History of Babaloma

History of Babaloma

 History of Babaloma a town in Kwara State

Babaloma is a big and prosperous town located at the southern part of Kwara state.

The early history of Babaloma

They the sets of igbomina tribe that left oyo in year 1791, the war of Ibadan 1800, make the people to left oyo.

Awado and sets of igbomina tribe left oyo and relocated to a place called Sakama, in year 1820, Awado and it’s people left Sakama, and moved to a place called saare in year 1832.

The first king of saare

Awado become the first king of saare ( Olupako of saare) and Awado abdicated the throne in 1835, and he was succeeded by his son king Dada, ( Olupako of saare).

When Dada passed away in 1874, his son Oyadeyi succeeded his father throne. ( Olupako the third).

Under Oyadeyi rule the saare town was divided into two, the igbomina who are is people and the other Yoruba’s.

King Oyadeyi order his people who are igbomina to pay high rate of taxes more than the other Yoruba’s, that leads And a processed where by his chief planned to removed and disposed king Oyadeyi, because of the tax he implemented.

King Oyadeyi escaped from saare and was transported by one of his allied to ilorin.


Majorities of the people in the town want Oyadeyi back on the throne, but never returned.

His son Abubakar was crowned king and ascended the Throne.

Sooner or later some group from igbomina community in the town and the chief in the palace conspired and removed Abubakar the son Oyadeyi from the throne.


Oyadeyi the father of Abubakar was later poison by one of his closest friend in ilorin.

After the death of Odedeyi, Adeleye ascended to the throne.

After ascension of Adeleye to the throne there were a lot of tragic event and chaos in the town, everything in the town is upside down.

After some group from igbomina try to killed Abubakar the son of Oyadeyi ( the former olupako that was poison by one of his friend in exile).

Abubakar later later fled and relocated to a new place, when he received various threat from commander of war and the chief priest. Majorities of the Yoruba community followed Abubakar, both the families of Oyadeyi and Dada relocated with Abubakar.

Abubakar and it’s people relocated to a place called Babaloma in 1905.

Abubakar was the first king of Babaloma in 1905, after some years Abubakar left his former kingdom, there were a lot of communicable and transmission disease spreading over in saare, different types of tragic and disaster starting occurring in saare,

which lead to the chief priest to consorted the oracle, the oracle pointed to the former king, that if the former king is not called backed there will be no peace in saare town.

This lead some chief came over from saare to appealed to king abubakar to returned to his former throne.

They seek for forgiveness from the people of the town and from the king for there inhuman behaviour toward them. Abubakar refused and never accepted their invitation to return to saare throne.

Because Abubakar refuse the offered to return to saare that where the name of the town was derived the king refused to return,  and they later leaved him (BABALOMA TOWN).

After some year the king adeleye at saare throne passed away in year 1913, after the demised of Adeleye, the saare town still sent to chief to appeal to king Abubakar the king of Babaloma, that the Olupako Adeleye had passed away.

Then Abubakar accepted the offered and become king, the people in it’s new established town ( BABALOMA) did not followed him to saare.

King Abubakar become Olupako of saare in year 1913, and his son Zubair ascended to the throne of Babaloma.

Zubair is son become king in Babaloma. Abubakar passed away in 1913 and his son Zubair become olupako in saare after the demised of his father.

Buhari was the younger brother of Zubair become king in Babaloma. After Zubair passed away 1927,

his younger brother become Buhari become king again in saare in 1927,  Mohammed Ayinla the younger brother of king Buhari become king in Babaloma in year 1928,

King Buhari passed away in year 1936 and Mohammed Ayinla replace him at saare throne , Ibrahim Oyeniran also known as ( Loma Pupa)  become king in Babaloma.

In year 1936, It has become culture and tradition that if king ( Olupako) passed away in saare the replace with a king from Babaloma town.

It has become culture from 1913 to 1967 but this doctrine was later changed in 1967, the grandson of king Adeleye, the man that disposed king Abubakar from the throne, his grandson become king.

Abubakar  Garba descendant from Adeleye family root become king in saare and everything was peaceful from both side.

Lists of king that firstly become king in Babaloma and later replaced one and other after their demised in saare throne.

King of Babaloma

1. King Abubakar Oyadeyi 1905 – 1913

2. King Zubair Oyadeyi  1913 – 1927

3. King Buhari Abdulqodir 1927 – 1928

4. King Mohammed Ayinla Oyadeyi 1928 – 1936

5. King Ibrahim Oyeniran aka ( Loma pupa) 1936 – 1950

6. King Bello Oyadeyi 1950 – 1953

7. King Saliu Zubair 1953 – 1964

8. King Abdullahi Zubair 1964 – 1966 ( dethrone )

9. King Salaam Adegbite 1966 – 1984

10. King Abdullahi Zubair 1984 – 1987 ( rule twice)

11. King Mohammed Jimoh Ariwajoye Ilufemi Loye 1993 till date

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