Simple hack: How to make Money from Blogging

Simple hack: How to make Money from Blogging

    How to make money from blogging  Placing Ads (Googles Ads and other Ad networks)

Make money  from blogging through Affiliate Marketing sell and space Selling eBooks on Blogsell sponsored blog postscreate a restricted membership forumDevelop Plugins or Themes Start Your Coaching Career Sell Online Courses Charge for Social Media Shout outs.

Making money from Blogging as we all know is one of the top ways people make money online today.

One of the things i always advice people to take note of when it comes to monetizing your blog is that the monetization method that work for your friend might not work for you on your own blog.

why this is true is because you are probably not going to be on the same niche or posting the same contents as your friend does.

Most people make the mistake of using a monetization method because someone they know or maybe another site they follow are using it and that’s really a bad method for anyone that’s starting out his/her blogging career.

What you have to do is select a monetization method that suits your blog and your content so well if you really want to make money at all, because advertising the wrong product will end up irritating your visitors thereby loosing potential visitors as well as decreasing your Conversion Rate.

Before we dive deep into this topic of How to make money as a blogger let me outline few challenges and question beginners ask Us @Billdollars while starting out their blogging journey

1.How long will it take before i start making huge money from my blog?

The period of time it takes for you to start making a huge income from your website/blog depends on how hard you are willing to work to make it happen.

I know some websites might have already told you that making money from your blog is so easy, But am gonna have to tell you that making money from your blog takes dedication, concentration and commitment.

I know that might sound a little bit discouraging but i will be doing you no good if i don’t let you know that folding your hands wont take you and your blog anywhere in the online world today.

Another factor to be considered is audience and contents.

If you can start getting a high volume of traffic within the first month of your blogging career coupled with a quality content(around four to six quality articles) will guarantee you start making money instantly from your blog from your first month.

so forget whatever you have read before, if you really wanna start making a profitable income from your blog then you have to focus on

1. consistency

2. Dedication

3. Traffic

4. Quality Contents

How much money can i make blogging?

You can make over $5000 each month from a blog with the right audience.

but just like i said before, you have to put in some real work and dedication if you really wanna start seeing results early and start making decent money on your blog.

another thing that can boast your income is your traffic. lets say your main monetization method is through placings Ads.

High amount of traffic can boast your earnings 10x

Whats the best monetization method

This is a question most beginners and even non-beginners keep asking around the internet. i know what might be going through some peoples mind is that Placing Ads is definitely the best way to monetize your blog,

But believe me just like i said earlier, the method that generates the most money for you from your blog might end up generating little or none for your friend.

So if am being honest with you, then am gonna let you know that there is no general best monetization method.

Kindly choose what suits your website/blog that works best for you .

knowing how to make money from your blog sets your blog apart from so many other blogs online thats find it extremely difficult to find a monetization method.

Following are the best and easiest way you can start making money from your blog.

Placing ads on your website is definitely the easiest way for most people to generate income from their website/blog.

Companies like Google,, infolinks and many more than pay you a desent amount of money if you allow them display ads on your blog.

you can make over $500 a month as a beginner with displaying ads on your blog. all you need is a nice traffic on your blog and you are set for this.

with this method you make money when people click on the ads placed on your Blog and also through impression.

why most people prefer this method above all is that you dont have to sell anything or do some convincing works.

all you have to focus on once you have set up the ad is on how you can start driving traffics to your site.

to place ads on your site or blog you will have to choose between so many advitising companies.

i will recommend the 3 best ads network for you

(1) Google Adsense


(3) infolinks.

google ad network is the mostly used among bloggers today, because google ads network has so many features which includes displaying the right ads that suits your website and content.

with google ads network you are permited to choose the type of ads that you want to be displayed on your blog and start making money on ur blog.


Affiliate marketing  to some is the best monetising method for any blog out there.

just like so many people believes that placing ads is the best monetization network.

a vast majority including top experts have chosen affiliate marketing as the best monetization method for any blog out there.

which brings us to the fact that what is best for your blog might not be best for others when it comes to monetising your blog.

affiliate marketing is the process whereby you promote a product that is not yours or promoting services that are not rendered by you and getting paid once someone purchases that product directly from your advertising link.

affiliate marketing focuses mainly on generating sales and gaining commission for each sale.

sites like clickbank among others pay you over 50% commission on each sale you generate.

lets say you are promoting a product of $200 on your blog, once you get someone to buy it, you make 50%($100) in commission.

so many people prefer affiliate to Placing Ads because a single sale can generate a huge profit for them even with a low traffic unlike in Ads method where you will need a huge amount of traffic for you to be able to start Making a reasonable amount of money from your blog.

so many people on the other hand prefers Placing Ads to Affiliate marketing because they wont have to sell anything or maybe convince people to purchase a product.

there are so many Affiliate marketing networks out there but am going to highly suggest you try Clickbank out because of there high commission rate


This method though it sound similar to the first method we outlined here already.

