Real Meaning Original history and What Happened on Easter Sunday


Real Meaning Original history and What Happened on Easter Sunday

              Easter Sunday
The resurrection of Jesus is a true facts of history that researchers had concurred in the face of infallible evidence. It is recorded that the account of prominent women who had been following the events of Jesus’ trials, condemnation and killing in the past three days, their report as eye witnesses of his death, burial and empty tomb, survived all of history’s great prosecutors.

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The love of those women for the lord did not wear out with his death as they had in mind to go and anoint his body, their intention was not without the fear of the like hood of an obstacle on their way, the big stone. God intervenes when a man is willing to serve him.

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He divinely provided for the rolling away of the stone to the women’s amazement so they could enter and see the empty tomb, if any man is willing to make himself available for Christ’s service without the fear of possible obstacle, the resurrection power is still available today to roll away any obstacle on his path. Go out today and declare that Jesus is rising Hallelujah.

Secondly,  Easter is also about the dead and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Easter Sunday it is called resurrection Sunday, it is a festival and holiday marked the resurrection of Jesus from the dead,  according to
New Testament as have happened on the third day after his burial following his crucifixion by Roman at Calvary C. 30 AD.

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It is a glorious Sunday special one, that got all Christian save, it is evident of grace for us.

Easter Sunday is the Celebration of the risen of Jesus from the tomb on the third day after his crucifixion.

Easter is the fulfilled prophecy of the Messiah who would be persecuted, die for our sins,  and rise on the third day.

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Easter Sunday is a great day that our most precious lord Jesus was risen from grave. It is a significant day to all Christian all over the World.

Jesus is the only man who dead and was risen up in the third day……

The reason why Jesus was send to the earth was to die for world and rise up as evidently of hope given by God through him.

Easter Sunday  have a great uniqueness than every Sunday in Christian calendar.

Jesus is the only one that die and risen in the third day, and later went up to heaven without dying.

History and memory

Easter Sunday is a triumphant  victory from death, the victory that saves all soul that have believe in the resurrection Jesus the son of God. The solely reason Our Lord Jesus was sent to the world, to die and save the soul that believe in him.

Is all about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and when Christ die at Calvary he said it is finish and when he resurrect he said it is finish although we can not say that the month precisely but the Roman church agree just to put in the month of April just as is birth is in the month of December because they Bible record that it is during the harmattan that why they choose December.

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And another things is this he ask the apostle wait in the upper room if he did not die we are not going to have the  holy spirit.


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