7 Longest Rivers In Africa


7 Longest Rivers In Africa.

1. Nile River

It`s the longest river not only in Africa but in the whole world! The total length of this river is 6,650 km. It goes through countries like Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan, Uganda and Rwanda. Did you know that river Nile flows from South to North? It`s still regarded as Egypt`s lifeblood as most of the settlements are situated along this river. The wildlife of the river includes hippos, crocodiles and various birds.

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2. Congo River

It`s one of the most famous and second longest River in Africa. For today, it`s considered to be the deepest river in Africa. According to the latest measurements, the deepest point of this river is situated on the 220 m. The overall length of the river is 4,700 km. This river goes through countries, like Republic of the Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central African Republic, Cameroon and Angola.

It`s the largest source of hydroelectric power in Africa. Moreover, it`s provides the biggest source for the agricultural activities.

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3. River Niger

It`s the third longest river in Africa. Moreover, it`s the eleventh longest river in the world. River Niger extends about 4,200 km. It flows through the countries, like Nigeria, Niger, Mali, Guinea, Cote d`Ivoire, Chad, Cameroon, Benin, Burkina Faso and Algeria.

It`s one of the main transport rivers in Africa. You can find a lot of various animals, birds and fish on this river, for instance crocodiles, hippopotamus, catfish, Nile perch, carp. Most of the lands that surrounds this river are fertile. That`s why it`s one of the greatest places for agriculture.

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4. River Zambezi

It`s the largest river in Africa that flows to the Indian Ocean. The basin of the river occupies the territory of 1,390,000 square kilometers. River Zambezi flows through the countries, like Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Namibia, Mozambique, Malawi, Botswana and Angola. This river is known for its famous waterfalls, like Chavuma Falls, Ngonye Falls and the most famous Victoria Falls.

Did you know that this river has a spirit? The name of the spirit is Nyami Nyami. The locals believe that if you want to have good results from fishing on this river – you have to provide something to its spirit. The first European who had a pleasure to see this river was Vasco de Gama. He named this river – The River of Good Omens.

On the very edge of the Victoria Falls – you can have a picnic in the Devils Pool. Surfing and Wave boarding are also one of the main attractions at this river. If you like fishing, then you will be amazed by the number fish species you can find there, like tiger fish, bream, Kafue pike and Vundu catsfish. Rafting is also another attraction which gather people all around the world.

5. River Ubangi

In terms of the longest and largest river in Africa, River Ubangi takes fifth place. The whole length for this water source is 2,270 km. It`s a major tributary of the Congo River. It forms the international borders between the Republic of Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

It`s one of the main agricultural arteries for both countries. One of the major activities for locals on the river is fishing. Another great attractive feature of the river is Okoume trees. The main feature of this vegetation is the soft wood. The river also filled with birds and animals, like Fish Eagle, egret, pelican, lizards and crocodiles.

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6. River Kasai

It`s considered to be the sixth longest river in Africa. The total length for River Kasai is 2,153 km. It begins in Angola and forms the international border between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Angola. You can find the Mai-Munere Falls on this river. It has always been used as the vital potential for agriculture activities.

Kasai goes through the territory which mainly consists of equatorial rainforests. It`s one of the main trade arteries in Africa. You can see various types of reptiles there. This river is one of the main habitants for crocodiles, snakes and tortoises.

7. River Orange

Today, this river is the seventh longest river in Africa. The whole length Of the river is 2,092 km. The origin source of the river is located in the Drakensberg Mountains of South Africa. The river goes directly into the Atlantic ocean. Did you know that this river was named by Robert Jacob Gordon? The name of the river comes from the Dutch Royal House. One of the most popular tourist attraction on the river is rafting. Nevertheless, it`s also a perfect source of energy. The power generation on the river occurs in Botswana and Namibia.The river forms international borders between Namibia, Lesotho and South Africa. The place of the river origin in the Drakensberg is known as the Senqu. The river goes through the various national parks. The biggest park situated on the river is Kalahari Gemsbok National Park which makes up the area of 2.5 million square kilometers.

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