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Ivconnects Review; Is Ivconnects Legit or a Scam?


Pay to read news platforms.

No doubt, that’s the new 2020 trend that isn’t dying anytime soon. We have lots of them already, but there’s another, gaining momentum, and going by the name: Ivconnects concept.

Today, I’ll be reviewing a popular income program: Ivconnects concept. In this Ivconnects review, you’ll learn all you need to understand the platform and how it works, so you can make intelligent investment decisions individually.

While this article is not written to fame or defame this platform, it will answer all questions you might have about Ivconnects, leaving you to judge if Ivconnects is legitimate or a total scam.

Without further ado, let’s get into the review and analysis.

What is Ivconnects?

ivconnects homepage

Ivconnects concept introduces itself as a social media platform that helps students, young entrepreneurs and elites generate income from advertisement industries, thereby creating investment opportunities.

This seems like an interesting introduction, but as the saying goes, “do not judge a book by its cover.” The business model might make sense to you from the onset, potentially leading you to invest in a headless income program.

To avoid this, it is important that you read this whole article carefully, learn how the business works, and what they require you to do to earn, see our suggestions, and make your final decision.

Let’s quickly get through it.

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How Ivconnects works | How to earn on Ivconnects

The main motive of Ivconnect is to generate income for its members. Every activity on the platform is geared towards earning points, which are in turn converted to Naira and paid into your bank account.

Note that everything in this section is based on the information from the website. I have not personally signed up for this platform to determine its authenticity. This information is just for analysis purposes, and you’re to be the sole judge.


  1. Registration Bonus

You get a bonus of 1,000 points once you sign up, and activate your Ivconnects concept account. There is no clear definition of what a point is worth, making it difficult to analyze this.

  1. Affiliate commission

Amongst pay-to-read income sites, Ivconnects pays the highest affiliate commission by percentage. When you invite someone to Ivconnects, you earn 71% of your invitees’ registration fee, which amounts to NGN1,200.

Inviting others to the platform is totally optional, and you can withdraw your earnings without ever referring anyone.

  1. Reading news

Ivconnects pays you $5 for every news article you read from Ivconnects. Ivconnects updates its website regularly with educational and entertaining material; making it easier for you, as a member to find news articles to read.

  1. Login bonus

Just like most other income programs, you get a daily login bonus on Ivconnects by just logging into your account. The login bonus is 150 points and is only redeemable once per day.

  1. Commenting

Who likes to write long comments on Facebook without getting paid for it?

Don’t do that anymore; channel all those energies into the Ivconnect concept instead. Ivconnects pay 10 points for every reasonable comment dropped on the platform.

  1. Sponsored posts

Ivconnects provides daily sponsored posts that all members are expected to share on their Facebook feeds. You get 100 points once you share a sponsored post to your feed, and you can earn this for every day you log into Ivconnects.

  1. Testimony bonus

Once you’re paid by Ivconnects, you have the opportunity to get additional NGN500 airtime of any network from the platform. You just have to post your alert testimony with a nice caption on the platform’s official Facebook group.


How to register for Ivconnects

Before you can be allowed to reap all the benefits has to offer, you have to be a registered member.

ivconnects register

Registration costs NGN1,700, and you get a bonus of 1,000 points immediately after registration. Here are the steps required to sign up for Ivconnects.

  1. Open the Ivconnects official website (
  2. At the top menu, click on the “Buy coupon code” option and proceed to purchase a coupon code. A coupon code costs NGN1,700, and there are a number of verified merchants that you can purchase from.
  3. Open the registration page by clicking “Register” at the top menu.
  4. At the top of the form, click or tap on the “Click here to enter your code” next to the “Have a coupon?” Announcement.
  5. Enter the code you got from the coupon vendor and click on “Apply Coupon.” The outstanding charges on the form should be cleared.
  6. Enter the required details to complete your registration and start earning.

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Is Ivconnects Legit or a Scam?

This is no doubt the most searched question about the income program. People want honest expert opinions on the matter, but that’s not all you need to make your decision.

You should review the program’s offering and think about its sustainability in the long run. Here, I’ll give you every piece of information you need to review Ivconnects’ offering.

  1. Age

Ivconnects is a little above 6 months old. This isn’t too young for the platform, given that most income programs tend to crash even before the third month.

  1. Management

People tend to ask: “who is the founder of Ivconnects?”

This information is vital, as we need who to apprehend in case something goes wrong. This information is missing from the website, sadly enough. This is a red flag for

  1. Social media presence

Are the pioneers of Ivconnects active on social media?

That is another question most skeptics tend to ask, and the reason behind that is understandable. Fortunately, Ivconnects has a vibrant Facebook group that shows that the platform is still alive.


Conclusion | Is Ivconnects a scam?

Ivconnects has a simple goal, backed up with a simple website, and requires you to perform simple tasks to earn simple money.

Given their straightforward business model, we don’t expect them to crash so soon, but as we all know, you can never tell with income programs.

Do you think Ivconnects is legit or a scam?

Let’s know your opinions in the comments.

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