History of war

History of war

History of War can be refers as the conflict, battle, blood shed that took place in the past and it is written down for present future or generation to learnt from it. It is recorded of war events that took place in a particular area, towns, states, countries. What that often causes a war be may disagreement between nation against nation, between tribes against tribes, race conflicts, kingdom conflict, religion conflict, tyranny rules, land disputes, so on. War is not about who is right or wrong is about those that survived the conflict. It is not a playing ground.

For example my country Nigeria got into civil war in 1967, because crude oil was discovered in south east, south south, those region  declared themselves independent from Nigeria, that lead to battle of three year,  between the Biafra and Nigeria government, the south east,  south south that called themselves Biafra later surrendered in 1970, after a lot of blood shed from both sides.

War is a conflict that be within a kingdom, example Boko Haram terrorist group insurgent in northern eastern part of Nigeria, fighting against Nigeria Government that education is forbidden, book Haram, education is a sin,  they were killing innocent soul,  and commit different types of terror in daily basis. Nigeria government were unable to curb them.

During  the last year of Idi Amin Dada in power , he try to annexed some part in Tanzania, that lead to the war between Uganda and Tanzania, Gen. Idi Amin Dada disposed by Julius Nyerere of Tanzania, and Idi Amin fled in exile and that marked is end in power.

Patriotic war in the peak of 1941 Hitler Nazi armies invaded former Soviet Union , with the aim of territory Expansion and cleansed of non Aryan races, Hitler classified the Russia as subhuman or inferior race, the war is one of the deadly war of all time, nearly lasted for during of four year, Nazi armies were later defeated in May 9 1945, and the remains Germany troops surrendered that marked the end of second World War.

A War is a powerful conflicts can happened within the kingdom, one tribes against the others. The fall of Ming dynasty. dynasty is the longest dynasty in the China history, it reigns for over two hundred year plus before it fell to the hand of Qing dynasty, It is war between Han tribe and Manchu tribe, won by the Qing, over 40 million lives were lost during the war.

The war of revolution and commencement of world war II and Civil war in China.

Soon later, Chiang Kai-shek  the successor Sun Yat-sen of commenced with his revolution war, And majorities of the war was won at northern parts China. Chiang Kai-shek later turned against the communist party,  he started anti-communist war to disorganised and disband them.
Majority of communist Member were killed and Mao was expelled and forced  to lived a poor areas with remain troops in China.

In 1937, world war II soon began Japan invaded the China that leads  Chiang Kai-shek Armies into the war, the war destabilize China and it economy, Chiang Kai-shek mobilization and tactics had already weaken at the end of the war,

After the war II, there was confrontation from Chiang Kai-shek armies to deposed Mao red army’s, but battle proved aborted against the red army’s of communist party of china, the army red of communist party have gain more members and the party become more strong and powerful. In year 1949, Chiang Kai-shek and it’s Armies were disposed from mainland China. Chiang Kai-shek and remains fled today republic of China Taiwan.

War is a battle ground that produced no joke except sorrow, starvation and lost of innocent lives, that reminder of second Congo war or great war of Africa, that commencement at year 1998 and ended in 2003, over five million lives were lost to this causes. The war on tribal clashes and looting of Congo resources.

The invasion of Normandy also as the D-Day 1944, it is the arrived of the allied armies to push out the Nazi occupied of Normandy, it is major victory for the allied, which lead to heavy losses at Nazi side and were push out of France, it marked as a major victory and end of world war II.

War is conflict of bloodshed ground, and those die mostly during the war, are those that never organised or have no intention of war. For example first and second Liberia war, Samuel Doe coup plotter, the coup was successful and Doe was the first indigenous president of Liberia  who discriminated other tribe who are not from his clan, and killing of those that go against is government, which led to uprising of two rebels group, prince Johnson and Charles Taylor, Doe was killed and disposed by prince Johnson rebel group, which led the battle between prince Johnson and Charles Taylor for succession to Liberia presidential seats. Over 250000 lives were lost. It is one of the deadliest war in history of west African.


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