How Much Does It Cost to Open & start Dollar General Franchise? 

 How Much Does It Cost to Open & start Dollar General Franchise?

Are looking for cost to buy a dollar general franchise, general dollar franchise are the types of convenient store that offer quality product to their potential customers.

Dollar general franchise run the services of convenient store and all the good sold in the convenient store are in cheaper price.

So there are question that are ponder in your heart that are not yet solve like is dollar general owned by China, Dollar general stock and dollar general website.

In this post I will explains all necessary details on how much does it cost to start Dollar General franchise or dollar store franchise Pakistan.

How Much Does It Cost to Open & start Dollar General Franchise?

Who Is Owner Of Dollar General?

The industry was founded in 1939 by J.L. Turner and Son in Scottsville, Kentucky, owned by  Cal Turner and James Luther Turner.

Can You Buy A Dollar General Franchise?

It is buyable.

General Franchise Cost Cover?

It cost about $25, 000 for start up cost of dollar general and may be higher more than depend on your budget.

How Can You Buy A Dollar General Franchise?

Visited their official website to know the prices for leasing convenient store.

Who Is The CEO Of Dollar General Stores?

Todd Vasos  is ceo that run and manage general dollar franchise.

How Much Do Dollar General Franchise Owners Make?

Make up to $140,000 yearly.

How Much Does A Dollar Store Owner Make A Year?

They make up to $80,000 year from selling of items in their item store.

Who Is The Target Market Of A Dollar Store?

There target market are low income class citizen, so general dollar franchise are located in local communities.

What Are The Ongoing Expenses For A Dollar Store?

Required expense of dollar store franchise are permit, location rent etc.

Does China Own Dollar General Stores?

No China does not owned general dollar franchise store but they main supplier of the convenience store.

What Are The Items You Can Find In A Dollar General Store?

Various items can be found on dollar general store e.g. health materials, toy, pet food, etc.

Why Is The Dollar Store So Cheap?

That is there own tactics of drawing  potential customers to there stores.

How Much Does Dollar General Pay Their Employees?

The employees at dollar general store are paid $70,000 salary.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Dollar General Store?

Up to 250, 000

Financial Investment Required to Open a Dollar General Franchise

Dollar general franchise are convenient store that sell there product and services at a very low price.

So buying the brand is easy but it required a start up capital before you used dollar general Franchise,

There total investment ranging from $50,000-$463,000, depend what type or size of convenient store you want to start.

Steps on How to Open a Dollar General Franchise

Visit there official website for more information.

Liberty Dollar Store

Liberty Dollar store is the cheapest franchise store you can set up so easily under dollar general franchise store with minimal capital of $25,000.

Dollar Discount Store Of America

Dollar discount store of America cost about $75,000 to $150,000 if you truthfully want to start that types of store dollar general franchise.


Just a buck required from a capital cost of $150,000 to $250,000, Dollar general franchise are the biggest of supplier of various home good and service in rural area in the United States of America and the industry generate nearly $21 billion annually.


In conclusion this post contains all necessary details needed to apply or requirement needed to start and run dollar general franchise store.

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