Differences between a blog, a website, and a forum

Differences between a blog, a website, and a forum

Blogs, forums, and websites are somehow synonymous but taking a good look at them, you can always differentiate them from their content. If you are familiar with the internet or you are good at surfing through the internet, you probably might have heard about Blogs or websites. Is there really a difference?

Have you really thought of having a blog or forum or a website and you don’t really know the difference?

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Well, you are here to get answers to every of your dilemma.

So take a seat and let’s have a breakdown discussion on each of these.


Think of a blog as a diary where you write and keep every of your thoughts. Something comes to your mind and you just open your diary and pen it down. This illustration describes a blog post. It is a means where you share something or a passion online for people to read and learn.

To simply put, a blog is a type of website that focuses mainly on written content. The written contents are referred to as Blog Posts.

A blog usually has an author often referred to as a blogger. Bloggers are often in control of every content on their blog which can be in form of text, images, audios, videos, and links to other online resources.

A blog is usually for profit making. In other words, people blog in other to generate profit (money making).

Blogs are generally written in an informal or conversational manner whereby comments/discussions or questions are welcomed from the audience.


I don’t have much explanation on this, because I think you are already familiar with the word website. Unlike blogs, websites are majorly developed to provide information and not to engage in discussion.

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It is usually formal or written in a professional way. Most website content are static (meaning its content may not change compare to blog sites).

Examples of website are amazon, jumia store, or any school website where you get information about registrations, admissions, payments e.t.c.

Websites usually belong to cooperate organizations, companies, businesses & industries, schools, and government agencies, unlike blogs which may be owned by one individual.

Although the line between a blog and a website is very thin, you can always differentiate them through the content and what information or services they provide.


Forum is a type of blog which requires group input. It constitutes a group of people or members who come together to share their thoughts or experiences on a subject matter or niche which may either be in sports, politics, religion, education, technology, relationships e.t.c

Forum always has a moderator i.e someone or people who are in charge and controls what topics are being posted on a particular discussion.

One of the most popular forums are quota and Maitland which is Nigeria’s most visited online forum.

In forums, members are all equal. Anyone can start a discussion on a topic and others can reply. In essence, a forum is user-generated content unlike blogs & websites.

So I do hope you get the major difference between blogs, forums, and websites. Based on this, you can decide to start any of these as it may matter to you.

Kindly drop your thoughts in the comment box below.

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