Does History Repeat Itself Evidence From the Course


Does History Repeat Itself Evidence From the Course

History is natural events of the past  that took place, it’s teaches the originality of human being and the remains.

 It show ways and experience we can not predicted,

it enable us to learn from past mistakes and lead our world.

What is the importance-of-education

Repeat it means a event that occurred again in a similar way, to come up again, something should happen again.

History repeat itself way various ways in the globe,  because if we failed to learn from the past  failure in future is warrant.

In year 1914 commencement of war I and last long till 11November 1918, that lead to lost of millions of lives in the battles, the duration of the war was 4year, 3month and 2 week.

What is an example of history repeats itself?

In year 1939, after twenty one year later, Hitler and his Nazi party commenced with the second world War II,

the error of the past occurred again,

it one of most destructive war in nature, millions of life were lost and world economy was devastated.

History will surely will occurred again if measurement and care is not well taken.

What does it mean when history repeat itself

In year 1966, the first military coup took place Nigeria,

majority of top nationalists was killed, and the military regime last up to thirteen year.

Democracy return to Nigeria in year 1979,

but four year later the mistake of the passed come up again,

coup plotter carry a coup that led to the removal sheu shagari from office and Gen. Mohammed Buhari  and major Gen. idiagbon was installed as head of government.

Their was aggressive and brutal tactics were used during their reign of two year.

Can understanding the past keep history from repeat itself.

History does still repeat itself in China, one of the world giant economy, one of the superpower nation in world, because of the technique and principles government used to govern it people’s not different from that of former  monarchy rule.

It grants limited freedom to the citizen.

Does history repeat itself if so what can that teach us About the present

History does repeat itself for example Africa at large,

the ways the western colonizer left education in Africa, that the way it’s, no change,

no improvement, no new finding, no African nations can develop and research and find new technology or advance machine.

but the way the education was left down that the way it is till date in Africa.

Everyone has a history what you do with it is up to you, some repeat it some learn from it the really special one use it to help others history will repeat itself if you let it.

For example Mohammed the founder of Islam, spread the religion through war and by forced, by invading a town or community without any notice,

that style and doctrine is been used by those that are ignorant that never learnt from the mistake Mohammed made  some century back.

That style and doctrine is been used in middle east and African countries, millions of lives were lost through that unholy crusade, or terrorist action.

History of Babaloma

history repeat itself examples


In year 1812, French emperor Napoleon launch an invasion against Russia federation, with the attempt to defeat Russia but proved abortive, the war cost almost entire lives of Napoleon armies, estimated of 500,000 was lost.

The same history also repeat itself after one hundred and twenty nine year later Hitler and

it’s Nazi armies launch an invasion against federation Russia formerly known as soviet union, the during was 3 year, 10 month, 2 week, and 2 day, it is one of most deadliest war of all time,

The Nazi armies surrendered in may 9 1945, the war was won by the Soviet armies in may 1945.

It the day marked and celebration is done yearly to marked the victory of Russia against Germany in second world world.

Over 24 millions lives was lost from both side.

Does history repeat itself evidence from the course

History still repeats itself in Africa agriculture sector , the old technique left down by the older generation,

History repeat itself article

it is what present day Africa generation still used, no improvement, that majority of farmer in African countries as heavy decreased yearly.

In some century back slave trades was brought to American, buying of slave from Africa countries, slave have no control over is life, except what is master choose for him or her.

They were later freed during reign of president Abraham Lincoln, but they are not completely free,

but subject to white supremacy.

Example of history not repeating itself

It is recorded there a lot of harassment, mistreating, discriminating from the beginning of slave up till date, African-american are subject to white.

Victory day in Russia

How repeat itself, President Abraham Lincoln was the first america president that was assassinated successful in 1865, the first republican president, a man who free the slave during is reign,

History repeats itself explanation

he killed by the southern and was succeed by the southern President Andrew Johnson. After ninety eight later President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in year 1963,

he was killed by the southern and was succeed by the southern President Lyndon B. Johnson, both Lincoln and Killed were both killed by the southern and were succeed by the southern.

History repeats itself meaning

How does history repeat itself for example the native or Indians American failed to improved to learned from past mistake,

error laid by their forefather, the error the turn them from majority citizen to minority community.


How does history repeat itself,  at the end of war I, Spain flu virus was discovered and spread rapidly all over the globe, early cause over 50 million death globally.

History repeat itself reflection

How does history repeat itself for example Nigeria  local blacksmith community do produced a local gun make from wooden object and little steel, the technique the first inventor used,

it what the present blacksmith are still repeating over and over again,

they never learned from from where he stop,  and they should to add more valve and improvement to the tool.

Except they repeat what he had done over 500 year ago again.


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