What Definition importance roles Meaning of History short Answer


Definition importance roles Meaning of History


What is history

History can said to be the way of knowing the past occurrence in reference to present or recent actions, to guide and direct.

History can as well said to be the ways or method of invoking the past occurrence or deeds into the present moment, either for bad reasons or good  reasons.

History is the knowledge of the past of a group of people.

It can be refers to the assessment of the past event.

This knowledge of the past is known as History.

History gives greater freedom in control of the present as a result of the knowledge of past events to be able to predict the future for the purpose of shaping it for better.

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Without History,

people may not be able to understand the problem of the present and will be without the basic knowledge essential for gripping intelligently with the future.

History is not just a mere story telling or mere fabrication, rather, it is the account of past events investigated,  analyzed and interpreted,

in the past which has a relation to the present happen in order to be able to predict and plan for the better future.

History it might be in form of good and bad event that took place in the past.

What is important role history?

  It is a recorded of past event that might have occurred thousand, or hundred of year ago or a decade.

The historical event that took place in Nigeria in October 1st 1960 , was the day Nigeria Got it’s independent from Britain.

It was a historical event occurred sixty year ago.

It is remember yearly how Nigeria nationalists rose up and fought the battle that led to it independence.

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Historical event is passed down from generation to generation.  Depend on how it occurred.

A tragic historical event that took place in 1912, when RMS titanic ship collied with iceberg at the peak of Atlantic ocean that lead to lost of lives.


History is recorded event or event that has took  place already, that took place presently or thousand of year ago.

What is the meaning of history and it’s important?

It either recorded in human memory or passed from generation to generation as a written document.

History is the fundamental movement of the past that occurred which are recorded for building of bright future,

it important aspects of us that has happened, where we come from, our root, our culture, our style of life.

History enable us to know the record of our generations.

The great civil right activist Dr.  King Martin Luther jnr a man who organised non violently movement,

through his of him effort and group of non violent movement led to the liberation all African America, equality right was amended into laws.

It is a great moment for all Generation Africa America at the moment.

History is used to reshape the present future.

what is history meaning and definition 

If not because of history, technology would have not grow wider today, the history of inventory,

how early tool or machine were created, how it got restructure by various inventors before  it got to it final stage of development. e.g. from Abacus counting tool to micro computer.

history is a written or orally handed down facts or happenings in the past that makes us understand better why things exist or should be the way it is.

What are the roles of historians

Like how history is processed in past, how that era look like, how they behaved, and how developed society was at that time.

History is the study of the human past as it is described in written documents left behind by humans.

The event may be in form of biographies, when those were born, there early life’s, their education,

What is the importance of history short answer

their achievement and how they changed or bring positive or negative change to the society.

History can never be erased from society, society cannot function well without event of the past,

it means we can exist without history, we are all produced Through history.

History refined soul, mind, brain and heart.

History help ones to know is background and origin.

It is one of the powerful message or information that is left down.

Information left down by our ancestors, how, what, when and origin how a family began, the first generation to it’s presents one.

History serve as guidance and interpret,

It is the knowledge of highest benefit to all human being in the society.

History is a valuable treasure.

It served as an account recorded of all things.

History is a culture and glorious past of great values and knowledge.

History is our root which help us to know who we are, who were our forefather, who kept our land safe for us.

Who sacrificed their life to protect us.

What is history short answer

It talked about those who strive and fought for the freedom and the development of nations.

History how thing are done in ancient time,

history serve as universal benefits, because history have existed even before the creation of human being.

History is the lesson of the past to got rid of prejudices which is still in vogue,

history help us on how to handle the problem of the present not to fall into the mistake of the past.

History alleviate problem and it also ensure prudence in acting in diverse sphere of life.

For instance, the Bible contain doctrinal teaching which emerge from history to shape the society or moral life.

What is history explains

History is used in developed new and advance technology or machine, that old technology left down are used to developed new and advance one,

history also taught how things are done or how they were invented.

No nation is completely without it founding history or how nation was created, because every Nation is founded through history,

History can be neglect in aspects of life.

