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Eight tyrant Barons of Arikogbo town, their rise and fall.


Eight tyrant Barons of Arikogbo town, their rise and fall.

Vengeance have no cure, whomsoever killed innocent soul will never go on punished.

eight-tyrant-bar…ir-rise-and-fall/e story is about the eight barons who ruled Arikogbo town unjustly. It is a story about Arikogbo town, it is a very big town and powerful. The highest post in that town is baron title, a single leader who supervised and governed the affairs of the town. The first baron that ascended to Arikogbo throne is Tanimola, he ruled Arikogbo town for seven year during these years he killed innocent souls and governed unjustly, in other for tanimola secret not to be exposed to the public he ran to abroad, before Tanimola could returned to his post, it has been taken by another Baron, tanimola later died in exile.

     The second Baron ascended the power seat of Arikogbo town, the name of the baron is Fiwaseaye, he killed anyhow during his reigned without proper checking, he do slaughtered the citizen of Arikogbo anyhow, human being soul have no value to him. Fiwaseaye was later killed after  6 month in power and was replace with another baron which is the third one. Temiyimi is the name of the Third baron, Temiyimi spent 9 year on Arikogbo throne, during the time of Temiyimi the town was prosperous and excelled, but he killed many innocent soul secretly and their blood is seeking for vengeance. Temiyimi also embraced the workshop of idols and make it compulsory for every citizens Arikogbo town to worship the idol. After 9 year of is reigned Temiyimi was expelled and sent to exile for 8 year.



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eight-tyrant-baron of Arikogbo town their rise-and-fall

     The fourth baron ascended the throne of Arikogbo town, his name is Ayegbajeje, he spent only 6 month on Arikogbo throne before he was assassinated. The mission of Ayegbajeje was to turn Arikogbo citizen to idol worshipper but was killed before he could complete the mission. Igbaeyinoloju is the name of the fifth baron, Igbaeyinoloju sell all the mineral resources of Arikogbo town to his own pocket and also endorsed and compulsory the worship of idol to all citizens of Arikogbo town, and spent majorities of taxes income on the building and constructing the idols, all the income  that supposed to used to developed Arikogbo town, Igbaeyinoloju used it to embrace and serve the idols. His wife was later killed because of his cause and he later abdicated the throne.

   The name of the sixth baron was Akodaoro, Akodaoro spent four year and three month, all the taxes income is saved into his own pockets, he used it to enriched  himself, during his reigned the citizen of Arikogbo town are in absolute poverty.

But when the vengeance of the innocent citizen rises against him, all his five children died in a car accident in a single day and he later before blind and crippled. He was later exposed and disposed from power. He had a lot of mismanagement conducts during his reigned. The seventh baron name was Aladi, Aladi is a stubborn  who rule through cruel dictatorship style, he rule aggressive leadership style, he was later removed and disposed after two year in power. The eighth baron was the cunningest and most dangerous baron of all town in Arikogbo town, his tactically and extremely dangerous, selfish and self centred, a man who never listen to the feeling of his  people, he do killed is opponent anyhow without checking whether guilty or not. His name is Awoyeleboinu.


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