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Boompay Review; Is Boompay Legit or a Scam?


Do you know a strange thing about most old income programs?

Most information about them is horribly outdated. Depending on how profitable an income program becomes over time, compensation rates are usually reviewed and increased, or decreased.

However, most Boompay reviews I’ve read are now more than eight months since they were published, and most have not been edited.

To prevent you from making bad investment decisions due to outdated information, I decided to make an extensive research about Boompay.

If you plan on signing for Boompay in 2021, here is an updated Boompay review. In this review, you’ll learn all you need to know about this platform. Apart from learning if this platform has crashed, I’ll also predict if this program is the right one for 2021.

Let’s get into it.

What is Boompay?

boompay homepage

Boompay is a pay-to-read online news platform that pays its users to read the news and carry out some other tasks on the website. If you’re not new to online income programs, Boomplay shouldn’t be strange to you.

Boompay updates its website with all the trending news and updates from various categories ranging from education and entertainment to foreign affairs. Readers are then compensated to read, share, and comment on these news articles.

If you’ve been looking to join Boompay (located at, this is the only review you’ll ever need to read, as it has been updated for 2021, unlike any other review you’ll ever find on the internet.

In the next sections, I’ll quantitatively analyze how Boompay works, what it takes to earn from Boopay, and if you should actually invest in in 2021. Stick with me in this fast-flowing review.

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How Boompay works

A lot has been said about Boompay in the introduction, but there’s still more to learn about this platform.

To get signed onto Boompay and start earning, you need a registration fee of N1,500. Unlike modern income programs, this registration is one-time, and you’ll not be required to renew after some days or weeks.

Once you’re signed into Boompay, there are various earning opportunities on the platform. These tasks are everyday tasks we do on the internet without getting paid for it, but Boompay decides to reward loyal readers.

How to earn on Boom pay

  1. Registration bonus

While you’re required to make a mandatory payment of N1,500 before you’ll be signed up onto the platform, you also cashback N1,000 immediately after registration.

While the registration bonus isn’t outrageous compared to that of other sites, there’s something that makes it outrageous, and that’s the availability of a referral bonus.

  1. Referral bonus

Just like most other income programs, Boompay rewards you for inviting new users to the site. This is one of the most lucrative activities on the platform, as you earn 67.5% of your invitees’ investment once they’re signed into the platform.

Simply, you earn N1,000 for every individual you invite into the Boom pay income program, and you can invite as many users as you want. While Boompay isn’t the first income program to implement this, Boompay’s implementation raises some eyebrows.

If I get N1,000 cashback on registration, and my referrer earned the same amount, isn’t Boompay losing on registrations already?

  1. Login bonus

For every day you log into the platform, you get N100 login bonus. That’s N3,000 monthly just for logging in. That’s something we’ve been doing on Facebook for ages without any compensation.

  1. Posting

Boom pay, unlike other pay to read platforms, allows you to post articles for extra earnings. For every approved post you create, you get an extra N100 to your account.

  1. Reading

I’ve been using pay-to-read for this Boompay since I started this review, and you’ve been patiently waiting to see how much it pays for reading news. Look no further, Boompay pays you N3 for every news article read.

  1. Sponsored post sharing

If you’re not new to income programs, you already know how this works. If you don’t, here’s how it works: you’ll be assigned a new sponsored post each day. Once you share it to your Facebook wall, you get an extra N200 to your wallet.


These are the ways a regular member can earn from the Boompay platform. If you’ve tried all this and you’re sure the platform is paying, you can vouch for them by purchasing some of their vouchers for resale to new entrants.

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How to register for Boompay | Boom pay registration

boompay sign up

If you’ve been following this post, you should already be aware that you’ll need to pay a one-time fee of N1,500 to gain access to this platform. If you have this money ready, you can proceed to register by following the steps below.

  • Open the Boompay official website at
  • Click on “BOOMPAY COUPON VENDORS” at the top menu. Chat with one of the listed vendors on WhatsApp to get a coupon.
  • At the top menu, click on the “REGISTER” option.
  • Fill in the registration form as required. Enter your coupon code where required and check the box to accept the terms and conditions.
  • Click on SIGN UP to complete the registration and start earning.


Is Boompay Legit or Scam? | Boompay review

The main purpose of any Boom pay review is to decide if the promising investment platform is legit or a scam. While I’ll not be explicitly declaring if the platform is legit or a scam, I’ll be dropping some data-backed facts to help you make investment decisions.

  1. Age

Boompay is certainly not a new income program. Created back in April 2020, this income program is one of the oldest I’ve reviewed. If this old guy has been paying consistently since then, why shouldn’t you trust him?

  1. Reviews

Generally, this program has had positive reviews so far. It’s hard to find a negative comment about this platform, and if you manage to find one, the fault must be that of the complainer’s.

  1. Management

One red flag of this platform is the absence of any CEO or founders listed on the website. Many people use this as a sign of trust, including me.

If you can’t join an income program whose leader is unknown, you’ll be better off ignoring Boom pay.

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Conclusion | Is Boom pay a scam?

Given the above facts and figures, it is evident that Boompay is a straightforward program so far. No massive scam reports have been recorded so far for Boompay and they’ve been around for some time.

While this is no indication that the platform cannot crash tomorrow, it definitely feels safer than the new income programs we have today.

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