Meaning How Principles What Civilians and Military government

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The meaning how principles what Civilians and military government.

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Civilian rule are the sets or classed people who either a man or a woman who are elected through individual votes, into position of power, with aim to develop and improve the standard and well living of all citizen.

The civilians rule personnel are called politician.
But military rule is by a coup or seizure of power by force from civilian government.


Civilian rule was define or stated by 16 president of America president Abraham Lincoln, that democracy is the government of the people, by the people and for the people, government of the people the citizen of a nation have the power and capability to chooses a leader through primary election,

who is going to represent their right at national and international level, government by the  people, people have the right to select governor, senator, president, mayor, minister, who is going to represent their rights.

Government for the people those who elected are expected to carry positive and quality result for the well being of citizen.

Civilians rule governed through constitution, rule of law, rule and regulation stated in document, a civilian rule can not carry out law or any reformed without proper examined and passed through necessary channel before it execution.

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Military rule required no document or rule of laws, It is govern through decree, direct order, and chooses whatever he want for it’s citizen, whether right or wrong.

Civil rule allow freedom of speech, protest, civil right all various types societal activities.

But military rule will never allow any or banned any societal activities.

Once a military personnel decree, the order is carry out immediately.

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A civilian rule grants it citizen a full authority to remove any leader who is unable to fulfill is task and duty.

Leader can be remove if he/she commit a misconduct or embezzlement of masses fund, and be punish for their misconduct, in year 2017 former south Korea dictator daughter, who was the present president of south Korea at that time was removed from office, because of her misconduct and she was put in jailed.

Civilians rule provided different types of people from various classes, education and leadership skills who can improved the well being of their citizen.

Military rule the citizen have no right or power to challenge their activities, or checked on how they manage the affair of a nation. If any citizen try to challenge them, either they were in prison, killed, torture.

A military leader can not be remove that easily.

Civilians government can be refers to as a government which member of the ruling council are elected through vote by the individual of a country.

It is refers to as democracy rule where by every thing guide it is free and fair,

Civilian rule is peaceful and fair, for example south Korea a country created in 1948, and it’s govern by a civilian, it economy have developed rapidly, it has good and standard education sector, it’s citizen have free movement, and it’s population has increase rapidly in the last seventy of it’s creation.

Not like it’s counterpart North Korea that under communist rule, limited freedom are granted to it’s citizen, poor and weak economy, there is no freedom of expression, once the citizen commit and offence against the communist , the citizen can be killed, in prison, and torture without any checked or law applied.

Military rule is harsh and aggressive, While civilian rule is simple and friendly. During the reign of Gen, Idi Amin Dada of Uganda it was recorded executed and killed 500,000 soul, whether they are wrong or not, a military Rule never follow any law, Except what he wanted, whether right or wrong.

A military rule have absolute power while civilians rule have limited and constitutional power.

During the time of president Sanni Abacha  military rule in Nigeria, majority of activists, state man, senator, former president, musician, military, and business tycoon who comment against is tyrant rule were in prison.

A military chooses to in prison whoever he likes, without checking, they were all later freed when president Sanni Abacha die in year 1998.

Democracy rule return back to Nigeria 1999, and were no cases killed, imprison, and Nigeria economy boom like never before and every where was peaceful under president Olusegun Obasanjo administration.

Civilians rule have limited time to stay in power, for either during of eight to ten year in power.

Military rule might stay in power for long time. Like Myanmar Gaddafi who disposed the royal regime of Libya in 1969 and become president from till his death in 2012.

USA have elected various types of presidents within those year.

A military regime loot public fund, civilian rule cannot looting with be checked or being jailed if found mismanaged of public fund. For example Myanmar Gaddafi was the richest man on earth before it’s death 2012, with the estimated of $200 billion, what he had looted between the duration of forty years.

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Benefit of civilian rule;

It allow freedom of speech.

It execution are Carry out through stated law not through decree.

People have the right to chooses the candidates through vote.


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