30 Unique Steps: How to start an apothecary store business

30 Unique Steps: How to start an apothecary store business | how to start a herbal medicine business | business plan, license, PDF of herbal product

Healthy is life, any thing concern healthy are quiet very important and cannot be taken with just any hand or anyhow without proper experience,

it needs solid education and proper training before you can start a apothecary store or herbal medicine business.

Each and every countries of the world have rules and regulations guiding apothecary or herbal operation,

I mean very strict rule once you are able to abide by this rule you can start your apothecary store without stress.

Apothecary store deals with anything concerning drugs, like selling of drugs, even drugs have is own rules on how to used them, it is not a petty job that you can just read one article online and start it,

it requires both offline and online training if you want to start herbal medicine business successfully.

In this article I will explains all processes needed, all requirements needed to start, open an apothecary store smoothly.

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How to start an apothecary store business | how to start a herbal medicine business | business plan, license, PDF of herbal product

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Know the Industry

Apothecary are those specialist who administer drug to surgeons, doctors, and patients, they also produce, sell medicine materials to doctors, surgeons, and patients.

They also offer medical advice or instructions to patients, they also produce a toiletries, beauty material and other consumable product.

It is a industry that deals with production, selling, description how drugs are used.

Carry out a solid Market Research

It is all gender that used to take drug and medicine, both young, old, female, male, adult, so it is a good business ideas for entrepreneur who wish to start apothecary business.

Apothecary are the one the produce drug or Medicine to hospital, clinic, chemist and health centre.

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Choose a Niche

Apothecary have no niche, it is a business that deals with drugs and they can also offer medical advice.

Apothecary stand like pharmaceutical industry that produce and sell drugs to various healthcare industry.

It is advisable to start from the scratch not to buy from franchise

It is advisable to start your business from the scratch, starting from the scratch is a best ideas, of cause all the existing apothecary businesses start from the scratch.

Drugs is business that its product and services are in high demand, also find a commercial centre to start your business, either you rent a shop, depend on your budget.

Choose a healthcare related name, or inspiration name for your Business

Find a healthcare related name for your business or inspiration name you have dreamt of for your business.

Name will also help customers find and identify your business, so find a good name that will serve as a recognition or Representation for your business.

Get Insurance Policies for your health business

Get Best insurance agent in the town to help you get solid best insurance for your business.

Insurance will help you in day you have financial crisis, insurance will serve as back up.

Startup Capital

Capital is the real fund that you will used to start up a business, is either you get a capital through your personal savings, or from investor and a loan from your families member.

Capital is life blood of a business, without capital you cannot start a business.

Choose a Location for your Business

Find a good Commercial centre for your business, you might rent shop, at a very commercial road side, or a store in a very location in urban centre.

A good center will a big part in success of your business.

Competition in the Industry

Competition in the business is very high, once you do the right thing, you will surely make ways in the business.

Business Plan

Business plan serve as a map structure on how your plans and strategy will be carry out successfully.

So write a solid business, it will serve as how, what are the necessary things to, studying of competitor, capital cost, location cost, drug cost, and all other aspect in the field apothecary store business.

Necessary Certification and Documentation for your business

Starting up of apothecary store will required a solid right document needed to start the business efficiently.

Even in Nigeria you can start apothecary store with proper documentation, the agency guiding health are very strict, apothecary store deals about health, not just any petty job, so get all necessary paper work for your business.

Service Delivery 

Deliver your service per customer instruction, or in your own unique ways, customer aids is very important,  once your service is unique you will surely make wave in the industry.

Create a solid Brand Awareness for your Business

Create a Brand awareness for your business, through social media, website, promotion of your product in city, opening a website, poster, banner, business card, some other means you can used to promote your business.


Proper research and understand rules and regulations guiding the apothecary store business.

Carry out a solid business plan mention early you shall surely make it in the business once you play your card well.

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