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Best Biography of Mao Zedong

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Best Biography of Mao Zedong 

Mao Zedong quote

The world is ours, the nation is ours, society is ours.

If we do not speak, who will speak? If we do not act, who will act?

Early life of Mao Zedong

Mao Zedong born in 1893, a Politician, revolutionary, founder of today people’s Republic of China,

his one of most important icon of all time In China.

A son of most richest farmer back then in Hunan.

He was born and rise up in shaoshan village, he was brought up by a very strict father, who beat him and is other sibling up at very slice mistake,

his father is been supported by mother for disciplinary action against his children.

Mao’s mother is pious buddhist, Mao become a buddhist but left the religion in is teenage.

Mao started his primary education at Shaoshan primary school.

The teaching technique of the school centered on the doctrine and principles of Confucianism.

Mao stated that he had little interested in Confucianism theory and principles.

he enjoy reading novel like Romance of the three kingdoms and water Margin.

Mao completed his primary education at the age of 13.

After his primary education Mao started working in his father’s farm,

Mao started reading a novel of zheng Guanying and representative democracy,  that inspired him, develop political ambition and vision.

it occured there was shortage of food in Changsha that lead to heavy protest and Mao supported the view of the protesters,

but they were silent by armies and leaders were killed.

Soon or later shortage of food reaches Mao villages were the grain in his father’s barn was stolen by farmers,

Mao pity their condition but stated is morally wrong to take what is not yours.

Revolutionary took place in china 1912

In year 1911 Mao started his secondary education in the city of  Changsha.

There arose strong feeling among people in the city there is need to changed in the current system of government,

people are against the absolute ruling of Emperor Puyi, some are seeking change to the existing from monarchy rule to republicanism system of government.

Their was a revolutionary, republican and a Chinese-american  well trained Christian Sun Yat-sen advocating in change of government,

Mao was inspired and motivated by Sun Yat-sen movement and courage towards liberation of China from imperial rules.

Rebellion War soon started at southern part China, the War was won by republican leaving the southern part of in full of the republican, and Sun Yat-sen proclaimed as the president by is party.

Monarchy rule come to an end after rebellion war, that leads to founding the Republic of China.

The general Yuan Shikai That backed the rebels was chosen as the president.

During this period Mao get socialism new papers journals and reads about the student founder of the Chinese Socialist Party, by Jiang Kanghu, but was not satisfy with his ideas and principles.

in year 1912, Mao attended various school, but later left those school to study hard on his own.

Mao studied various advance novels seeking knowledge and wisdom about his vision and ambition.

He spent most of his time at a library.

He later stated what he achieved through reading is far better than those that are working.

His father saw there is no positive achievement in his son becoming a reader,

he reduces his allowance, that lead Mao to move to a poor hostel environment.



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Mao Zedong teaching career

In year 1913, Mao wished to become a teacher and registered as a student at Fourth Normal School of Changsha and commenced will learning of principles of teaching,

the school was later unite with First Normal School of Changsha, make it one of the best school in the city Hunan at that time.

In year 1915, was well known among all the student, and chosen as secretary of the Students Society.

He created the organisation for Student Self-Government and backed a protests against school rules and regulation.

He was also chosen to selected willingly army among the student who intended to defend the school from the marauding soldiers.

In 1917, wrote and produced his first journal titled the new youth, he encourage and guided reader to improve their physical strength about revolution.

He become a member of organisation who study the idea and principles of Wang fuzhi,

its a revolutionary organisation founded by Changsha writers, who wished to be a scholar like Wang fuzhi.

In the spring of 1918, Mao and some other young revolutionaries created a organisation called Renovation of the People Study Society in April,

the organisation was created to discussed the views and the ideology of Chen Duxiu’s.

It purpose of the group is to develop societal change and positive development.

The group gotten 70 plus members when the group was founded, Later those member joined the Communist Party.

In 1919, Mao finished is education at school, and his position or record was third position.

After finished his education he relocated to capital city of Beijing, and got a job as auxiliary Librarian,

who help the University Librarian  Li Dazhao, Li published news papers on various articles of revolution and communist Key activities in Russia.

In the early month of May 1919, the students in the capital city of Beijing protested against Chinese government for there weak mobilization against the Japanese force who occupied some parts of their land after World War I.

These led to other protest by other movement and criticized Chinese government for been uncivilized and for not have enough capability to tackle the issued.

Mao began his teaching career at Xiuye Primary School In Changsha.

He taught history at the school and set up several protests against the Governor of Hunan territory, Zhang Jingyao, over being corrupt, tyrant rule.

Mao and his fellow comrade established an organisation Called Hunanese Student Association The organisation is meant to tackled corrupted leaders,

the organisation embarked on various strike but they were later banned by the Governor of Hunan Zhang Jingyao.

Zhang Jingyao, was later overthrown by one of the Mao closest friend,

And Mao was appointed as headmaster of junior sections of First Normal primary school in Changsha.

The establishment of Communist Party of China.

Chen Duxiu and Li Dazhao Established the Communist party in year 1921 at French concession of Shanghai.

Mao also set up a  branch at  Changsha in other to gained more members and to influence youth about the party.

later Mao become Secretary at hunan branch in Changsha,

he used variety of technique to set up the party rapidly.

Mao and the party has gained various classes of people in society into the party.

Shaoshan, where his mother was

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