How To Make $100 From Social Media

How To Make $100 From Social Media

How To Make $100 From Social Media

What is Social Media ? How to make $100 fast, Social media is a place where people interact with each other, make new friends and also share and post there everyday activities.

that is the simple definition of social media to the masses.

To business men, social media is simply a place to connect people to there products and make money while to bloggers social media is a place to promote affiliate products and get more leads.

you can draft your own definition of social media.

anything you use social media platforms to do thats simple what social media means to you.

how many people are using social media?

Social media is one of the most popular activities in the world, according to statista, in 2019 an estimated 2.93 billion people where using social media worldwide, a number projected to reach over 3.3 billion come 2023. seeing the vast increase in use of social medias,

its not surprising that you have started seeking for a way you can start generating money from this popular platforms which is why you have decided to read this post.

The question regarding how to make money from social medias is very popular among internet users.

so many internet marketers and bloggers have been searching the internet seeking for a way to start making a living from there social media handles,

to some its possible and to many impossible, am gonna believe you think its possible because if you dont, you wont take your time reading this post, so in this post am gonna reveal to you how you can start making money from your social media handles.

Making money from social medias is very easy if you follow everything that am going to outline in this post

List of ways to make money from social medias

Promoting a brand or company
Selling affiliate products
Through CPA marketing
Selling your own products
Promote your coaching career.

those are the top 5 ways experts make money from social medias.

make money from social media.

Promoting a brand or company

many social media users generate income through promoting top brands on there social media handles.

this normally works for users that have a high number of social media followers.

if you have a large number of followers on your page, with a nice engagements you can get hired by companies to promote there products to your large number of followers and they can decide to pay per post.

so you earn some money anytime you post anything regarding this company on your timeline.

so lets say you post about them twice a week, that’s 8 times a month and you charge around $100 per post, you can be earning around $800 a month from your social media handles

Selling Affiliate Products

Selling affiliate products if the number one way internet marketers generate huge income online.

you dont need massive followers to be able to achieve this, all you need to do is go to some affiliate networking sites like Clickbank or Buysellads and register for an account, you will be provided with so many varieties of product that you can promote on your timeline,

choose one those products come back to social media and paste it on your timeline,

whenever any of your friends click on these products and purchase it, you earn around 50% in commission.

lets say the product price is $100 and you sell a single product, you will earn 50% which is $50 from a single sale.

imagine selling up to 10 products each day, thats around $500 in pure profit.

You promote these products in social media groups that you are part of or even your pages for you to be able to reach greater audience.

Through CPA Marketing

CPA Marketing is the number for me if you want to monetize your social media accounts.

with this method you dont need to sell any product to make money, all you need to do is post a click when a user click the link and complete a simple offer, you get paid.

the user dont have to buy anything at all for you to earn money and you dont have to worry about convincing people to purchase any product.

check out this post CPA marketing Millionaire

how it works: go to some top CPA marketing websites and sign up, once your application has been approved, select an offer you want to promote, paste the link on your social media media handles and social media groups with a picture attached,

once any one on the social media platform clicks on the link, they will be ask to submit there emails, once the submit there emails, you get paid $2.

so if you can get around 100 people to submit nothing but just emails, you will earn $200 every single day.

this is one of the top ways experts make money on social media that you wont ever see anywhere.

in my eBook titled social media made me rich, i explained how i was able to generate $3,000 a single day with this method through Facebook alone.

so many of my students have been able to become financially free just after reading this eBook.

in this eBook you will learn how to make at least $10,000 each month on social media without selling a single products even if you are beginner.

believe me you too can do this, there is no much work required, all am gonna do for you is to show you the simple technique you will implement and start making a living off social media.

why this so easy and powerful is because your friends on social dont have to bring out there credit cards to purchase this product, all they have to do is submit just there email and you will earn between $2 to $5 per email submit.

maybe you might be saying i dont even have friend on social medias so there is no need to try this out,

smile because i have got in mind before compiling this eBook, i will show you in this eBook how to achieve this feet with absolutely zero friends and followers.

social media made me rich

selling your own products

selling you own personal product is one of the top ways both small and big business generate money from social medias.

all you have to do is to grab your products that you want to promote, paste them on your timeline or page, then explain a little about the product,

mention the important of these product and why they need to purchase it, then go ahead and post it.

you can also run a sponsored ads on it and see your product sells increase with up to 10%.

you can as well tell some of your loyal friends to help you re-post the product on there timeline if you think the product sells isn’t increasing as you expected.

promote your coaching platform

as a coach, social media is a guaranteed way to get customers for your projects.

if you are a coach or you aspire to be one and you are looking for a way to increase your students, believe me social media is the number solution to that problem.

all you have to do is to create a page or profile and start building it, render free helps to people and tell them to share your good works a on there profile as appreciation of what you have done for them, with that,

you can start building trust among you page visitors and followers.

once you think you have offer a nice amount of free tips and advice to your followers and have gotten there trust,

go ahead and run a sponsored ad telling people about you and your coaching career, from there you can start seeing massive increase with the number of students you have.

thats all guys, if you think we missed any pieces of information on how to make money on social medias,

go ahead and drop your own suggestion in the comment section below and dont forget to share this post with your friends on social media,

because that will be deeply appreciated by the bilyaccess Team.

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