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Flutterwave POS Review – How Does flutterwave Work

Flutterwave POS Review – How Doesflutterwave Work | Is Flutterwave legit

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How does flutterwave work

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Flutterwave review

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Is pos business profitable in Nigeria

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Flutterwave pos service is one of the best in Africa, through the platform Various Business transactions can be done successfully, it is a platform where you can earn from once you download their pos app on Google Play Store successfully.

There is question like how does Flutterwave works Flutterwave works quite perfectly and systematically, and you can make meaningful income from using their pos services. And the platform is quite legit not like a ponzi or scam network.

What is a mobile POS?

It is a digital networks where by payment can be made or receive successfully, mobile means movable, the services of payment through pos machine can be move from one place to the other.

How to become flutterwave POS agent

To become a Flutterwave pos agent is quite very simple all what you need to do is visit google play store on your mobile device and download Flutterwave pos app and find a good commercial location for the business and create massive business awareness for the business etc.

Flutterwave POS commission

Flutterwave is the best pos platform in Nigeria to used  successfully and their commission on each transaction is quite very small.

    3% commission for airtime top up      1% commission for DSTV subscription      1% commission for GOTV subscription      2% commission for Star times subscription      1% commission for electricity(for every 2,500 subscription)      50 Naira commission for every mobile account opening      1000Naira commission for issue MasterCard ATM      50Naira commission for issue Fund MasterCard ATM.

What services does Fluttewave offer?

Various services or transaction is done on Flutterwave pos app successfully. The following are the various transaction that can be done on Flutterwave.

Card issuing

Flutterwave platform offer a lot of benefit in sense that you can generate your own business card that you will used for transaction on the platform successfully. Flutterwave do issue out card to it agent using it pos app.

Payment Links

It is a link more like affiliate link on Flutterwave pos platform where by you can copy the link and send it to a customer that want to make a payment but not living in the same area with you or in far distance.


It is another platform on Flutterwave pos app that you can set up a store successfully more like successful online store and display various types of products on the online store and share link to customer offline to make sales.


It is another platform on Flutterwave pos app that keep all the financial record done on the platform successfully, invoice in sense all the transactions done on the platform their record will be kept successfully.


Consumer on the platform Flutterwave is more like various settings how payment can be done of Flutterwave successfully.


It is another method which payment can be done on Flutterwave pos app, like you can receive the payment online successfully.

How much is flutterwave POS android machine

Flutterwave POS machine price is NGN145,000.00

Flutterwave did not offer free POS machine.

What people say about flutterwave POS

According to compose data on the aspect it was recorded that Flutterwave pos is one of the best pos platform in Nigeria, that their charges is simple and you as a agent will surely earn massively and systematically.


So Flutterwave is one of the best pos platform in Nigeria that you will download the app through Google Play Store, find a good location and start making sales.

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