20 Steps: How to Start a Hotel Business With No Money

20  Steps: How to Start a Hotel Business With No Money | How to Run  Hotel Business Successfully

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Hotel is well equipped building utilize to accommodate various guests, it is well structure building that an individuals can rent for certain amount of hours,

it is place where they can meet their guest, or set an appointment, a place where they can rest, relax, eat various delicious food and sleep conveniently.

Are you wondering what are the steps you needs to follow if you wish to start a hotel business with no money, hotel business is a lucrative business ideas that generate you million as a entrepreneur if you get a good commercial centre for your business and invest massively in the business.

How to start a hotel business with no money is simple but it required a lot of hard work, positive research and powerful commitment,  enough capital, run a solid business plan all other steps that will be mention in this post.

There are various factors to consider when starting a hotel business, do not rush into the business without conducting proper market research about hotel business, because the business demand a lot of things.

There also a unique method you can also used to start a hotel business in uk and how to run a hotel business successfully, hotel business generate billion of dollar on yearly basis and make thousand of an entrepreneur a millionaire.

In this post I will explains all necessary details needed or how much does it cost to buy a hotel, how to start a hotel business with no money.

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20 Unique Steps: How to Start a Hotel Business With No Money | How to Run  Hotel Business Successfully

Know the Industry

Hotel business is a business that deals with harmony and accommodation of various guests, hotel business tend to grow rapidly in a country that receives million of visitors or tourist yearly.

Billion of dollar are generate yearly through hotel business because it is a place where one can eat, relax, have fun, swim in there swimming pool, have various soft and even have a lot of fun at the hotel bar.

The business is growing very fast on each day and the business have create various job opportunities for youth, it is profitable business ideas  require solid capital investment for the starting up of the business.

Carry out Market Research

Market research is one of the important aspects of business, it is good and excellent to know who you will be offering your service or those set of people’s from walk of life that needed your hotel business services.

Those that will need your service most are mention as follow, pastor, evangelist, entrepreneurs, student, tourist, businessmen, man, investors, woman, youth adult, managers, sportsmen, etc. The business is massive and it is high demand in anywhere.

Choose a Niche

It is necessary for a entrepreneur to choose a specialized area in business that you know, you can handle well, there are few areas of specialization in hotel business as follow:

Boutique Hotel, Conventional Hotels (2 Stars, 3 Stars, 4 Stars, 5 Stars, 6 Stars and 7 Stars)Motels Bed and Breakfast.

You can choose the one that suit your interest from the listed above niche of hotel, do not choose what you know nothing about, but choose a area or specialized area that you can handle maturely and smartly.

Identify Your Major Competitors in the Industry

It is necessary to know your rival in the industry, study all there business activities, study all necessary they used to promote there businesses,

what method they used to brand there businesses, what are system they used to attract customers to there businesses, and how they keep customer coming to there business,

You need to study for you to know where and when start the business and how to succeed because business require a great innovation and positive thinking.

Either to Buy from a Franchise or Start from Scratch

For quicker profit you can buy a hotel business from available franchise in town, franchise will help with all necessary steps, fund, location and ideas for quicker development.

Franchise is good and the business will grow in few monthly but you do not have full independent on the business, starting from the scratch is the fully and best ideas but grow a business from scratch is not that simple and easy.

To start and succeed a business from the scratch will take year, before the business fully grow, but you will have full right and full control over your business without be disturb by anyone or group.


Get all necessary paper work and license for your business, you can start business anyhow, you must get permit and license from the require agency if you want to start any business.

So register your business with the right government agency in your country, you can not start a business without registration, the government agency cater for business will not allow you start your business once you refuse to register the business.

Get Best Insurance Policies for your Business

Insurance is another important aspect in business, find best insurance broker in town to help you get best insurance for your business, in case of any financial crisis or any damage that took place in your business,

Insurance will serve as backup for you and your business, insurance cannot be left of any business, it is very vital and necessary, prepare a budget on amount fund you will invest in any insurance company suitable for your business.

Get Enough Startup Capital For your Business

The most important aspect of business, without capital there is no business, capital is a fund raise and invest in a business, fund that will be used to carry out your business mission and goals, capital is total amount of fund invest to run, manage and control a business.

You can get capital from your personal savings, you must have good savings habit if you want to become a entrepreneur, business setting up require logic and positive tactic.

You can get capital from your family members or a good loyal friend, they can lend you the money and you will later paid them back, and you can get loans from bank and later pay back when your business start growing.

Get a Suitable Location for your Business

Location also matter in fast development of a business, find a good commercial centre for your business, a urban centre that have larger population,

Do not start your hotel business from small town if you are looking for bigger profit and quick success,

Find a promising area for your business, area where majorities of your potential customers reside.

Do not choose anywhere, but research to get Best location that will help your business so fast.


You cannot do the work alone, get all required staff that handle each and every section in your business, qualified staff that will used various strategy for fast development for your business.

Create Brand Awareness for your Business

Like how to promote your business through various channel and that channel will fetch tons of customers, so brand your business well, well branded business will grow rapidly fast.

Get a standard billboard for your business, a stable telephone line, business card, open a website for your business, promote your business on various Social medias.

Keep generating more ideas how you will continue branding your business.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion study well, and do further research for more understanding and knowledge that will help you grow your business successfully. Business might take year before reaching it limestone.

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