, the business have boost various GDP of various nations, because drugs are in high demand on daily basis.

Here is a Retail Pharmacy Business Plan Sample.

BUSINESS NAME: Wesley Pharmacy business in Ilorin Kwara state.

Executive Overview

It is a business organization that is located in the olorunsogo area at Geri alimi in ilorin Kwara state capital, we offer the best service in terms of selling drugs, or retails drugs.

Our office is located in good Commerical area in ilorin, we also sell drug at good affordable price for our customers, the Wesley pharmacy was established by Don Wesley some year ago.

We offer best of quality service to our customers, we also sell other cosmetic related products, Don Wesley was a professional doctor before he resigned and start Wesley pharmacy in ilorin in Kwara state capital.

Our Unique Products and Services

Wesley pharmacy sell varieties of health related products, not just only drugs, but we sell all kinds of drugs, we sell soft drinks, baby diaper, finished or packed product, table water, soap, cream and various other unique health materials.

Our pharmacy did not meanly focus on selling of drugs but all other materials used at home. Different types of unique products used at home.

Our Mission and Vision Statement

Our vision to become best and most strongest pharmacy in ilorin Kwara state, we promise to offer best and quality, excellent products to our customers, and our product with come with good prices. Our product will be unique and we promise to get our products from best pharmaceutical companies in the country.

Our Business Structure

We promise that Wesley pharmacy will offered the best service, and also in our business will employ well trained professional health specialist that will handle our business in a good systematic ways.

Those employee that will be working in our business will be best employees that will be faithful and serve our industry with all their heart and be a good commit worker and they will bring more success and progress to the company.

The following are set of worker that we will employ in our industry

CEO (pharmacy owner, superintendent pharmacist and supervising pharmacist) Pharmacist (Manager) Merchandize Manager Pharmacist technician (3) Information Technologist (Contract) Sales agents (3) Cashier (Counter Agent). Cleaners

Our Target Market

Wesley pharmacy have tons of target market ranges from hospitals, maternity, health care center, chemist, clinic, nursing homes, those industry works based on drugs, without drugs they cannot succeed in any of there business activities.

And also various individuals are in need of pharmacy product like elderly people, woman, man, baby, adult, children so the products is used by everyone, so mainly everyone is your target market.

Various health institution will be your biggest buyers, because they will buy in bulk, not like individuals that come and buy little.

Our competitive advantage

We promised to plan our business well, and deliver quality service, we try as much as possible not to leave lapse behind in our business, and will be implementing good and positive ideas that is trend in pharmacy business in Wesley pharmacy,

we have a solid strategies that will lead win and succeed and outrank out competitors and be the best pharmacy in town due to our quality services.

Marketing Strategy and Sales Strategy

Our market strategy to sell good quality products at a very affordable price, make our business attractive to the customers, our employees are well trained and have good communication skills to our various customers effectively.

So we produce our business through important channel that will help our product and service to be well know to the public.

Publicity and Advertising Strategy

Wesley pharmacy promise the best and carry out necessary board cast in various digital network that will help the business succeed, we promote our business on facebook, twitter, reddit, Pinterest, Lindekin, we have a stable telephone line that is available twenty four seven, etc.

Our Pricing Strategy

Our pricing strategy we have mention various time in this post that will offer quality and best service to our customers at a affordable prices. We make our product attractive and cheap, we make our pricing policy to meet up with market price structure or even more cheaper than market structures.

Payment Options

We make various payment method available in our pharmacy, not only cash, we also used other various digital methods, we collect cheque in our pharmacy, pos machine is also available, banks app also available in our pharmacy.

Generating Funding / Startup Capital

Mr. Don Wesley have manage to get enough capital for is pharmacy business when he was still a doctor, he raise enough fund, except if we need excess capital that is why we can get soft loan from bank or corporative organisation to fund the business to the largest point.

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