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Rwsharinglike Review; Is Legit or a Scam?


Income programs are no longer an unusual phenomenon. They’ve been around for ages, and they’ll continue to evolve.

Pay to read news platforms were the first to gain massive popularity, before the advent of investment programs that promise to increase one’s investment magically.

2021 hasn’t gotten out of the first month, and it is already showing us that it has a unique offering. Now, we have income programs that pay you to perform tasks.

I’m not joking here; that’s perfectly true. We’ve seen this with Uwork, and it seems that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Welcome to my Rwsharinglike review. In this Rw sharinglike review, I’ll show you how this platform pays you to perform tasks and everything else you’ll ever want to know about

As of the time of writing this review, the information here corresponds with what is available on their website.

What is Rwsharinglike?

Rwsharinglike homepage is a new income program that pays members to complete some tasks on the website. These tasks usually include sharing posts to your social media handles but might not be limited to that.

Like its ancestors, Rw Sharing Like has a multi-level system for members. You can pay to upgrade your plans for increased earnings per task.

In this review, we will review all the available plans, their prices, and all you need to do to earn decent amounts of money on Rwsharinglike.

How does Rwsharinglike work?

There are many tasks which you can get paid for on Rwsharinglike. There is the Facebook share, YouTube like follow, and the TikTok Like follow.

In order to complete a task, you click on either of these three options and follow the instructions.

If you selected YouTube, you’ll need to subscribe to the channel and like the video, before proceeding to upload the screenshots as proof. For Facebook tasks, you’ll only need to like the page.

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How to earn on Rwsharinglike

Some YouTubers and Facebook users have already paid Rwsharinglike for the likes and subscriptions. Rwsharinglike, in turn, pays you to do these actions, and you get a fraction of the money.

What fraction of the money do you get exactly?

Recall that I said Rwsharinglike is a multi-level scheme. The commission you get for completing tasks is directly proportional to the level (or package) you’re signed into.

In the next section, we’ll review the available plans on this platform, their entry fees, and the commission gains.

Rwsharinglike Plans

Rwsharinglike plans

There are seven Rwsharinglike packages available at the moment. These packages all tout different registration fees that range from the free VIP0 plan to the premium N300,000 plan.

All the packages are quantitatively analyzed below.

  1. VIP0

Daily tasks limit: 2

Earnings per task: N50

Monthly earnings:  N3000

Subscription fee: Free!

  1. VIP1

Daily tasks limit:  3

Earnings per task: N50

Monthly earnings: N4500

Subscription fee: N3,000

  1. VIP2

Daily tasks limit: 5

Earnings per task: N100

Monthly earnings: N15,000

Subscription fee: N10,000

  1. VIP3

Daily tasks limit: 10

Earnings per task: N100

Monthly earnings: N30,000

Subscription fee: N20,000

  1. VIP4

Daily tasks limit: 20

Earnings per task: N200

Monthly earnings: N90,000

Subscription fee: N60,000

  1. VIP5

Daily tasks limit: 40

Earnings per task: N200

Monthly earnings: N180,000

Subscription fee: N120,000

  1. VIP6

Daily tasks limit: 100

Earnings per task: N300

Monthly earnings: N450,000

Subscription fee: N300,000

Rwsharinglike Referral bonus

If you have friends that are interested in online income programs, you can market Rwsharinglike to them and make 5% off their daily commissions for life.

Note that referrals are totally optional, and you’re not required to refer people to the platform.

You’ll be assigned a unique referral link once you’re signed in. You get referral bonuses on users that sign up using this link.

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How to register on Rwsharinglike

rwsharinglike registration

You can register and start completing tasks without an investment upfront, but there are also investments of various sizes if you can afford any.

Here is how to register for Rwsharinglike.

  1. Open the website ( in your browser.
  2. Click on “My,” at the bottom right corner of the screen and click “Register” at the bottom
  3. Input your details correctly and click “Register Now.” You can proceed to purchase a VIP plan afterward.

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Is Rwsharinglike Legit or a scam? | review

Rwsharinglike is a modest income program with a very respectable offering. It is not a high yield investment program, so I don’t expect it to crash so soon.

However, it will be wrong to declare the platform legit only on these grounds. There are a lot of other information to analyze about a platform before deciding on if it is a legitimate program.

Let’s go through this analysis.

  1. Age

The domain name, which the platform is hosted on was registered on the 19th of January 2020.

This implies that the platform is barely a week old, as at the time of writing this review. This is way too young and is a red flag for the platform.

  1. Owner or CEO

Despite a large but dismissible notice about an interview with their CEO, we actually couldn’t find any CEOs for Rwsharinglike. This doesn’t speak well of the platform, another red flag over there.

  1. Free membership

We appreciate sites that have free membership options, as that shows that they have a stable income generation strategy, and not only relying on members’ registration fees.

However, Rwsharinglike hasn’t been around for so long to pay anyone, so we can’t be so sure if the free or paid plans will actually generate revenue for members.

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Conclusion | Is Rwsharinglike a scam?

With my analysis of the program and the overall offering, my personal opinion is that this program is “safe.”

Note that this doesn’t mean we endorse the platform, and we’re not responsible for any losses incurred from your decision. So, we encourage our readers to trust their commonsense and sign up for whatever they feel is right.

What do you think about this platform?

Let us know in the comments.

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