Expertnaire Affiliate Review; Is Expertnaire Legit or Scam

Expertnaire Affiliate Review; Is Expertnaire Legit or Scam

Expertnaire is one of the great platform in Nigeria that resemble an affiliation programmes, if you are looking for best of best of affiliate marketing or program in Nigeria Expertnaire is one of affiliate marketing you can register with successfully.

Expertnaire is legit because the business have being in existence since year 2018, it is one legitimate platform in Nigeria that will not run away with your money, you will register with them with certain amount of cash and sell various goods on the platform, the more you sell will determine your commission in return.

Expertnaire affiliate review the platform have generated million of Naira annually, so it is a unique online business in Nigeria, the business is own by a Nigerians man, a Yoruba man prescribed.

It is not a ponzi scheme like MMM, Fieldsmine investment platform, your cash is saved if you invest into the platform, and earning on Expertnaire required logic and strategies if you want to earn enough from the business.

So in this post I will explains all necessary details you need to know about Expertnaire affiliate review, if Expertnaire is legit or scam.

Expertnaire Affiliate Review; Is Expertnaire Legit or Scam

Is Expertnaire Scam or Legit?

Expertnaire affiliate review is legit or a scam, Expertnaire is here to stay and not a ponzi scheme that will do away with your money. More like you sign for amazon affiliate marketing program, amazon affiliate marketing is free but Expertnaire aspect will require #10,000 cash as a fees of registration.

Am 90% sure the platform is legitimate and ready to help youth in selling some stuffs either online or in offline settings. It is legit like all other platform online. Register with the platform and start earning systematically.

Expertnaire is like a mega supermarket where various goods are sell, so once you register on the platform you will choose a goods that can work best for you. And earn positively when the goods is been sold.

When was Expertnaire founded?

The platform was established in year 2018, the platform is in existence for about four year now.

The business is legitimate and will help Nigeria youth grow rapidly.

How Expertnaire  Works?

The business works in four stages, it is a unique affiliation programmes in Nigeria, like unique business opportunities in Nigeria.

Sign up as an Expertnaire Member

Registration on Expertnaire is on annually basis, in sense that their is premium service on Expertnaire affiliate marketing and their is non premium service on Expertnaire.

The premium service cost #60,000, and ordinary service on Expertnaire cost #10,000. And both registration will expired after a year. And you can renew the service after a year.

Select a product to promote on the Expertnaire marketplace

After signing and make the payment either you go for the premium service or ordinary service, a link will be sent to your email, the link will help you select types of good you wished to sell on Expertnaire.

Make sales & receive commissions via notification with N5K Threshold. 

Notifications will be sent to you through your email, if you promote or sell a products successfully on Expertnaire.

Receive Affiliate Payments on Friday

The smallest threshold on Expertnaire before a payment can be make is #5,000, and it will be paid on Friday of that week successfully.

Who Owns Expertnaire?

The great platform was established by a promising Nigeria entrepreneurs Toyin Omotoso. He is a skill thinker, and have contributed is own quota to national development in Nigeria.

Who is an Expertnaire Affiliate?

It is a person that sign up with Expertnaire affiliate review programme either premium or ordinary membership service, and they will earn 30% commission on each goods or digital products sold out by them. It is like home based Nigeria affiliate marketing programme.

Expertnaire Affiliate Program

It is one of the best affiliate marketing programme in Nigeria where you promote various digital products, and earn positive income in return, the more you sell will determine how you will earn successfully.

There are basic rules and regulations in Expertnaire, do not into the platform without going through their basic rules and regulations.

Cons of Expertnaire

Customer Support Response time can be better

You can contact Expertnaire customer care line either through their email or whatapp, you can ask them about unclear question about the programme they will reply you after few hours.

Their customer line is 70% stable and they will response to you correctly.

Your Expertnaire account can take up to 72hrs from the stated 48 hours.

Before your account can be activated on Expertnaire it might take up to 48 hours to 72 hours, so read the rules and regulations guiding the platform.

Pros of Expertnaire

Multiple Support Options

You have Email support, community, WhatsApp, and Twitter support routes should you need any help.

Products are vetted for Quality

On Expertnaire sell quality best products to her customer, so they offer best quality product and services.

Communities for Members

Expertnaire have a telegram group where by you can mixed with other members on telegram to share ideas on how to make sells and profit on Expertnaire.

High Paying Commissions

Expertnaire pay like 35% from any sales you make on the platform, depend on the ranging of the products, you can make #30,000 profit from product of #100,000, the platform have a high paying commission.

What Niches and Affiliate Programs are Available with

There are various niche available on Expertnaire, so you can choose the niches that suit your interest best, niches is a different area of occupation in a business, more like various business, you are to select a particular niche on Expertnaire.

Make Money Online.

Make money online is one of the best niche on Expertnaire, if you have enough skills on make money online you can choose the niche and make sale through your affiliate link.

Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is like online program where by you will be able to sell products for a certain amount and earn a commission in return. And affiliates marketing can makes you a millionaire.

Relocation and Travels

It is another unique business niche on Expertnaire that can generate you meaningful income, their are million of Nigerian youth tending to leave Nigeria to relocated to other overseas countries successfully.


It is another business opportunities that deal in selling various home made product online, through your own personal website.

Passive Income

It is a profitable business ideas in Expertnaire that can generate you meaningful income, it deals with copy writing and other stuff in contents writing.


It is another unique business ideas in Nigeria in nowadays, the business generate profitable income for the owner of the betting industry.


It is one of the best fast growing business in Nigeria, and the business is trending so far in the world successfully.

What are Expertnaire’s Payment Methods?

there are two methods on Expertnaire that you can receive payment successfully either as a vendor or normal participant.

As a vendor you can receive once in two week, as a normal participant you can receive payment four time in four week.

Top 2 Ways to Make Money with Expertnaire Products

There are two major ways to make money on Expertnaire either as a vendor that promote content or as a affiliate marketer.

Final Thought

Read all other journal online for meaningful message on how to make meaningful income Expertnaire.

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