History of Heroes

History of Heroes

Heroes are sets of people in society that carry a patriot deeds or bravery deeds to help or assisted the society at large. A soul that is fearless to achieved great thing, even at the cost of it’s life. A person that stood up in time of difficulties and try to find answer to the difficulties. A Hero may be in form a person who liberate its people from injustice and got freedom for them at his own cost. A Hero is a person who break World record of great and new things. Who bring about great accomplishment. A person who is knew for meritorious deeds. A person who takes risk in other to save lives or improved lives.

There are different types of noticeable figure who had risk theirs lives for dangerous and heavy tasks without fearing.

Martin Luther Junior was a powerful activist, pastor, scholar, a man who stood up for injustice and fight for the right of all African American through non violence movement. 1968, he was Assassinated on this cause, he fought for the little freedom the Africa America have today in USA, his one of the most important figure in African American community. Though his dead but his word are still alive.

Heroes are set of people  liberate theirs country from those who colonizer them, Nigeria got it’s independence through the effort of the three major leader, the three nationalist, Obafemi Awolowo from the Western region, Nnamdi Aziwke from the eastern region, and Saduna of Sokoto Sir ahamdu Bello from northern region, who stood up against the British rule and got independence for Nigeria in October first 1960.

There are some heroes who set a world record, break a record that had never been broken existed before, Charles lindbergh Swedish American pilot, who fled the spirit of St. Louis from Washington DC to Paris in France, his the first man to accomplished solo transatlantic flight in history.

Hero is a person who develop strong feelings for liberty, for example Nelson Mandela a southern African, lawyer, activist who stood up against injustice against peoples, he was imprisoned for almost 27, he was the man who liberated the black south Africa from apartheid rule, the white minority rule and were free from all sorts of discrimination.

In year 1953, Edmund Hillary of Australia and Tenzing that firstly break a record of first men to ascend to the top of highest mountain in the world, mount Everest, many mountain climbers have try but not successful. Those people risk theirs lives for great accomplishment. Only few man have the chance to ascend to top of Everest.

In year 1969, the first American astronaut and man the firstly walk in the moon was Neil Armstrong. He risk his life to fly into the moon and observed how the moon look like, a hero is remember for their great unique deeds.

The Greek hero Alexander the Great, ( The Conqueror ) was one of the few and the bravest and greatest Greek hero who conquered various territories during his reign, no one have his talent capabilities before him and no have is skills after his demised. He was powerful and prosperous war fighter who died at young age.

Great soul, that the only man in India history who liberated India from British colonizer, through his doctrine of peaceful tactics. Matahma Gandhi liberated India from rule in 1947. His a great leader and the founding father of a nation.

In year 1985 after year of battle Between  white minority rule And black majority, Zimbabwe gained the independence from from the great Britain, through effort of Robert Mugabe, he liberated it’s country from those that colonizer them.

Mao Zedong a great scholar, son of farmer, general SECTRETARY of communist party of people’s republic of China, founding father of nation, most icon of all time in China. An ambitious man and through his vision and effort, China was created 1949 October 1st, after various battle between him and his rivalry Chiang Kai-shek, he defeated his rivalry and him and his allied were disposed from mainland China.

Heroes are those that cannot be forgotten even if they are not alive anymore but there memory and their heroic Deeds cannot be forgotten. Abraham Lincoln the first republican president, the man freed all the black slaves, and got freedom for them, he brought some other positive change into America. He was the first president of America that was assassinated successfully.


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