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LikeEarn review; Is Legit or a scam?


The pay to read income programs craze is slowly but finally dying down, it is now gradually being replaced by another kind of online income programs.

These new income programs pay you based on specific activities carried out on the platform, and over time, they’re proving to be more reliable and trustworthy than the traditional pay-to-read news platforms.

We had Insme and Uwork, and here is another, Likeearn. Welcome to my Likeearn review. In this article, I will analyze the Likeearn income program, give reasonable information that will help you decide if Likeearn is legitimate, or just another scam.

What is Likeearn? | Likeearn review


Likeearn is an income program for Instagram users. Likeearn pays you to follow Instagram profiles and like Instagram posts.

Let’s be honest, Instagram is a fun place to be, but it consumes data. Facebook doesn’t pay us for using Instagram, and if an income program is ready to compensate for our dedication to the platform, it’s welcome.

Likeearn has numerous packages, and you earn based on the package you’re signed in on. Likeearn has a uniqueness, however; it has a free plan.

Almost all income programs released last year will require you to pay a little amount of money to sign up. In the case of Likeearn however, you can choose to start up for free. What’s more, you still get a registration bonus for signing up for free!

Even if Likeearn fails every other test in this Likeearn review, it is worth commending for the option of a free plan. Note that there are paid plans on Likeearn too, you just get the opportunity to start up for free.

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How Likeearn works

Before joining, it is important that you have adequate knowledge of how Likeearn works. Misinformation can lead to frustration, as you end up having to carry out tasks you didn’t envisage, just to earn.

As introduced above, Likeearn pays you to like and follow Instagram posts and profiles. There are also packages on the platform, so you earn based on the package you’re signed in onto.

In this part of the review, you’ll learn every activity that lets you earn om Likeearn, as well as the different packages available.

How to earn on Likeearn | packages

likeearn registration

There are six Likeearn packages, all with different registration amounts, as well as varying commissions on every task accomplished. The packages are listed below.

  1. VIP 1

The VIP 1 package is the base package on Likeearn. You get NGN100 sign up bonus instantly once you sign up onto this package, and you also earn NGN100 each for completing missions on this plan.

The biggest advantage of this plan is its registration fee; it’s totally free to join!

  1. VIP 2

The VIP 2 registration fee, termed subscription fee is mind-blowing. For an income program with a free basic plan, one wouldn’t expect the cheapest plan to be as expensive as N16,000; and that’s only for 30 days!

If you’ll like to subscribe to VIP 2 for 60 days, the subscription fee becomes N24,000. For the longest subscription period, you’ll have to keep N32,000 only for the subscription.

However, you get a more generous N200 commission per mission, which is twice that of the VIP 1 package.

  1. VIP 3

The VIP 3 is more expensive than the VIP 2, with a 30-day subscription amount of N32,000. This amount can go up to N48,000 and N64,000 for the 60-days and 90-days subscriptions respectively.

For every mission completed in the VIP 3 membership level, a member gets N320 commission.

  1. VIP 4

The VIP 4 subscription fee starts at a whopping N80,000 for the 30-day plan. The 60-day plan costs N120,000 and the 90-day plan costs N160,000. The commission for missions completed on this plan is pegged at N500.

  1. VIP 5

The VIP 5 plan is a level below the ultimate plan on the income program. The registration fee for this plan starts at N240,000, and the 30-day and 60-day plans are N360,000 and N480,000 respectively.

The mission completion commission is only second to the VIP 6’s, as you earn N800 for every missions completed which signed in on this plan.

  1. VIP 6

The VIP 6 is obviously the ultimate package on the platform. The 30-days subscription fee is pegged at N480,000, which increases to N720,000 for the 60-days subscription. The ultimate subscription, which is the 90 days VIP 6 subscription at N960,000.

The commission per mission completed is second to none, at a whopping N1,200 on this package. However, I doubt if anyone would invest N960,000 on a platform for liking Instagram posts.

How to register for Likeearn

Signing up for Likeearn is a simple and straightforward process, and you don’t need to chat up any merchants for any coupon codes. Here are the steps required to register for Likeearn.

  1. Open the website at and click on Register
  2. Fill in the required information and proceed to submit the form. Verify your email and phone number if required.
  3. Login and fund your account with enough money to sign up for your preferred package. If you chose the free package, you don’t need to fund your account at all.

You’re signed up!

Is Likeearn Legit or a Scam | Likeearn review

Much has been said about Likeearn, and how it works. The next is to try to determine if Likeearn is legitimate or a scam.

While I won’t be pronouncing the platform as either legitimate or scam, I will be giving you enough information needed for you to make a sane decision about the platform.

Here are some things you should know about Likeearn before dropping your hard-earned money to sign up for a plan.

  1. Age

Likeearn is very young. The domain name was purchased on the 12th of December 2020, making the program a little over one month.

Ideally, we like income programs to be over two months, paying multiple members in that timeframe.

  1. Management

Income programs with known and verified owners and CEOs and generally more trusted than those without.

Stop asking: “who is the founder, or CEO of Likeearn?”

I guess we’ll never know.

  1. Free plan

When last did I come across an income program with a free plan?

That was a long time ago.

Generally, free plans show that the income program isn’t reliant on the investor’s registration fees, and they generate income from their business model too.

This is a massive green flag for Likeearn.

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Conclusion | Is Likeearn a scam?

Does it even matter?

Sign up for a free plan and amass some revenue, and come back here to let us know if you were paid or not.

I have two pieces of advice for you pertaining to this income program: “invest in the free plan first,” and “do not invest more than you can afford.”

We’ll love to have your opinions about Likeearn in the comments section, share the post.

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