History talk about creation, invention,  biographies, founding, culture, education, politics, wars, it powerful instrument of information.

It cover all aspects of human life.

History help us to learn from past event and stay in touch with our ancestor,

we cannot change our past but we can change our future from learning from the past, societies with no history do not develop and therefore have no future,

see the primitive tribes in Africa or in Amazonia they have no History and they still live just like their ancestor lived in millennia ago.

What is history in simple word

History help to use the experiences of the past to deal with today’s activities and that of the foreseeable future,

it help us to how we fail in the past and how correct those mistake in the present.

History is one of the important thing to consider how much the accountability our society have been conduct.

History gives us an understanding of the issues past generation faced, good and bad, to learn how they reacted and cope,

it help us to chooses a way forward.

A nation not knowing their own history do not deserve to exist.

History enable us to learn from the past to understand the present and plan for the future.

The important of history is to lead the wise and drag the fool.

What is history essay

( George Santayana ) “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”.

History makes us to be current about pasts event when how and the reason it happen.

It enable us to learn from the past to build a better tomorrow.

History will helps us not to make mistake the past generation have made and learn how make a good society,

it is just as important as science and engineering when it comes to fostering innovation and helping people to think analytically.

Any society that doesn’t pay proper attention to it history not only has dangerously shallow root, but also risks starving its own imagination.

History is an ontological explanation to modern man’s existential dilemma,

we learn from the past, the same way you learn from the things you’ve done and experienced.

Those who do not learn from the past, are doomed to repeat it.

History is to ours and it’s origins and to possibly learn from our ancestor mistake, the past is the parent of year, present is the parent of future,

they are all connected.

I agreed with the whole learning from the past to avoid making mistakes in the futures idea and we are certainly heavily influenced by the past, however,

I think we also need to be careful not to used the past as just a tool for our own ends.

The past was made by and his composed of people who have just as much inherent individual valued as any person alive now.

We are meant to remember to treat them with respect, understanding, and compassion.

And if we can learn to do that, even when we disagreed with the people in the past, maybe we’ll be more able to tread the people we lived with respectfully, understandingly, and compassionately.

History helps a man to know himself, the present is dictated by the past and the future is defined and predicated upon the presents, so history is very important in societal development and progress.

It is relevant in the society, it helps to knows how and when a society, people and thing came to existence.

History is the whole of time before the present, and all things that happened in that time.

The real history is liberating and let’s see how our people contributed inventions and all other thing that other race have benefited from.

It is a confidence builder and can help create a new  course in the present even though it won’t be easy but possible.

If you don’t know history, then you don’t known anything.

It’s like you’re a leaf that doesn’t know it’s part of a tree.

History is not everything but it is starting point.

History is a clock that people use to tell their political and cultural time of the day.

It is their compass they use to find themselves on the map of human geography.

It tell them where they are but,  more importantly, what they must be.

I’ve often believe that may be history is so important because human nature has n’t really changed.

And many of these stories are preserved as a moral lesson for us,  to learn from the mistakes of others.

History gives direction for the futures.

I strongly believe that knowing history keeps stories Alive,

it leaves something for our children to experience, to live ( or to avoid )
The truth is that if  we deny our own history,

we cannot live properly. We would have no direction.

History is what teaches every culture about the heritage.

Unfortunately as the human race we oft not learn from it very well.

History means to seek and find the forces which are the causes leading to those effects which we subsequently perceive as historical events.

History of Ethiopia who have fought Islamic aggression for 1000 years, and fought European aggression for 500 years,

Ethiopia is only independent country in Africa that has never been colonised by the European,

history is the truth between two or more than two people statements.

History is unique and tell how a devices or tool was founder,

Carl Benz was the first engineer that invented first horseless car in Germany in eighteen century.

Importance of history;

1. History tells about the past

2. History create an avenue to correction or guidelines

3. History most time serves as light in the tunnel

4. History most times serves as a reminder to ones belief or culture

5. It helps to evaluate the standard at which time and civilization changes the atmosphere of belief and culture.


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