How to make $200 each day by making calls

How to make $200 each day by making calls

In today’s world almost everyone has a cellphone. cell phones are involved in everything we do today, each day we make use of our phones, either to make calls, send messages, use the internet or play games, mobile phones has been an undisputed factor in our day to day lives.

Before beginning to write this article, I spent 45 minutes doing, if I’m being honest, sort of things i cant even give an account for on my phone. Prior to that, I send emails, browsed social media in bed, play games. My phone is usually within arm’s reach, which seems to me fairly typical of everyone, young and old, who includes a phone in their essential trifecta of belongings, alongside their keys and wallet.

according to recent research performed by RescueTime, one of the several apps for mobile phone users used to monitor the amount of time they spend on there phones, people generally spend an average of three hours and 15 minutes on their phones every day, with the top 20% of smartphone users spending upwards of four hours and 30 minutes.

recent survey shows that people spend an average of 3hours 45 mins on their phones each day
Now the question that might come to your mind will be, “what do people do on their phones in this 3hours and 45mins they spend while on their phones each day”

what do people do with their phones?
further reports shows the activities people engage more while on their phones
calls and sending text messages  (81%)
access the internet (77%)
playing games (60%)
send or receive emails (52%)
listen to music (42%)

with all being said about how often people use their phones and what activities they engage themselves with while on their phones, with calls and sending messages taking over 80% on our daily activities with our phones. this means that we spend over half an our on calls and text messages alone each day. do you know you can make up to $200 per 90 seconds that you convince someone to make call? that means if u can get some that will spend over 15-20 minutes making calls, you will fancy yourself making a $1000 a day just from making calls. that sounds strange and unbelievable doesn’t it? am very sure that after reading this complete article, you will be wondering why i decided to release this article free on the internet without charging some bucks.


Advertisers pays publishers over $200 just for them to pass there number for a client to contact them, you might be asking yourself why is it that way. The reason why advertisers pay so much in commission for calls is because phone call leads have a very high conversion ratio. This means that its more likely and easier to convert a caller than maybe someone that just went to there website to read about them. when someone makes call to a company, it means that the person its extremely serious about the product or services being rendered by the advertiser and therefore it will be moe like for the advertiser to convert such leads, thats why they pay as much as $200 for each single call.

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Pay per call is a new phenomenon in the online world that is why you need to understand the basics behind this awesome marketing networks though recently it has gained much popularity because of its high payout commissions. For pay per call marketing, having a website is absolutely an option though it will still serve as an added advantage when it comes to promoting offers but that doesn’t mean its an essential requirement before registration with any network.

Pay per call networks provides each publisher with a unique number for any particular offer. As a publisher, you can advertise your own unique number on your website/blog or place it on apps or even promote them on search engines and social medias. once an interested customer sees this number and is in need of the services provided by this advertisers, they copy the number and make a call to the advertiser, you make a huge commission in the process.


Pay per call marketing is actually one of the best marketing networks out there in the world. you get paid instantly when someone makes a call with the phone number you provided, payout ranges from $10 to $400 in commission. so its easy to understand why many internet marketers are diverting towards pay per call affiliate program. You can get paid up to $400 for just a 3 minutes call alone.

With pay per call program, its a win win situation for both parties by setting up multi channel pay per call campaign it also give users the opportunity to fill out a form if they weren’t successful making calls.

Top 5 Pay Per Call Networks

Revenuevault Pay Per Call NetworkAragon Pay Per Call NetworkGlobalWide Media Pay Per Call NetworkOffer Vault Pay Per Call NetworkMarketCall Pay Per Call Network

Those are the top 5 best advertising network you can work with. So lets handle them all serially


Revenuevault is one of the top payers in per pay call marketing. you can get paid up to $400 for every 3 minutes targeted call completed. so many advertisers using this network pay as high as $200 to $400 while some advertisers pay way below $100 for each call. a $400 pay per call commission might require the client to make up to 3 to 5 minutes of call with the advertiser while a $30 commission might just require the interested customer to make call between 45 seconds to 1 minute.

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Registering with this network is absolutely easy and smooth, unlike other etworks, Revenue vault accepts publishers from any part of the world, so no matter where you are, you can go ahead and register for an account with Revenuevault. they will revenue your account for 7days, if your account is approved, they will give you a call on how you can proceed with the platform, so make sure to provide them with valid informations on how to contact you while registering.


Aragon Pay Per Call Network is among the fast growing pay per call network out there in the market. As a publisher with Aragon, you get access to quality pay per call offers to help scale your business. They provide you with the necessary resources to help you create a custom campaign and help you find the right offers that fit your business model that will earn you quick payment.

Aragon advertising is an award winning marketing network and its trustted by majority of internet publishers and advertisers around the globe. it is very helpful to advertisers in offering qualified leads and argument conversion rates.

Aragon also offers a premium membership where you get a whole lot of benefits as an advertiser and publisher. Aragon publisher turns out to so many as the best performance marketing network in the entire world because of the perfect technique they use to connect high paying advertisers to experience publishers and thereby merging you with the right customers to convert.


Having generated around $3 billion for there customers last year, GlobalWide Media (previously known as NeverBlue) focuses more on CPA Marketing as well as pay per call marketing. They remain one of the highest pay per call advertising networks. According to reports and data collected from Globalwide, they generate in excess of 5 million conversions which results in over $3 billion in annual sales for advertisers.

According to statistics collect from this platform, They boost around 24,000 campaigns in 102 countries to date, 50million Apps download and 60 billion ads request a day from 240,000+ websites and 70,000 Apps so its very easy to say that this network is among the most trusted networks around there in the internet.

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Powered by Data Science, Globalwide Media connects Publishers with a high paying advertisers within the platform as well as connecting advertisers with the right audience for there business through direct response and brand campaigns. Having delivered good services for top-tier brands like, Aliexpress and also Mindspark.


Commission Junction popularly known as CJ Affiliates is regarded as the best cost per sale affiliate networks. They also offers one of the best pay per call marketing programs amoung other varieties of affiliate programs, with 1Billion + monthly reach, its easier to understand why many advertisers and publishers focuses more on this affiliate marketing network. There oriented pay per call solutions enables publishers to easily and effectively promote any advertisers product and services through a variety of distribution channels.

They set up the right platform for publishers to get high commission quality leads or sales to advertisers call centers. With a perfect understand of there clients goal, they set up a very effective platform that will benefit both the advertiser and publisher that works with them. We strongly recommend you checkout this network


Market call is one of the few affiliate networks that focuses fully on pay per call marketing programs. As a publisher,Marketcall provides you with High paying offers, high conversion landing pages for each offer, weekly payouts, free exclusive verticals and free advertising tools which includes call tracking, callback plugin,call center, unique phone numbers as well as lead to call services to help you reach maximum height while promoting offers. with this network, you can get pay around $200 to around $350 per call.

Marketcall has built a nice reputation around the internet. trusted and used by thousands of advertisers and publishers around the world. There system is very simple to use for both parties (advertisers and publishers). As a publisher, making money with this network is quite easier than most other networks. just place your affiliate link on your website/blog or social media or promote it on search engines, once interested customers make call through the unique number provided by you, you get paid. very simple and straight forward. As a publisher, marketcall might just be the right fit for you to generate any amount of money online with the right traffic.

That’s all on our list regarding the top 5 best pay per call networks around the internet right now. if you have any question or suggestions, you can go ahead and share it in our comment section below


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