60 Knowledge: What to Study to Become a Chef

60 Knowledge: What to Study to Become a Chef | How to Become a Chef at Home 

Hope you are wondering like how or what is needed to become a well trained professional chef, a chef is a person that cook all kinds of foods willingly, they reside over home food, large organization food, or restaurant food. It is a unique job that can fetch you almost $150,000 annually.

There are some basic skills or training needed or education needed before you can become a professional chef at home, food preparation requires skills, knowledge and good sense of humour or preparation.

To become a chef at home is a good ideas, it will surely enhance and promote your cooking skills, and gain more experience in the field of cooking, so are the procedure to study or follow one way or the other before you can become a professional cook.

So to become a professional chef you need basic training from various institution or school, you need both physical and online, offline before you can become a professional chef.

Various topic and question will be well treated in this post, topic like how to become a cook at home, how to become a chef in Nigeria, becoming a Chef at 30, how to become a chef in the Philippines, how many years to become a chef, being a chef.

In this post I will explains all necessary details needed or what to study to become a chef or how to become a chef at home.

What to Study to Become a Chef | How to Become a Chef at Home 

Types of Chefs

Pastry chef

Pastry chef is professional chef that their job deal with gathering various ingredients that will be used for preparation of food, and they also keep kitchen record. If you are interested in the field you might choose to be a pastry chef.


Saucier they are professional chef that cook saucier, it is one of best food that you start preparing and make and more money.

Garde manger

Garde manger it is a business or chef job that focused on cold food, it is another professional chef business, that offer the service of cold food e.g. salad etc.

Sous chef

Sous  chef are like second in command chef, that cooks food and serve them to the customer, they are various other chef that works under them.

Commis chef

They are like a learner in the industry, they enroll themselves in cooking school, to learn how various cooking setting are done, like learning how to prepare various types of food for certain period of time.

Executive chef

Executive chef is the highest rank in cooking school settings, they are like boss,  they supervised and direct and give solid instructions on how cooking settings is properly done in the kitchen.

General Requirements and Skills You Need to Become a Chef

To become a chef is easy but required hard work and constant practicing on how food is prepare in the right settings, so there are basic test, law, education you to pass through or have before you can be a professional cook or chef. All requirements needed to become a chef is listed below,

High School Diploma

High school diploma certificate required by some cooking organization or chef school settings before you can be accept into their school, willingly.

Community College

Community college it is one of the school or after you have through from the school, you can used the certificate of community college to apply for any chef school in your locality.

Culinary School degree

Culinary School are like standard chef school, that train an individual to become a professional chef, and various types of cooking steps were done practice, and also how to measure or get quality cooking ingredients.

Apprenticeship program

Apprenticeship program they are chef school that will give various cooking experience for certain set Month or time. Find a best chef school in town that offer apprenticeship program and apply for the program and start learning.

Baking or Pastry School

Baking or pastry school it is a school of chef that deals with baking and light decoration etc.

Trade Certification

Trade certification that deal with apply at well organized chef school to take examination and also practical on how food are prepared.

Chef training courses

Chef training courses it is a process where by you apply for various chef school settings both offline and online to gain more skills in the aspect of cooking.

University degree

University degree is one of the best certificate you can used to apply for any chef school.

Personal training

Personal training despite you have attend various school settings, you still need to train yourself, in other to have more skills and knowledge.

How Much Do Chefs Make Monthly / Annually?

A professional chef make 35,000-$150,000 yearly.

Is It Possible to Become a Chef Without Going to Culinary School?

Yes, you can a chef without going to culinary school, but it will required a lot of hard work to succeed in the business, but education will make you grow more faster in business, if you have attended various institution or culinary school, there is tendency to make big in the industry than the person that do not have any basic skills or knowledge of culinary.

How to Become a Chef at Home Without Culinary School

Be passionate about food

Be passionate about food it is necessary to love what you are doing, so it’s good to fell in love with your dream job, so you must have time for cooking a lot, set aside hour based on cooking various food alone, it will help you in the field you have choose.

Experiment with food regularly

Experiment with food regularly it is good and nice to try as much as possible to cook various food, both new food and old, it will help to know your weak point, where you need to improve or adjust.

Understand the concept of food substitution

Find a positive tactics that will work for you,  if there is technique that is not working for you, change the technique and find more unique one that will work for you.

Cook often

Often cook like professional, Cook like original chef, do not just cook as if you are cooking family food, cook like a chef working in a big advance restaurant and a chef working in a big organization.

Organize food tastings

Organize food tasting it is necessary to test your cooking from individual within or in your organization, to know if you are doing it right or wrong, that will give insight where to adjust or not. So organized food tasting as questionnaire and solve where you are weak.

Develop your own recipes

Develop your own recipes, try as much as possible to develop and create your own unique recipes that will be matchless, it is will be hard to find any where but at your place or home, so your bigger recipes.

You must be Energetic

You must be energetic, chef required a lot of and energy and work hour, so never give up but stay and be strong.

Practice makes perfect

So continuing practice your skills little by little, life is teacher the more the more you have more experience, constant work will later make someone a professional and boss.

Find a mentor

Grandest of all, you need a mentor no matter what, those that have more experience more than you in business, so you must find a well experience mentor that will guide, advice, give you various method that will assist and add more value to your life.

Start a home-based restaurant

Start a home based restaurant that will serve as introduction for your business and your cooking skills, so start a home restaurant that you offer various unique recipes to your friend and family and community.


Advertise it is one of the best ways to promote your business to create a facebook page, Website, Business card, etc.

Final Taught

Read more and learn more, carry out more research and study, apply for various school of chef, both offline and online, learning never end if you want to succeed.

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