How to Write a Group Home Business Plan Sample Template

How to Write a Group Home Business Plan Sample Template

Are you looking for method to write a solid group home business plan sample template, group home business it is a business that deals with taking care of less privileged sets of human being,

Their some sets of human being that they can take good care of themselves that why need a service of group home.

So are you thinking of start or open a group home business but you do not know how to prepare the business plan template of group home business,

all the full details will be explain in this article how or free sample business plan for youth group home.

Group home business is not for only elder person only but an individuals who can take care or they are less privileged.

So in this post I will explains all necessary details needed to write a group home business plan pdf or personal care home business plan.

How to Write a Group Home Business Plan Sample Template | sample residential care home business plan

Reasons for starting a Group home business

Reason for starting a group home business is that to make money as an entrepreneur and cater for those who are in need or those that cannot cater for themselves.

It is a special business that deals with nursing of an individuals who can not handle themselves.

Offer your services by taking good care of them.

The group home industry insight

Group home industry is a big industry that have nearly 24,000 businesses registered in United State of America, it is a industry that cater for an individuals with disabilities, chronic illness, mental issue etc.

It is a industry that generate nearly 135 billion annually, it is business that cater for those with special need and have about 1.5 Million employees in United State of America.

It is a industry that offer the service of nursing home to those that need special treatment.

It is a industry that deals with teaching those with special needs, training, feeding them, playing with them etc.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a group home business

BUSINESS NAME: Tescom group home located in mandate Ilorin, Kwara state.

Executive Conclusion

Tescom group home located in mandate Ilorin, Kwara state it is a well established organisation that offering various types of nursing home services to both those who have various disabilities or the elderly individuals.

Our facilities have good accommodating space and all important equipment to handle the business efficiently and successfully.

Our business set up will attract and draw potential customers to our business. Our group home organization will the best in Kwara state.

Our Products and Services

Tescom group home business located in mandate Ilorin, Kwara state promise to offer best and excellent service to their potential customers, provide all necessary materials for their clients,

We promise to offer the services to our customers with sincerity and with our whole heart.

Our Mission and Vision Statement

Our mission and vision statement to make Tescom group home the best in Nigeria, we have great mission and plan to make Tescom nursing number in the whole Nigeria or whole Africa at large.

Our Business Structure

Our business structure to is employ competent workers for our business and well trained and experience nursing for Tescom group home business located in Kwara state Nigeria.

Those that will employ for our business will be well qualified nurses, and we promise to offer best service to our customers.

Market Analysis Target Market

Our target market are people with disabilities, or chronic disease that stop them to perform their daily activities, and also elderly set of people, who old age is stopping them to perform some activities by them selves.

We tends to get customer for our group home not only from Nigeria but Africa at large.

Publicity and Advertising Strategy

We promise to promote our Business through right channel like opening a website, business, advertise on radio station, business card, billboard, etc.

Payment Options

Tescom group home located in mandate Ilorin, Kwara state.  Tescom business accept various method of payment from our customers.

These are various method of payment we accept from our customers Point of Sale Machines (POS Machine) Payment via bank draft Payment via mobile money Payment via bank transfer Payment with cash Payment via online bank transfer Payment via check Payment via.

Our pricing strategy

Our pricing with affordable, and will be attractive to our customers, it will not go beyond our competitors pricing, the price will be good and easy to get our nursing home service.

Getting Funds/Startup Capital for Tescom group home business

Tescom group home business tend to get is start up capital for our business from personal savings and also soft loans from banks etc.


So, prepared your group home business plan with strength and determination, you shall surely make wave in the business, carry out necessary and strong research to excel in the business.

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