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Coinentrust Review; Is Coinentrust Legit or a Scam?


Bitcoin and Ethereum are at their all-time highs right now, and they’re not slowing down. Many online investors are looking to amass as much cryptocurrency as possible, so as to make the maximum gains.

This might just make websites like Coin Entrust look attractive. CoinEntrust is an investment platform based on Ethereum, promising to pay you an insane return on investment on a daily basis.

In this Coinentrust review, I will be analyzing the Coinentrust offering, and you’ll decide if the business model is sustainable, or its most likely another scam.

What is Coinentrust?


Coinentrust (or is an Ethereum investment program that promises to pay its investors a 2.2% daily return on investment for 30 days.

For those without adequate knowledge of Ethereum, it is simply a cryptocurrency, and it is the third most popular cryptocurrency in the United States, only behind Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

As of the time of writing this review, 1 Ethereum is worth $1,094, although you can choose to buy divisions of the coin.

Once you sign up onto Coinentrust, you’re assigned an Ethereum wallet. This feature positions Coinentrust as both a cryptocurrency wallet, as well as an investment platform.

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How Coinentrust works

Deposit your Ethereum, sit back, and watch it grow. That’s all Coinentrust wants you to know about how the platform works. However, will you invest in a venture that you don’t even understand?

To answer everyone’s question, they gave the exact business model of most similar investment programs, most of which later crashed.

Your Coinentrust funds are invested on your behalf by their professional cryptocurrency traders with minimized risk. All you need to do to earn on Coinentrust is to invest your Ethereum.

How to earn on

how coinentrust works

There are two different earning strategies on Coinentrust: investment and referral; and each pays generously.

Investing in Coinentrust

Investment is by far the easiest and most rewarding way to earn on the platform. As hinted above, Coinentrust pays 2.2% daily interest on your Ethereum investment. There is no minimum investment amount, and you can exit the investment program with your crypto whenever you’re pleased.

However, there is a set maximum investment period of 90 days, which means, your Ethereum will stop generating the daily interest after three months. As it is compounding interest, investing your crypto for 90 days will generate a 390% ROI.



Whenever you refer people to Coinentrust, you’re credited with 20% of their first deposit. Meaning, if you have a referral that invested 10 ETH, you 2ETH referral bonus.


How to withdraw on CoinEntrust

Unlike many investment programs, Coinentrust doesn’t enforce a minimum investment duration. You can invest your Ethereum today, and decide to withdraw tomorrow; getting a 2.2% profit.

Coinentrust recommends that you leave your investment for some time, however, as your Ethereum accumulates with time.

How to register on Coinentrust

coinentrust registration

Signing up on Coinentrust is simple, as is the case with many income programs.

You can visit their website ( and click on sign up to proceed with your registration. Alternatively, you can follow these steps.

  1. Download the Trust Wallet app, and ensure that you have Ethereum in the wallet.
  2. Search for in the DAPP section.
  3. Proceed with the registration.

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Is Coinentrust Legit or a Scam?

Do you agree with me that at $1,100, Ethereum is both expensive and hard to come by?

Imagine losing one’s precious Ethereum to some wicked, unintelligent scammers running a godforsaken website. That will be really bad, I guess.

If you’re considering signing up for the investment program, you should ask yourself: “Is Coinentrust a scam?”

If that’s the question you’re asking right now, be rest assured, as this section will give you every piece of information you’ll ever need to decide if Coinentrust is legit, or a scam.

  1. Age

As of the time of writing this review, Coinnentrust has already clocked 3 months and 2 days, making it a not-so-young income program.

Although Coinentrust is young, it is still older than its maximum investment period, and that’s a green flag.

  1. Management

In the FAQ section on the Coinentrust website, there’s a section with the question: “who is the founder?”

I opened it excitedly, hoping to find some useful information about the pioneer of the program. Unfortunately, the answer was: “a group of crypto experts.”

A red flag.

  1. Physical address

Online investment programs with a physical address seem to be more trustworthy than those lacking one. A physical address is currently listed on the Coinentrust website, although it is unknown if they genuinely occupy the location.

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Conclusion | Is Coinentrust a scam?

From the above information, Coinentrust looks and sounds like a legitimate income program that deserves multiple accolades.

However, the compensation plan is just not realistic. What investment does the platform use the Ethereum for, that generates so much return on investment?

If I’ll give you any investment advice on Coinentrust, it will be “not to put all your eggs in one basket,” because the Coinentrust offering does not sound sustainable.

What do you think about Coinentrust?

Let us know in the comments.

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