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HPIncome Review; Is HP Income Legit or a Scam?


Forex investment platforms are all over the web now, and cryptocurrency have always been a center of attraction on the web. The almighty crypto technology is powering hundreds of investment programs now, and HPIncome is one of them.

HPIncome is another platform that promises attractive return on investment for investors, promising to invest their capital into forex and cryptocurrency trading. After a certain period of time determined by the investment plan, investors get back their capital, along with the agreed profits.

This is actually a cool offering, but there’s a problem. Hundreds of other programs promised exactly the same thing, but crashed sooner or later. Will HPIncome be sustainable?

Is HPIncome a scam?

In this HPIncome review, you’ll learn everything you’ll ever need to know about HP-Income. Stick with me and let’s get started.


What is HPIncome?

hpincome homepage

I’ve said a lot about HP-Income in the introduction, but we can still expatiate on that over here.

HPIncome claims to be growing money. It is marketed as a revolutionary money-making platform where you invest your capital and sit back for a predefined number of days, while your money is invested in a variety of programs.

At the end of your investment term, you get back your capital, as well as the accrued interests. This concept makes it look a lot like HPIncome is actually growing your money.

Remember how to grow a plant; you have to sow a seed, water it, and watch it grow. In the case of HPIncome, you sow the seed, HPIcome waters it, and you watch it grow.

Isn’t that clever?


How HPIncome works

HPIncome, like a few other investment programs available, has different plans and packages, differentiated by their costs of entry, incubation period, and return on investment percentages.

Before investing your money, you should have a clear understanding of how HP Income works, and this is exactly what this section is set to teach you.


How to Earn on HPIncome

HPIncome has made it totally effortless to earn on the platform. The only thing you need to earn on HPIncome is to buy a plan, sit from the comfort of your room and check your income grow from your mobile phone or laptop.

One question might surface here: “what are the plans on HPIncome.” In this section, I’ll review the plans on HPIncome, so you’ll choose the one that best suits you.

HPIncome Plans


The Basic Plan accepts investment deposits anywhere from NGN1,000 to NGN4,000, and the plan runs for seven days. On completion, the investor gets a 30% return of investment, along with the invested amount.


The Premium Plan is a little more premium, accepting only deposits from NGN5,000 to as high as NGN10,000. The investment is left to grow for 14 days and the investor earns 40% return on investment at the end of the plan.


The Platinum Plan is for the patient ones, who want the fattest bones, as it grows your investment for at least 90 days before the plan comes to an end.

However, it pays a whopping 180% return on investment, which means you get a NGN19,000 profit when you invest NGN10,000. But that’s if you can wait, and if this is legitimate, it is actually worth the wait.


HPIncome Registration | How to register for HPIncome

hpincome registration

HPIncome has no registration fees. You only have to pay for your preferred plan after you’ve concluded the signup. Here’s how to sign up for HP Income.

  1. Open the homepage at and click REGISTER.
  2. Enter the required details, including your email address and your phone number and proceed with the registration.
  3. You’ll receive a verification code to your email address, copy the code and paste it in the box already prepared for the code.


You’ve successfully registered for HPIncome. Now choose an investment plan to start earning.


Is HPIncome Legit or Scam | HPIcome Review

One of the biggest issues with similar income programs is the high rate of scam occurrence. Before investing in any program, it is crucial to know if the income program is legitimate, or just a cheap scam.

In this section, we’ll review HPIncome’s offering, and you’ll determine if HPIncome is legitimate, or just another pyramid scheme.

  1. Age

The website: is under the subdomain. It was registered on July 23rd 2020. Comparatively, HP Income isn’t a young income program.

Young income programs are those less than two months, and HPIncome doesn’t seem to fall into that subset.

  1. CEO of HPIncome

At the moment, we could not find any information about the CEO or founder of this platform. While we’ve seen many legit income programs without a listed CEO, having a CEO listed on the site gives some degree of extra confidence.

  1. Domain

What legit website is hosted under a subdomain?

We forgave you for using the ultra-cheap, anger-inducing “” domain extension, and all you could do to pacify us was slapping another website onto it as a subdomain.

Heck, who wants to type every time they need to see how much they’ve earned?


Conclusion | Is HPIncome a scam?

We’ve not verified if HPIncome is actually legit or a scam, and therefore, it’s left to you to decide if you should sign up or not.

If you’ll like a suggestion, I’ll say the offering looks suspicious.

But don’t forget: “only invest what you can afford to lose.”

Thanks for reading.

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