Brief History oF Igbomina

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Brief history of Igbominaland



Igbomina is one of generation clan of Yoruba race. The Igbomina are set of people Living in the north – eastern part of Yorubaland, their population reported to be 1 million.

About 90 percent of these native Yoruba race live in today town called Isin, Irepodun and Ifelodun local government of Kwara State,
While the rest are to be found at Ora and Ila-orangun areas of Osun State.


Igbomina people were said to have came to their present place of settlement from different locations and a different time between the 14th and 17th centuries respectively. Majority of igbomina family chain claimed to have came from Ile-ife or Oyo, the two main nuclei of Yoruba.

The Yoruba – Igbomina tradition the area now called igbomina was given to and set up or founded by orangun of Ila as his own share of inheritance from his grandfather, Ododuwa.
Ododuwa was the founding father of all Yoruba races


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