It has to do with you selling some spaces on your website for some other small/big business owner to advertise their product or services.

all you have to do is to put a message on your blog letting people know that you can help there products or services reach a greater audience if they choose to advertise it on your blog.

you can charge them for each ad space on your blog and also for a specific period of time.

if they pay for a month, then the advert of there goods will be placed on your blog for a month and after a month, you will take it down.

they can go ahead and renew it for another month if they still want the advert to remain on your blog.

how much you should charge for this service all depends on you.

if you have a high number of monthly visitors you can charge a reasonable amount but if your traffic isn’t that high you can charge a little amount for your ads space till your audience increases.

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selling eBooks on your blog is one of the top ways people make money from there blogs today.

if you are good at writing as most bloggers are, you can go ahead and publish eBook and market them on your blog for people to purchase.

so many bloggers today prefer selling their own products to displacing ads on their blog because it gives the ability to take full control of their sites because to some placing annoying ads will distract your viewers and might cause you to loose potential visitors.

writing ebooks might not be as hard as you think,

all you have to do is choose a topic that you will want to talk about, do some researches on it and them construct a nice ebook in your own works, make sure you make it understandable and educative.

design a cover photo for your ebook. you can go to fiver and higher people to do it for you or you can go to design it on your own.

publish your ebook, place it on your blog and start making Money from it.

selling ads network is a little bit tricky to some people.

this process has to do with you as a blogger representing and promoting a company and their brand among your visitors.

you have to focus most of your discussions/articles on promoting the brand.

example of where you can see this is in sports or TV shows where some company brands are being promoted to viewers.

this method is gonna sound a little bit unrealistic for beginners who are just starting out there blogging career because we all know for you to be able to use  this method,

your website has to boast of at least 50,000 monthly unique visitors, being specific with your audience demographics,
social media presence and some other vital information that’s seems valuable about your website.

Another thing to put into consideration if you are interested in this monetization method is to find out about the laws that governs this method in your location relating to disclosure.

Creating A restricted membership forum

this method has to do with you creating a forum where people will have to pay before they can gain access to it.

this will work for you if you have a vital knowledge you believe people will pay to have,

you can create a discussion class on your website where people can be able to create an account and make payment before they can login to the forum.

another way you can achieve this if maybe you think your website cant have a sign up form or maybe you think it will be difficult creating a forum on your blog is by creating a group on telegram or whatsapp and then adding people to the group once they have made payment for it.

so all you have to do is advertice the forum on your blog, create a payment gateway on your blog, once any user pays,

you can ad the user to your group. you can go ahead and give it a try

Develop premium plug-ins or themes

Developing plugins or themes is one of the ways bloggers monetize there blogs.

if you have a good knowledge in programming, you can create a premium plugin (e.g wordpress plugin) or theme and advertise it on your blog so that viewers can purchase it.

This method might not be applicable to people that doesn’t have a good knowledge in programming.

but if you feel you will love to do this but you don’t have any knowledge in programming, you can head to fiverr and hire someone to build the plugins for you for a certain amount and then start selling it online to your viewers for a huge profit.

Start your coaching career

Starting a coaching career is so easy and straight forward, all you will need to do is to find a niche that you can be able to educate people on, charge people per hour or maybe per-day or weeks or months. i have seen health experts charge around $150 for a 45 minutes health coaching.

Personal coaching is one of the leading ways so many bloggers generate huge income every month.

All you will have to do is to make yourself noticeable. share some career stories about your self and make people trust you.

build your social media presence. you can go ahead and be advising people on what they can be doing to solve some of there problems.

all this people will be able to trust you and can pay for your exclusive coaching platform where you get to discuss personally with them on the challenges they face, why they are facing them as well as a possible solution to their challenges

you can be a relationship coach, health coach, fitness coach, financial freedom coach

Sell Online Courses
selling online courses is one of the top ways many people monetize there blogs.

This method focuses fully on you having a course you can teach on your blog. it can be a video course or an audio course.

one of the ways so many people make huge income through this method is by creating a video course and posting it on some of these popular course selling platforms.

the most popular out there is Udemy.

you can create a video course and have it advertise on udemy for you at no cost. all that happens is that udemy will take a little percentage(around 50%) per any sale you make which for me is still nice and acceptable.

All you will have to focus on is advertising this your course thats being advertised on udemy on your blog so that your readers can go there and take part in the course thereby generating you a reasonable amount of money.

Post your udemy course link on your website and encourage your reader to take this course, once they click on it, they will be redirected to udemy where they will make payment to take the course.

Incase you dont like the idea of taking your course on udemy, you can go ahead and have the course advertised on your blog and also have people take the course on your website

you can as well sell your courses on websites like or (they charge lower than others with just 20% charge on each sell) among host of other available platforms.

Charge for Social Media Shout outs
you can charge for your social media shout outs if you have a high volume of social media followers.

take for instance you have an account on facebook, twitter or instagram with over 50,000 followers or page likes,

you can create an awareness on your blog, letting people know about your huge social media presence as well as informing your viewers that you can promote there product or service on your social media handle for some bucks.

to achieve this you have to focus on improving your social media presence and engagements

That’s all for this post guys, if you have any question or suggestion, you can go ahead and share it in the comment section below.

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