30 Simple way: Christian home based businesses ideas 2021 | Christian business online, business name, God-given, faith based business ideas

30 Simple way: Christian home based businesses ideas 2021 | Christian business online, business name, God-given, faith based business ideas

Like the topic of this post do you want to start a Christian small business ideas that is not against the Christianity faith or doctrine,

there a lot of Christian business opportunities that suit the Christian faith that you can start without stress today.

There are a lot of Christian businesses ideas you can start online and offline and make a lot of cash.

As a Christian we must work to earn a living, bible even said we shall eat from our sweat, or from our labour,

even as a pastor you must find something doing, do not depend all your expense on church member, but work hard to earn a good living.

In this post I will explains, analyze best faith based business ideas to any one who wished to start Christian home business ideas in 2021.

Christian home based businesses ideas 2021 | Christian business online, business name, God-given, faith based business ideas

Marriage Counselor

Another job that associate with Christian faith is marriage Counselor,

it is a job that deals with Spiritual experience in advising couples, on how to overcome life challenging issue in their marriage, and also offer courtship advice to those in courtship level.

It is a great job that suit Christian faith a lot, teaching them what it takes to build a good Christian home.

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Religious Tutor

Religious tutor is another job that deal with offering extra lecturing for those in religious school.

Is another way to make money online as Christians entrepreneur, just for you to search for those student that needed extra lesson in both online and offline for improvement on their studies.

Religious Blogger

Religious blogger blogging is a big network or big business you can start as a Christian and make million of dollar if you do the right thing as a religious blogger.

There various topic on Christian topic or niche, you start today, you can not just write anything that come to your mind, but what are the topic Christian all over the globe are searching for?

You will get that topic on some blogging premium tools and write answer to those question that where you make a lot of money.

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Religious Clothing Store Owner

Another way to make money based on Christian faith is opening a religious clothing store,

it is place where you will be able to sell various types of clothes that have description, quote, bible verses, or inspiration word of God on them.

Christian Bookstore Owner

Another faith based business ideas is a book store where variety of religious book can be found, like bibles, story book for children, hymns book, religion chart, religion magazine, theology textbooks and so many others.

Bookstore is best business ideas you can start as a religious entrepreneur and making a living.

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Children’s Book Author

Children’s book author it is a job that deals with writing a short story about Christian faith, descriptive message with image and moral lesson more like a Bible story,

so it is another possible way to make money online as faith entrepreneur.

Online Newsletter Publisher

Newsletter is a small booklet that is full with message of the gospel, but I do not think is advisable to sell a newsletter either online or offline,

but it can help you gain more member to your church,

it is a positive content that can help you gain more member to your church.


Be an author in the field of faith is another business that fetch cash willingly.

You can earn money by writing various books like inspiration message, life challenging message and how to overcome them, healing message, message how soul was converted to the Christianity faith,  and also divine message.

Bible Verse Sign Maker

Bible verse sign maker is another small business ideas based on Christian faith,

it just required you to design bible verse on cloth, hand band, on sticker, and also canvas, on frame and various other.

Greeting Card Publisher

As a Christian do you have good writing and design skills, there a business opportunity open to you now and start making money,

it just required you to quote inspiration message, God love message, Christmas message, easter message, wedding anniversary message, launching of new house message, on greeting card and sell them and start making cash.

Wedding Dress Seller

Are you a good fashion designer, you can start offering your service by making wedding gown, suit for groom,

It is best business ideas for Christian faith.

Religious Jewelry Store Owner

You can make money by designing various jewelry in form cross, or a jewelry that have divine protection, divine message.

Movie Production

Christian religion movie always talks about holiness and how to live a decent and faithful and how to overcome life challenging and how to make heaven, is one of the great industry where you can make money and can also change life, it deals with offering moral value.

Religious Podcaster

Podcaster is like religion radio station where you discuss unique religious topic, which the topic will serve high moral value, divine message that will heal soul and change life. And you can also make money through advertising various affiliate program on podcast.

Translation and interpretation service

Do you have multilingual skills, multilingual means able to speak more than one international language, you can make money by be a translator, is another ways to make money online and offline.

Religious Influencer

It means spreading gospel messages on a personal website, social media in other to save life, and gain more soul to the field of the Lord.

Religious Dating Website Operator

There are some people who wished to marry a God fearing, loving, kind and caring Christian, this is a best opportunities for you to start a religious dating website,

where people among Christian faith Can meet there match.

Specialty Florist

specialty florist is a job that deals with offering of flower for wedding program, burial program, and some other program, it is one of small faith based business ideas.

Wedding Band Leader

Are you good at public presentation, you can take up master of ceremony job, by offering your skill at wedding reception, burial program, public program and some other activities that can fetch you money.

Cooking Class Instructor

Cooking class instructor is a good job where you can teach people how to cook and what it takes to prepare various types of food, what it takes to prepare delicious food.

Religious Candle Maker

Religious candle maker candle is more like a material used for praying, you can start making candle now, quality candle and start making a lot of cash.

Christmas Tree Farmer

Planting of Christmas tree is another way to earn positively, start planting Christmas tree it will be in high demand in winter season.

Religious Illustrator

Are good at creating Christian illustrative image that doctrine the good teaching of Christ,

that a ways to make money naturally as a Christian, by creating unique illustrative Christian chart.

Faith Based Thrift Store Operator

It is job by rising fund from different organizations and donating them to churches in other to help the gospel.

Christian nanny and baby sitting service

Another ways to make positive income is baby sitting business, by offering your service to the parent who are busy at work, by taking care of child when they are not around, it is another business ideas for you as a Christian.

Religious Life Coach

By offering positive teaching about life challenging issue in lives of an individual.

Coaching individuals on how to live a good Christian life, how to be a obedient child of God.

Travel Agency Operator for Religious Groups

You can start a agency that will handle traveling of Christian missionaries to over sea countries.

House cleaning

Helping an individual to sweeping and make clean and neat is another job to make money on Christian faith.

Gospel Musician

Gospel musician is another work of God that deals with wining soul for Christ, showcase your music talent and you get various call from various church or you be invited to to showcase your talent in various churches, that another way to make money as a Christian entrepreneur.

Computer repair

computer repair business is another business opportunities for entrepreneur looking for job online to do offline.

You must go for computer training for some month for to all basic needed to repair a computer successfully.


All the business mention are all Christians based business ideas you can start without stress and making a good living and standard life.

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