How to Sell Crystals and Make Money from the Business

How to Sell Crystals and Make Money from the Business | How to make money with Crystals

Crystal are precious and rarest stone on earth, that it is profitable when you sell them and provide you  good standard of living,

you will not only focus on crystal alone but add more gemstone to your business. It is business that deals with selling natural mineral stone that of great value in the society.

There some things you need to do if you want to start up and succeed in crystal business, it requires capital, capital is a back up or fund used to run and manage the business, it is very very important,

you need a good location where your target market reside, you need a solid business plan if you truly want to make progress in the business,

Business plan contains various plan that need to be carry in steps by steps in the business, you to get positive insurance for your business,

insurance will serve as back up for you in the day of financial crisis, and get necessary documentations and license and permit for your business.

And creating brand awareness for your business through various channels like facebook, twitter, open a website, promote them on television stations etc.

If you are looking for various answer in for the following topic it will well answer in the very post, question like how to sell crystals on instagram, How to sell crystals on Etsy,

where to sell crystals near me,  do you need a license to sell a crystals, best place to sell crystals online, where to buy wholesale crystals, where can I sell quartz, how to make money with crystals.

In this post I will explains all necessary steps needed to sell crystals and make money easily.

How to Sell Crystals and Make Money from the Business | How to make money with Crystals

Steps to Start Selling Crystals for a Living

Steps to start selling crystal need you to learn how the business is done, you do not need a high school certificate to start crystal business but it required you to get some certain skills which will help you handle the business very well.

Precious stone or gemstone are needed to be handle with extremely careful hands, learn precious Stone are handle and where and how they are keep properly, another things you need to learn how or where you will get your precious stone, are you going to be buying a raw precious stone or already made precious stone.

What are the steps and procedure to follow to be able to sell your precious stone at home or what are the things you needed to sell your gems online, so you need proper training before you can start the business.

10 Unique Common Crystals to Sell to Make Money


It is common crystal that is very available in the society, it quite very common and have variety of colors, it is easily to be find, it is one of the best crystal you can start selling and make a lot of cash.


Malachite is one of the best crystal in town, that you can sell and make cash from the business, it is dark green crystal, a raw and original crystal that you can sell today and make a lot of cash from the business.


It is one of the crystal that is associated with malachite crystal, a blue Azurite, it is one of the best and profitable crystal you can start selling today, azurite is a rare and unique crystal available in the society.


It is one of the rarest crystal on earth, which is yellowish in color, extremely rarest crystal, it is one of the crystal people are like looking for, it is very rare and not common, so you dive into the business and find Citrine and sell it to your consumers.


Rhodochrosite is one of the rarest crystal on the that only be found in two countries in the world South Africa and Argentina, it is a pink, rose colour crystal, that can fetch big cash and income, if you start the business today Willingly.


Garnets it is a crystal that is rich or it is a quality crystal that you can found in town today, it is one of variety of crystal that you can start selling today and make a lot of cash, so gather up enough fund and start the business.

Pyrite (Fools Gold)

Pyrite it is a best crystal in town today, it is a crystal that quite very unique and can be found only in Spain and Illinois in United State of America, the crystal have various types of rich minerals resources.


Celestite is a special crystal that can be found mainly in Madagascar, it is unique and light yellow in color, the crystal is classic.


Amethyst it is one of the rarest crystal that was found in 18th century in Brazil and Uruguay, it is one of costly stone that is level up with various types of precious stone like diamond and gemstone etc.

The mineral resources is also available in South Africa and Namibia, it is Quality stone, and best of all precious stone and can be found in the rarest location on earth.


Fluorite is one of the best and rarest stone that is available in different coloured, it is a good type of crystals, sell them and start making raw cash.

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