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By Jude

Small business Nigeria

Nigeria is a country blessed with both man resources and natural resources, and got various types of business opportunities that not yet noted by Nigerian youth, in this my post I will explain best and simple business an small entrepreneurs can venture into that required less capital as a starter.


Farming is one of the old form of business that ever existed since Nigeria was founded. It is a very lucrative business that required cultivation of land and planting of various crops that will eventually huge profit for those that wish to venture into the business, no human being can survive without food, farming is one of the option for and entrepreneurs who wish to venture into a small scale business that required less capital.

Dry cleaning job

Dry cleaning is of the business in Nigeria that required less capital or no capital at all. It is business that entrepreneurs get a shop or start the business at is home as beginner, it required washing of clothes of the customers and ironing them, and charged them small percent of money for the task. It is one of the simple job that those who find job opportunities can take up and start earning on daily bases.


Poultry is the rearing of various domestic animals like hen, cock, pig, fish and all other set of animals. It is a business that required capital as a starter that have huge amount of profit if the entrepreneurs is able to manage the business smoothly and efficiently. It is best business a young entrepreneurs can venture into.


It is a job creating new and beautiful clothes. If a young entrepreneurs want to venture into sewing business he / she needs to go for training in sewing school for about two year to learnt the skills required in creating new beautiful styles of dresses in Nigeria. Entrepreneurs can become independent and rent a shop buy sewing machine and commence with business activities.

Day care center

Day care center is lucrative business meant for a women who got no job at home, it is the taking care of young kid in infant age, whenever there parent are not around. It is business where the entrepreneurs earned daily. Rendered assistance to young infant children who their parent are not around.


Vlogging is one of the best online business which have high volume of income, it is lucrative business that need or required uploading of video google own channel you tube, it is open with a gmail account with the you tube and uploading of videos depend on the niche choosing by the entrepreneurs, once you tube requirement is met by getting 1000 subscribers and 4000 watchtime you are qualify to earn on you tube.


Blogging only few Nigerians knew how profitable and lucrative blogging business is,  blogging is one of the best online business that required hard work and high commitment for the job. Blogging is more like online book or e book where an individual search and browsed to find answer to their question,


Bakery is one of the best business that need less capital as a start up, the it is a business that involves using of flour in different form, an entrepreneurs need to go few month training on how bake and steps involves skills require to be successful baker. It is best business for an entrepreneurs wish to venture into the business.

Restaurant business

Restaurant business is secular and most best business entrepreneurs wish to venture to. It is a business involves in selling of various type of cooked and well prepared food to the customer. It is a business that require brand and set of standard in Nigeria.

Cat fishing business.

It is a best lucrative business in Nigeria, a entrepreneurs needs set aside capital, suitable land, stable water supply for the smooth running of cat fish business in Nigeria. It is a profitable business in Nigeria.

Hosing agent

It is business between the landlord and housing agent, when by the landlord will hand over his house to a housing agent, the housing agent will serve as a care taking, and through care taking job a housing agent can making alot of money from the business.

Importation cloth

Importation of cloth is most excellent profitable business in Nigeria. If an entrepreneur got a huge amount of capital he/she can venture in to the business. It is process where the entrepreneur buy various types of clothes from oversea countries, and later sell them on huge amount of profit in Nigeria.

Recharge card business

It is a nice and flexible business that the entrepreneur need to get necessary materials for the business, and the entrepreneur needs to negotiate with the recharge seller in is locality. Because no mobile phone can function well without recharge card. It good and lucrative business in Nigeria.

Waste management

Waste management it is job that require entrepreneur get a pick up truck, and go to house to house to pick up refuse and certain amount set for customers for pick up their refuse.

Training center

Training center tutoring of various individuals in various field, like computer center, ijmb center, lesson coaching center. It is a job to produce or impact knowledge to the learner for good and betterment development in the society.

Computer centre business

Computer business is a fast and simple business in Nigeria, an entrepreneurs need good and portable computer or laptop, printer, and photocopy machine. It required typing of various document, photocopying of document, internet browsing and various others. And also training an individuals into a computer literate.

Tomato business

Tomato business is a simple and that required less capital, it is product which demanded by all Nigerian on daily basis. An entrepreneur needs to get a good centre in is environment or area. It help and draw customer to the attention of the business. It is a business that it is easy to venture to.

Gym business

Gym business it is a business that required suitable capital for the smooth running of the business. It needs the entrepreneur acquired necessary equipment  for business. It is business based different form of exercises.

Car wash business

Car wash business in Nigeria it is a business that required washing of car. Find a commercial center in your area that will attract customers to your car wash center.

POS business

Pos business it is simple business in Nigeria today that anyone who wish to venture into. Pos service rendered those that never have much time to go to bank. Rendered smooth and fast service to an individuals. Rendering pay cash transfer to your customer, the entrepreneurs will earn a certain amount in return for the service.

Phone accessory business

Phone accessory business it is a business that need a capital  N30, 00 to N40, 000 to set up the business properly in Nigeria. An individual who wish to start the business needs to rent a shop or start from home.

Phone repairer business

It is a business that need intensive training first on how to repair phone before you can start the business. At any fucking time our phone might get damaged and needs to be taken to phone clinic. It is a small simple business for young Nigeria looking for small and business opportunities.

Egg distribution

Every house hold majorities feed on egg, egg it is one of the best business a young Nigerian can start. Either you rear the hen yourself or get the egg from near by poultry in your area. Egg business is profitable and fasting growing business in Nigeria.

Liquid soap business

Soap production locally soap production it is a business any Nigeria youth can start, it required less capital, because soap is one of house essential need. And the best part of business is that the soap can be produced locally.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate market it is one of the best online business not yet notice by most Nigerian youth. It is either the entrepreneurs registered with affiliation companies, like amazon, click bank, jumia store, by selling their product through you, the person will earned a little commission from the product that was sold out.

Social media marketing

Social media is a powerful business tools of all time. Various types of business can be done of facebook, twitter, whatsapp and so many other businesses.

Website Design and Maintenance

Website design it is online creating and opening of a online site by a specialist based on web designing. A web site is been used  by big organisation, universities, non governmental organisation, banks, private companies. It is a best lucrative business an individual Can start in Nigeria.

Call Card Business

Call card business it is the selling of call card, because a mobile phone cannot function well without card, it is a business that required less capital as a starter.

Film Production Business

Nigeria is the largest film producer in the world.


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