How to start fishing business in Nigeria.

How to start fishing business in Nigeria.

Fishing business in Nigeria is grow up and expanding every day. Million of tons of fish are produced yearly in Nigeria. It is one of simple business in Nigeria that required less capital. There are sets of research that need to before carry out before ventured into the business.

I. Founding of a good location suitable for business.

II. Cost for running the business.

III. Sources of good water supply.

IV. Building of Ponding.

V. Nursing of the fish into adult.

VI. Harvesting of the fish.

I. Founding of a good location suitable for business it processes where by the person that want to venture into the business will look for land or a space that will be good enough for the business and the well being of the fish or their health. A adequate space that will accommodated the fish, a land that can or that is large enough to sustained two to three ponds of fish. Land is one of the essential part that business grow on, because it is a free gift of nature. Land cannot be created by any man it is natural resource that we met on earth. For a business to grow good land or location is essential.

II. Cost for running the business for business fishing to be successful in Nigeria there a certain amount of capital or money set aside to run the business successfully, because capital is the life wire of a business, a tangible amount of money need to be set aside for the smooth running of the business. The amount of capital set aside or spent on the business will determined the profit that will later be earned. There must enough fund to catering their feedings, if the entrepreneur need a good positive result at the end of six month. It is a business the required maximum capital.

III. Sources of good water supply the oxygen of human being his air, it is life wire of all human being, while the oxygen of fish is water no fish can succeed without water, for the entrepreneur to be achieved his aim and objective there must stainable sources of water for the running of fish poultry. There be a stainable or running water in the fish farm, is either the entrepreneur will digging a well, borehole, tap water, once there availability of water the entrepreneur is good to go.

IV. Building of Ponding a pond it is the digging of ground in form of suck away that serve as temporary home and shelter for the fish. It depend on capital the entrepreneur set aside for the fish poultry will determined the amount of pond that will be prepared as a starter. Three to two pond may be prepared as starter for the entrepreneur.

V. Nursing of the fish with good and quality food it is a processed where by the entrepreneur with estimated and aside enough fund for the feeding of the fish. If the fishes were properly feed with quality food their growth with rapid and very fast, the entrepreneur will be able to earned positively from his hard work. Good feeding with produced a positive result and high income for the entrepreneur at the end of the day.

VI. Harvesting of the fish if the fishes were properly taking care of, and were proper feed with quality, they should be available for sellout at the end of six month.


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