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Nairaloop Review; Is Nairaloop Investment Legit or a Scam


Investment programs are so abundant on the internet today. They all seek your money while promising very interesting returns on your investment.

While some investment programs can be highly profiting, others are hard to recommend and are created with the sole aim of defrauding.

On which side of the coin do we find Nairaloop, the legit side, or the not-so-legit. In this Nairaloop review, you’ll learn all you’ll ever need to know about this investment program. This article will answer most of your questions about the newly launched platform.


What is Nairaloop | Nairaloop Investment Review

Launched yesterday, Nairaloop investment is described by the creators as a “profitable investment app built to increase the financial level of our investors.”

From the above description, we understand that Nairaloop’s goal is to ensure that their investors get a financial status upgrade. They promise to trade for their investors while they all earn together.

This is not a new claim. We’ve seen many investment platforms make similar claims, but later end up crashing. For this reason, it is important to learn and understand how the program works, before trying to decide if Nairaloop is legit or a scam.

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How Nairaloop works

As Nairaloop isn’t the first of its kind, experienced online investors will understand Nairaloop’s offering at first glance.

But what about those without much knowledge about how investment programs like this work?

That’s exactly the basis of this section.

Nairaloop simply generates capital from investors, and use the generated revenue to trade forex and other online trading by experienced traders. The profit is then returned to the investors, as well as the original value.

Like many other crypto-based investment programs, Nairaloop has its own unique currency for the platform. This token is known as NLC, and I assume it stands for NairaLoop Coin.

That value of NLC is equal to the value of Naira. This implies that it takes about 400 NLC to make $1.

You don’t need to be worried about how to exchange your NLC, as Nairaloop promises to pay all its members in the widely accepted Naira, directly into their bank accounts. NLC can still be exchanged amongst members nonetheless.


How to earn on Nairaloop

Nairaloop, like many other income programs of its caliber, offers two packs, which are further divided into numerous packages. The returns you make from investing in Nairaloop depends on what investment package you signed up to.

In this section of this Naira loop review, I will be reviewing the packs and packages, so you can make a decent choice of the numerous options available on this platform.

Nairaloop Packs and Packages

Nairaloop offers two investment packs, the Gold Pack and the Diamond Pack. However, these are just parents for the numerous packages they offer. Let’s take a look at the packages and their advantages.

  1. Gold Pack

    1. First Package

The first package in the Gold Pack has a subscription fee of 5,000 NLC, which amounts to NGN5,000. The package runs for ten days after which you will be credited with NGN7,500.

That’s an interesting 50% return on investment.

  1. Second Package

The second package pegs its subscription fee at a steeper 10,000 NLC and runs for 12 days. It also offers a 50% return on investment and credits you with 15,000 NLC after the subscription duration.

  1. Third Package

The third package costs 20,000 NLC and runs for 15 days, with a 50% return on subscription investment. It pays a predictable 30,000 NLC after the subscription duration.

  1. Fourth Package

The fourth package is the ultimate package of the Gold Pack. It has the most expensive subscription cost, standing at 50,000 NLC. It also runs for 20 days, making it the longest-running investment package.

At the end of the subscription duration, you get credited with 75,000 NLC, which you can withdraw into your bank.

Tip: Want to go for the fourth package but want your money in ten days?

Simple, register for the first package ten times, making the total investment 50,000, with an expected profit of 25,000 in just 10 days.

In short, the time difference between the subscription length of the packages is a dull idea which I invented a workaround for without even thinking. Nairaloop could’ve found something better to tell the packages apart.

  1. Diamond Pack

    1. First package

The first package of the diamond pack has a 100,000 NLC subscription fee. The subscription runs for 14 days, after which 150,000 is credited to the investor.

  1. Second package

The second package has a steeper subscription fee, at 200,000 NLC, and runs for 25 days with the same percentage ROI. This means you get 300,000 NLC at the end of your subscription.

  1. Third package

The third package of the diamond pack is the ultimate package of the Nairaloop investment program. It is also the only package with a different ROI percentage.

While every other package pays a 50% ROI, this particular package pays 66%. Meaning, investors make a profit of 200,000 NLC, bringing their total cash to 500,000 NLC after investing 300,000 NLC.

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Nairaloop referral program

Buying plans and packages is the easiest way to earn on, but what if you have some friends and family to spam with some ugly links?

Yes, Nairaloop has a referral program that pays you 5% of the total investment fee of any referred investor. Cool right?


Is Nairaloop Legit or Scam?

Much has been said about Nairaloop, and it is now time to help you decide if Nairaloop is a legitimate program.

Here is some information about the platform that might help you decide.

  1. CEO of Nairaloop

Most people tend to ask about the management of an investment program before dropping their money, and it’s justifiable.

We couldn’t make findings to ascertain the CEO of Nairaloop, as their website kept returning errors as we try to access it. We’ll try to update this if the situation changes.

  1. Age

Nairaloop is still very young. In fact, it is the youngest I’ve reviewed.

This might be a red flag also, depending on how you see it.


Conclusion | Is Nairaloop a Scam?

Given the limited availability of information about the platform, it is hard to determine if the platform is legit or a scam. However, Nairaloop doesn’t appear to have perfected their plans yet, and investing now might not be a wise idea.

We’ll update this section to make a decision soon, share this post and drop what you think about Nairaloop.

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