Best Biography of Joseph Stalin


Best Biography of Joseph Stalin

Joseph Stalin born in 1878, is Politican, leader, dictator of former  U.S.S.R empire,

it is revolutionary and communist leader of twenty century,

Stalin and Bolshevik Group disposed the ruling royal families of Russia.

He came to power in 1929 and die in power in year 1953.

His policy and principle of governing communist system,

A single party ruling system. It is absolute Dictator of twenty century.

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Early life of Joseph Stalin

He was born  in Humble background in  the town of Gori ( Today Georgia),

His father Besarion Jughashvili, a Shoe repairer, and Her mother Ketevan Geladze, a launder.

Joseph was weak as a child. Got infected with smallpox at the age of seven year,

And the illness left a permanent mark on his face.

Stalin was weak as child and been mistreated by other child in the community  for being weak and inferior,

and always got beaten by his drunken father through these molestation and harassment Stalin develop a vision and ambition for fame, power and respect.

The later year he become more cruel and aggressive to his rivalry who try to challenge him.


Ketevan Geladze Stalin mother was a serious devout orthodox Christian, who has vision for his son to Become a priest.

In year 1881 she sent him to study at theology school in Gori,

he performs well in school and gained scholarship to another theology school in Tilfis year 1894.

Joseph Stalin came across with secret community that is seeking Georgian independence from Russia.

He was later introduced to Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin principles by the group.

Joseph become member in the year 1898.

Nevertheless, Stalin did well in Tilfis Theology seminary,

but was expelled in 1899 due to his political vision or ambition to tackle the tsarist rule or government.

At the end of year 1889, Stalin work shortly as clerk in Tilfis observatory before joining the Social Democratic Labor Party 1900 And worked fully for party.

And resume fully for his revolutionary activities.


Stalin commenced with the party activities by organizing a protest,

and backing labour strike in the city of Caucasus that lead to his arrest and exile in Siberia.

In exile Stalin still organized meetings.

though Stalin did not have good public skills like Vladimir Lenin,

but work through other channel by calling up meeting, backing strike and protest.

After he came back from exile,

his been tracked by secret police of Russia,

his marked as outlaw but continue is activities in hiding, by providing funds through kidnapping extortion and robberies.

He gained bad reputation that is connected with 1907 Tiflis bank robbery,

many lives were lost during the operation and 250000 rubles was stolen from the bank.

In Year 1917 By February the revolutionary activities as started, the follow month of March the ruling royal family as being forced to renounced the throne and he was put in house arrest and were later killed deposed by Bolshevik party wing.

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In 1917, Bolsheviks take control of government.

The Soviet Union was established in 1922

, Lenin Vladimir the first president and Joseph Stalin was appointed as general secretary,

the post render him great opportunity and strength to created allies, that enable him grow rapidly in the later year.

The Post of General Secretary render Him power that all appointment of member To key position are all made by him.

Stalin as growth tactically and systematically with a lot of allies and backer, and his in full control of the party.

After Lenin deceased in 1924, he stated in his will power must not be transferred to Stalin but is closest rival Leon Trotsky.

But Stalin as already established himself and through his political strength all is rival were disposed, killed and were sent to exile.

Stalin take full control of government.

In 1930s The land policy of former communist was changed and reformed by Stalin Government,

by capturing land given to the farmer and creating a collective farms.

Stalin exercise that having a collective farms will increased food production, but the farmer were against the reform,

Million of the farmer were killed in starvation and forced labor.

There huge development and success for manufacturer companies during his period, the industrial sector received mass growth.

But million of lives was lost through these reformed.

any citizens that go against the policy was either sent to hard labor camp or were executed.

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Germany attacked Russia in 1941, though Stalin army general has warned of Hitler is organising an invasion in the eastern front but ignore the warning, incline that he had signed non aggression pact with Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party.

But when the Nazi army attacked in mids of 1941 the russia were not well prepared which leads to heavy losses.

By time Soviet armies were able to established themselves,

Nazi armies have already captured Belarus and Ukraine and heading toward Leningrad.

After bravery and hard worked effort by Soviet armies the Nazi Armies were defeated and retreated at the battle of Leningrad 1943.

The following year Soviet armies have mounted heavy attacked on German armies and freed majority of countries in eastern Europe,

even before the attacked of the Allies from the west.

In year 1945 May 9 the German armies were defeated and out of aids which lead to Nazi armies  surrendered,

The Battle was won by Soviet armies at the eastern front, The Day is marked and remembered yearly of the falling heroes.

It is most disastrous war of all times.

How Many People Did Joseph Stalin Kill?

It is recorded that over 20 millions were killed during the reigns of Stalin either by starvation, killed naturally, indirectly, forced labor camp and execution.


In year 1906 Stalin got married to a woman from his home soil,

Ekaterina Svanidze, who gave birth to a son name Jacob, Ekaterina die three year later after Jacob birth,

Jacob was later captured by the Nazi armies and die as prisoner in Germany.

It was also stated that Stalin father sons and daughters
out of wedlock.

The achievement of Stalin during War II make him popular, but Stalin soon fell grave ill in the early 1950s.

Stalin died in march 5 1953, and left legacy which develop and Russia was build to superpower nation.


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