How to start a fashion Designer Business in Nigeria

How to start a fashion Designer Business in Nigeria

fashion designer business in Nigeria is one of the best lucrative business in Nigeria you start with with no stress. it is not a business you start by reading some posts online internet, but by go up for physical training for some month or year.

Fashion designer business is one of profitable business you can start successfully in Nigeria without stress.

so cloth is essential in human being life, this post will enlighten you how to start fashion designer business in Nigeria successfully.

1. Find a good unique business name

This content is going to enlighten you on how to start a fashion Designer business in Nigeria.

First foremost is to get a good business name for the start up of fashion designer business in nigeria, business name is very very important and your business name must not include your name. It might be your daddy name, pet name or just a name you come up with.

How much does it cost to start a fashion business in Nigeria 

Alot of people ask how fashion name can be coin that is something that is personal to you.

Figure out what you want to use as a your fashion name and it is so important to register the name with CAC office that is closer to you or hired a lawyer for all the procedure of registration and the advantage of doing these is that

it will prevent tailor association for coming to your shop or fashion studio to ask you question, or ask you to join their association, because they have this association.

And since I started my fashion designer  business no one have ever come to shop to disturb me. It is very important to register your business with the government.

2. What is your niche or market 

The number two things you need to think about is figure out what your market, what types of people you wish to walk into your market.

What type of Fashion designer are mine, I mine a female designer brand, or I mine a female or children designer. You may wish to combined women, adult, and children as well.

What ever is it you want to do, you have to figure out your target market, what age are you looking at, if you are looking at mummy, you know the types of fashion that will attract them, if you are for younger ladies you will know the types of fashion you will be putting out their for them.

So you are going to figure out if it is a working ladies or stay at home mums, do you want to dive yeah, it is necessary to figure out the types of people you want in your market. so fashion designer business is one of the most best small scale business you can start in Nigeria.

3. Getting tailors

These are the things you need to look out for while getting a tailor, you need to figure out if you want her to be cutting clothes or just sewing only. You are going to figure out that on your own.

4. Learn how to sew

This is very important, because have heard for example of when a tailor get up and never show up the next day, unfortunately this are the things we see in our industry.

If you are depending 100 percent on a tailor, your business is going to failed.

It is not advisable to go into the Business that you know nothing about, so that if the hired tailor leaves you are going to take that cloth and sew or make it yourself.

Really that it so do not start a business that you do not know anything about.

You have to go to fashion Designer school, if you have not attended one, unfortunate no school will teaches you everything about fashion,

but think about this all the cloth in the world female,  all female cloth in the world get a patterns, body patterns, a slip block, those are the things you need, and your creativity will have to play a part in all these things.

5. Feed your mind with styles

How to developed your creativity you have to go online, you have to look for a model, someone that will you have to look for a model,

someone that will model your career On how to start and run successful fashion designer business in Nigeria.

And look for someone that will inspired you and mentor. And then try to recreate styles on your own.

To learn how to do one or two things. You are going to learn on the job, you are not perfect, but you have to learn more.

And try to Attend Perdiocally go for course on fashion designer that will improve your skills.


6. Location

Where do you want to stay, now people’s say location does not matter, I beg to dive it does matter if you are in a wrong location and charging so much,

it will take you a longer time to get your client, it will take you a longer time to get your target market, so you are to figure out where am going to be, some people started from their home, if your home is located at good business centre or any place or start your fashion designer businessfrom where you are.

For example I started the business my fashion designer business from living room,

I started Fashion designer  in my house, so I started sewing for my friend, for their friends, church members, if you go to church, mosque, you need just to socialized out there.

Start The fashion designer business by sewing for the people that you know. If you do not have money to look for a store, you have to start from where you are.

7. Machine  type

It is necessary for you to know the suitable machine for the environment you are, if there is stable power supply you are to get electric sewing machine.

But if there is shortage power supply you are to get mannual sewing machine for the For fashion designer Business. You need various other material that are not mention here.

8. Mannequin

The mannequin is very very important, if someone walk into your store and see the mannequin with your design on it, it going to give the sense that she perfectly know what she is doing.

so to start up a Fashion Designer you to learn the skills manually before you can Start fashion designer business in Nigeria.

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